Night - Lopez, Nevalainen, Hawkins, Moore

  • Sighet

    The Jews of Sighet are consious of the war. They know about the camps Jews are being forced into but they do nothing about it. The war keeps decending on them but they do nothing to protect themselves; the Jews of Sighet are under the impression that they will not be touched by the Nazis, that they will not become one of those Jews.
  • Elie Wiesel

    Elie Wiesel
    Elie is thirteen when the book begins, he lives a normal life as a Jew in Trannsylvainia in the town of Sighet.
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  • Moshe the Beadle

    Elie goes through the struggle to remain in his fatih and learn about his people, culture and teachings. Moshe the Beadle helps Elie through this, and agrees to be his teacher.
  • Moshe the Beadle - come and go

    Moshe the Beadle leaves the town to Sighet but returns to warn the Jews. No one listens to him, thinkihng he is wrong and crazy. They assume the war will never reach them or that Hitler and his men will never reach them. Moshe tries desperateyl to warn everyone to flee.
  • Hope for the Jews

    The radio reports the war is beginning to slow down and will be over soon as the second front begins to bomb Germany. The Jews seem hopeful; even though Moshe has warned them many times. The Jews do not fear the war or Hitler and his men yet.
  • German officers

    German officers
    The German officers finally get to Sighet. The Jwes are still hopeful for they believe they are only small and will not be deported. They assume the Germans are just here to make regulations.
  • Regulations

    The officers begin to regulate the activity of the Jews. They are not allowed to do the normal things the other people are.
  • Ghettos

    The Jews are moved to Ghettos in the town of Sighet. They only think this is temporary. Later they begin to build small communities and a society in themselves. The Jews are still hopeful.
  • Departure

    The Jews in the Ghettos are deported. They are slowly, in groups moved onto trains. Elie and his family are the last leave and they leave behind thier own home. Everything they are leaving behind is the ransacked houses of the people past.
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    Travel to first camp

  • Cattle Car

    Cattle Car
    The Jews are under the impression that they are going to work at a local factory. They are wrong. Elie or anyone else is not told what their destination will be. The cattle cars are filled to 80 per car.
  • Mrs. Schachter

    Mrs. Schachter
    She thinks she sees flames (the ditches were the Jews were burned) but no one listens to her, she is beaten and left as everyone tries to survive themselves.
  • The first camp

    They all end up in the camp, his mother and sister are seperated from Elie and his father. The women are sent to the crematorium.
  • Buna

    Elie is fifteen and his father fifty. They are taken to the nest camp, Buna.
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  • Numbers

    Elie receives his number "A-7713". It is his serial number for the rest of his time in the camps. This was the way he was counted.
  • Gold Tooth

    Elie passes the health screening at the new camp, but he has to see the dentist to extract his gold tooth. Elie narrowly saves his tooth because whenever the dentist wanted to extract th tooth, Elie would say he wasa not feeling well.
  • Blackmail

    Idek realizes that Elie's gold tooth was never extracted, and Elie will not give it to him willingly, so Idek hits his weak spot, his father. Idek beats Shlomo for two week before Eile gives up for the health of his father. The gold cap is extracted with a rusty spoon in the bathroom.
  • The Lashings

    On their day of Kommando, Elie witnesses Idek "copulating" with one of the Polish girls on the camp. Elie's concequence, twenty-five lashes of the whip.
  • The Hangings

    Black gallows appeared in the middle of the camp. A man was being hanged for stealing during the air raid. That evening, the soup tasted better than ever. Then one day, a young pipel and two other imates were going to be hanged for possesing arms. The young pipel, who was loved by everyone, was the hardest to watch. That evening, the soup tasted of corpses.
  • Deterating in Faith

    Elie is loosing faith in the camps. On the eve of Fosh Hashanah, Elie refuses to participate in the traditional fasting. He then states that man is both stronger and greater than God.
  • The Second Selection

    There is a second selection where they must go, one by one, before the SS doctors. Then they must run so they do not have a chance to write down their numeber. Elie passes and his father mistakenly believes so too.
  • Another Selection

    Shlomo did not pass the first selection and before the imates go through another one, he tries to give the inheritance, a knife and a spoon, to Elie, Elie refuses to take it at first, but then listens to his father. Shlomo passes the selection, and Elie returns the knife and spoon.
  • Surgery

    Elie's foot begins to swell. He goes to the infirmary and learns that his foot needs an operation. and if they wait, the toes and perhaps the leg will need to be amputated.
  • Post-surgery

    After the surgery, Elie he did not feel his leg. Learns that in the sole of his foot, there was a sac full of pus that needed to be opened. He asked his doctor if everything would be alright and the doctor said yes and that he will be able to walk like everybody else in two weeks time.
  • The Evacuation

    Three days after Elie's surgery, the Russians are getting to close to the camp and the SS officers are going to evacute the camp. The infirmary was ot going to be evacuated, but another patient told Elie that the camp would be equiped with bombs and the camp will be blown up once the prisoners leave the camp, destroying the infirmary.
  • The Decision

    Elie's father was offered a spot in the infirmary if they decided not to evacuate. Elie said it was Shlomo's decision, and said that he can walk on his freshly operated foot. Shlomo says thta they must evacuate and not risk the chance of being blown up.
  • Rescue

    After the war, Elie learned the fate of those who stayed in the infirmary. Simply, they were evacuated by the Russians, two days after the evacuation
  • Death March

    The SS officers are leading the imprisoned jews on through the snow and treacherous conditions to their inevitable deaths
  • the village

    once they stopped runniing and enteredd a small abondoned village peoplebegan to lay in the snow Elie did this aswell but his father tells him he needs to get up so he doesn't die.
  • the Rabbi

    The Rabbi coms in search of his son in order tokeep up his hopes he tells him that he has seen his son when iin reality his son left himthis sparks new thoughts in Elie
  • The arrival

    Upon arrival to Gliwitz there is a mad frenzy to enter the barraks peopleare trampled and killed elie is shoved to the ground and he happens to land on top a boy frrom warsaw nameed Juliek who played in the camp orchestra he is crushing the boy but what the boy wants to know is if his violin is safe
  • Julieks Concert

    In the barraks Juliek begins to play his violin for th people he lays beethoven even in the face of death Juliek fins the good and plays music
  • Selection

    as they are being moved to a new camp they run a selection and try to pick Elies father for death but Elie won't hav that he cahses him and in the confusin hhe gets them into the safe line
  • Eating Snow

    As they wait for the train they are given their ration of bread but are given no water so they begin to eat the snow off of their neighbors soulders
  • Back in the cattle cars

    they are packed a hundred to a cart because they were so skinny but they were huddeling togethe because they are very cold
  • Father

    Elies father is barely clinging to life when the two "grave diggers" come to take him away bt Elie won't let them take him he hit his father harder until he wakes but barely
  • The Bread and the death

    One of the SS officers tossed a piece of bread into the car and an old man got it and a younger man his son attacks him the old man tries to tell him who he is but the young man only thins of bread and kills his father fo the small crusts but then he is killed as well and lay lifeless next to Elie
  • Meir Katz

    the strongest man on their cart and a friend of Elies father Katz says he that he is weak and can't go on it is finally gtting to him about the death of his son. Elies father tries to console him but he fails
  • Buchenwald

    as they arrive here Elies father has ggiven up completely on living and tries to lay ddown but Elie won't let this happen he tries to rouse his father but then leaves m there when the sirens begin to wail
  • Beatings

    One day Elie returns to find his father crying claiming that two men were beating him because he couldn't go outside to relive himself
  • Goodbye

    Elies father died in the night he knew he should feel sad but he couldn't he was happy tobe free of the burden
  • LIberation at last

    even though they wre fed nothinng they were fine with it knowing they weregoing to be freed