"Night" timeline

  • Moishe!!!!

    Elie and Moishe, a peasant, discuss the Jewish faith and study Kabbalash
  • The Nazis are coming! The Nazis are coming!!!

    The Nazis are coming! The Nazis are coming!!!
    An exiled Moishe the Beadle returns to Sighet to warn the Jews of the Germans inevitable arrive. The Jews refuse to believe so and deem Moishe insane. Elie wants his family to move to Palestine, but his father says no.
  • ....and they're here....with ghettos

    ....and they're here....with ghettos
    Following the spring of 1944, the Germans invade Sighet. They are welcomed politely and are tolerated accordingly. Despite this, after Passover the Jews are forced into the ghettos. :(
  • Transports

    The ghettos are liquidated. The Jews are sent to internment camps.Elie with his family and many other Sighet Jews is packed into a cattle car and sent to Birkenau (next to Auschwitz).
  • The deserted fairgrounds

    The deserted fairgrounds
    Elie and his family are the last group to be deported out of the ghettos and transported to the camps
  • Mrs. Schacter

    Mrs. Schacter is believed to be a loony woman after she sees smoke that the other Jews don't see. It is later discovered to be smoke from the crematorium.
  • Men to the left....

    Elie and his father are separated from Elie's mother and sisters. He never sees them again.
  • Loss of Faith

    Elie sees the terrible events happening in the camp (crematorium) and begins to questiong God and his faith.
  • Fire

    The Wiesels and hundreds of other Jews are being transported via train to the concentration camps. Many passengers lose their minds and hallucianate.
  • Blackmailed for Gold Crown

    Franek the foreman wants Eliezer’s gold crown and tortures his father until Eliezer agrees to give it up. A "dentist" from Warsaw pulls it out with a rusty spoon in the bathroom.
  • New Camps

    Elie and his father are moved to Buna, where they work in a warehouse.
  • Gold Teeth

    Elie manages to save his gold-capped tooth by pretending to be sick every time the dentist wants to extract it. Days later the arrested and was going to be hanged.
  • Idek's tantrum

    Idek takes out his anger on Elie. Elie is comforted by a French girl who is fluent in German, a skill that she keeps hidden.
  • Catching Idek

    Elie catches Idek having sex with a Polish girl. Elie is punished with 25 lashes on the whip.
  • The Pipel

    Seeing the young pipel be hanged was like a loss of hope and God. Elie's soup tasted like corpses that night whereas before ithad tasted better after hangings.
  • Yom Kippur

    On Yom Kippur, Elie decides not to fast because he didn't accept God’s silence and to prevent himself from starving to death.
  • The Selection

    Elie passes "selection" (for the crematoria) and Elie’s father mistakenly thinks he’s passed as well. When Elie’s dad realizes that he hasn’t passed and needs to go through a second round of selection. Elie’s father thinks he might die and gives Elie the inheritance—a knife and a spoon. Elie tries to refuse it but at last he takes it.
  • Second Selection

    When his father is not killed, Eliezer returns the knife and spoon to his father
  • Elie's Injured Foot & the Evacuation

    Elie’s foot swells until he needs surgery.
    While he’s recovering from surgery, the camp is evacuated because the Russians are on the way. Afraid that those who remain behind at the hospital will be executed, Elie leaves with those being evacuated, even though his foot is still healing.
  • Mr. Wiesel is dying

    Elie's father gets sicker and weaker, Elie’s strength and loyalty to his father are greatly tested. He keeps his father alive until they arrive at the next camp, Buchenwald. Even there, he keeps him alive for several days.When his father is dying – from the combination of dysentery and a blow to the head given by an SS officer for calling Elie's name.
  • Prayers for Strength

    When Elie realizes that Rabbi Eliahu’s son had deliberately left his father behind, to rid himself of the burden, he prays to the God for the strength not to do that to his own father.
  • Elie feels guilty

    When Elie awakens in the morning, his father’s body is gone. Elie feels guilty that he feels liberated by his father's death.
  • Free at Last

    The Jews in Buchenwald are set free.
  • Food poisioning

    Being a free man, Elie eats himself sick and lands himself in the hospital wing.
  • A New Elie

    When he is at last released from the hospital, Elielooks in the mirror and sees a corpse. He says he has never forgotten the look in his eyes that day.