World war ii special 512

Yang, Jeremy, P:6 "Night", World War 2 Timeline

  • Preface Before 1939

    Preface Before 1939
    1931-Japan invades Manchuria, leading to their expansion of China.
    1933-The beginning of Hitler's reign over his Nazi Germany
    1937-Beginning of the China-Japan war, USA=neutral
    1938-Kristalnacht, pogroms against Jewsih communities in Germany
    1939-Hitler expands his military and his expansion, leads to WW2
  • The Beginning: 1939

    The Beginning: 1939
    The invasion of Poland in 1939 eventaully broke the pact between the Axis and Allies. The invasion of Poland starts World war 2
    1939-Invasion of Poland, Germany invades Poland, surrounding countries are to capitualte.
    -Poland eventually falls by October
    -Japan invades China.
    -Japan and Soviet Union clash in Khalin-Gol, Japan loses
    Soviet Union attacks Finland, thus sparking the Winter War
    -Jews are forced to wear star of Davids
  • Period: to

    World War 2 1939-1945

    World War 2 was a major conflict that lasted for six long years; socially,politically, and ecnomically affecting the world. The largest major conflict, this war involved more than 100 miliion people from more than 30 different countries. World War ended being the deadliest conflict in history, with up to 80 million fatalities, both military and civillan.
  • Germany continues to expand. Fall of France

    Germany continues to expand. Fall of France
    By 1940, Hitler continues to push for expansion, Denmark and Norway fall. Hitler then continues to push west, eventually breaking thorugh France. At the battle of France, the french lose as the Germans plow their forces through Paris, capitualting the French.
  • Battle of Britian-Blitzkrieg Britians win

    Battle of Britian-Blitzkrieg Britians win
    By August, Hitler begins his asertion of Europe, he then continues his pressure on Britain. Viewed as the oppnent and source of resources, Hilter attacks Britian through a series of air attacks and bombings.The bombing do not weaken Britian, instead, the brits enable their aerial attacks and massive dogfights ensure over the air.
  • Bombing of Britian, the air battle continues

    Bombing of Britian, the air battle continues
    Bombings over Britain are ensured, the germans task in Britian are halted soon call to a halt. They are unable to continue pushing through the English channel due to the inability to focus on the british islands and british aerial assualts. The brits gain victory over the battle by October
  • The beginning of Night

    In 1941, Ellie Wiesel meets Moshie the beadle, a wandering recluse
  • Period: to

    Night Timeline

    the storyline of Night
  • Operation Barbarossa: the Eastern Front

    Operation Barbarossa: the Eastern Front
    Operation Barbarossa-Jun 1 to December 5 1941, was Nazi Germany's invasion of the Soivet Union. Being the largest invasion in history, more than 4 million axis soliders along with 600,000 vehilcles invaded Russia. The first phases proved to be successful, with Germany managing to oust their way to Moscow. The results for Germany, however, were unreprimandable, Hilters army was streched out to far, to thin. Leaving them open for the russians to counterattack
  • Attack on Pearl Harbor, USA declares war on the Axis

    Attack on Pearl Harbor, USA declares war on the Axis
    The US cuts off oil embargo to Japan, leaving the japanese no choice but to attack America, ensuing war with both countries. USA declares war.
    Japan invades the pacific, Hong Kong, Australia, Phillpines, and continues their advance in Asia
  • USA's homefront, the expansion

    USA's homefront, the expansion
    America begins its assimulation out of depression, by rebuilding its ecnomy and outffiting its troops, America is strengthening its power, by 1943, they are at full strength, now able to take its military on Japan and Germany
  • Battle of Stalingrad: The turning point for the Germans

    Battle of Stalingrad: The turning point for the Germans
    With the Russians in rout, the Germans make a hard, debilitating push thorugh Stalingrad, hoping to capture the city and crush the russians. But the russians were able to use the cities ruin and the winter to impede the germans. The russians eventually took back the city and the germans were retreating. The balltle lasted till early of 1943, the bloodiest battle in history
  • Moshie and the news

    Toward the end of 1942, Moshie and the jews of Signet become outlawed. They are taken into cattle cars and taken to a unknown location. Moshie escape, injured, he runs back to tell the morbid story of the jews being slaughtered by the germans. Refusing to listen to his rambles, he is considered crazy by everyone, including Ellie.
  • The Turning Point in the Pacific

    The Turning Point in the Pacific
    Japan begins its move, by contesting for the islands in the pacific. America, with its fleet, stop the japanese at Midway, thus sparking a turning point in the war. This turning point allows America to regain its lost territory and flush the japanese forces out of the pacific
  • Everything is normal....

    In the year of 1943, after the "false" rumors that were spread by Moshie, the community has simmered down and continue to spend their lives in peace.
  • Victory in Africa

    Victory in Africa
    The british forces alongside the US are able to push the Germans back from Africa, after long battles throughout northern Africa, the germans retreat from Africa, allowing the allies to rejoice their victories
  • The Final Solution

    The Final Solution
    The final solution was Hitler's plan to eradicate the jews, poles, and other minorites. Politcal priosners and slavs also got the same treatment, they were executed in the thousands, in many different ways, experiements on humans was not uncommon.
  • Research within concentration camps

    In German concentration camps, many of the occupants were mistreated and harmed without any consent from their overseers. The concentration camps which held the occupants were poorly made and the living conditions were often so terrible, many of the occupants contracted many different diseases such as typhus and the flu. Torture was used to gain information out of the prisoners, forced labor, and systematic killings also were added by the germans.
  • Spring of 1944

    In the town of Sighet, the people are in grace, it is said by the radio, the german advance in Russia has halted. The red army is pushing forward and making progress, repelling the german forces. Everyone in Sighet is in joy...
  • twist of fate

    The germans have arrived in Sighet, clad in dark uniforms, the lanky men, stationed, and start to round up the jews spliting the town of Sighet. A massive ghetto for the jews to reside their until further notice. The Wielsel family is in anguish, hoping to escape, their hope is crushed and they are forced to live in the Ghettos.
  • Change of plans

    A the Wiesel family settle in the crowded ghetto, their settlement is cut short when the Hungarian police come, house to house, barging in and forcefully apprending the jews onto cattle carts. Ellie and his father are separated from the other Wiesel family.
  • Next stop, Auschwitz

    After days of being transported in a cattle cart off to some unknown land, the jews spot a massive pit of fire, and babies to be thrown in it. The jews are bewildered by this, next a massive structure appears and smoke is pouring heavily out of the chimneys. As the jews get nearer, it is clear they are in a concentration camp. Auschwitz
  • Inside the camp

    the jews are quickly pushed into the camp, and made prisoners. Ellie and his father are separated from the rest of the family, and they are forced to endure the inhuamities that lurk within Aushwitz day by day
  • "work makes you free"

    After three weeks inside the concentration camp. Both Ellie and his father are now accepting whatever fate awaits them. Still holding onto each other, they are saving up their rations, and enduring the brutality brought upon them by the gurads. Then, Ellie and his father become next in line for the intensive labor which awaits them, they are thrusted out of the camp and forced to march to their location where they will work to death.
  • Part 2 of "Night"

    After the conclusion of Part 1, Elie and his father are now forced to march across an open field to a warehouse where they are made to work.
  • Forced labor

    Unexpected, Elie is intrigued to find out that the work he is forced upon is not hard, instead it is quite easy and mulit-tasking. Elie and his father are at ease for the moment until the next time.
  • French woman

    Elie is working next to a french woman who is rumored to be Aryan, and sent to work in the labor camp. Years later, Elie then meets her again in the Metro where they reminisnt about the concentration camp where they worked
  • The beatings and bullyings

    The inmates inside have no sympathy for one another. Elie and his father are forced to endure them and say nothing. Idek threw a rage at Elie's father, beating him senseless with a club and Franek bullied Elie for his golden crown.
  • The hangings

    Elie was forced to participate in a crowd, witnessing the hangings of a small boy and 3 other men who had stolen a small piece of bread. The young boy was first hung, then the other two, they were made an example, Elie watched in terror as they were hanged and then taken off to the crematorain.
  • The Great Crusade

    The Great Crusade
    The germans are crippled from defeats in Russia and the western front, Italy is vanquished from axis hands, and the US, british, and other forces cross the english channel onto the french beaches of Normandy. The invasion of Europe is a turning point, giving the germans no chance to win the war
  • Summer was coming to an end

    After many days spent at the camp, working and fending off form other inmates who have lost their humanity, Elie and the others are beginning the eve of Rosh Hashananh. They pray and perform the services around the camp, the electric fences and guardtowers are in the backround, they continue untill Yom Kippur, where they start to eat their food.
  • Presents

    Elie is called up into the doctor's office where he is exmained and checked, he may have to go to the crematorium if he is to sick or ill, he would be transfered and killed. But luckly that isnt the case and he survives. He gets a present, a piece of bread from his father.
  • The end of Part 2

    Elie is then awaken to the sound of SS and the sound of dogs, the whole camp is forced to awake to the alarms and they are each pulled out of their bed for the "funeral".
  • Victories in the Pacific

    Victories in the Pacific
    After long, enduring months of campaigns in the pacific, the americans are near the climax of the pacific war. Japan is within bombing range, and the island-hopping techinques advised by the Americans are shown to be promising. The japanese losses are staggering and crushing, without the capable equiptment in any refrom, the japanese use unorthodox techqiues to fight back the americans
  • Part 3

    Ellie's father was beaten to death by a german officer after they had to march many miles to another camp. Ellie had to endure the death of his father and continue to survive.
  • End of Night

    Ellie is relieved to find that the germans leave the camp and leave the jews alone. Suprised to see the germans just leave Ellie go, he is enthralled by this. Ellie looks into the mirror and looks at how much he has changed
  • Victory in Europe

    Victory in Europe
    The soviet union in the east, and the US and Brits in the west now surround the germans in berlin. The russians now invade berlin, crushing the germans, the germans inevitable defeat is followed by the death of Hilter. The fall of Hilter and its resistance ends the conflict in Europe
  • Victory over Japan, the end of the war

    Victory over Japan, the end of the war
    With the two atomic bombs dropped on Japan, they finally sureender on the 7th of August. The surrender of Japan signals the end of the war. The war is finally over in Japan and in around the world
  • Post-war: the Potsdam Conference

    Post-war: the Potsdam Conference
    Following the weeks after the end of the war, the three main powers, Russia,US,and Britian ensure watch over Germany and Japan. They sign a contract which signals their neutrality between each other, and that no such act of war would ever sprout again
  • The LIberation of the Concentration Camps

    The Allies liberate hundreds of concentration camps and relinquish the prsioners from their imprisonment from the Germans. Millions of jews and other groups of people who were imprsioned by the germans eventually were freed by the allies.
  • Ellie Wiesel:after WW2

    After the end of WW2, Ellie Wiesel would move around the world and become a correspnodent. In the 1950's, he would write the book Night, and win the Nobel Peace prize years later for his accomplishments in telling the horrors of the concentration camps