Vladek's Story

  • Vladek begins seeing Lucia

    Vladek is living in Czestochowa, Poland. He meets Lucia and she starts to follow him around and he is unintersted.
  • Vladek Meets Anja

    Vladek Meets Anja
    Vladek goes to Sosnowiec for the holidays to visit his family. His cousin introduces him to Anja and they instantly hit it off. Once he returns home, he ends things with Lucia.
  • Vladek and Anja become engaged

    Vladek and Anja become engaged
    Anja gets letters from Lucia filled with lies about Vladek. She believes them at first and becomes very upset. Vladek loved her so much that he made the long and expensive journey to Sosnowiec to convince her that the letter is all lies. They stay engaged.
  • Valdek and Anja get married

  • Anja is suspected of being a communist

    Anja is suspected of being a communist
    Some of Anja's friends were affiliated with communism, so she would sometimes translate some documents for them. Police came to Valdek and her house to find the papers, but Anja had already given them to the seamstress, who was arrested by polish police.
  • Vladek opens his Factory

    Vladek opens his Factory
    Anja's father helps Valdek by giving him money to open a textile factory. It was located in Bielsko, Anjya visited every week.
  • Richieu is born

    He was born a very big baby and premature,
  • Anja becomes sick

    Vladek gets a call to come home right away because Anja is sick. Anja was severely depressed after giving birth. They hired a governess to care for Richieu.
  • Vladek and Anja move to the Sanitarium

    On the train there, they see a swastika for the first time. The Sanitarium was a beautiful place though, in Czechoslovakia. Vladek hears from a friend there about the Nazi's in Germany, and the life of Jews there.
  • Vladek's Factory is robbed

    While he is at the sanitarium, his factory is robbed.
  • Vladek gets a Draft notice

    Vladek recieves a letter in the mail saying that he must serve in the polish reserve army. Valdek tells his family to move to Sosnowiec.
  • Vladek starts serving in the war.

    Vladek faught in the trenches against the Germans. He killed a German soldier, and then was captured as a POW. He was then taken to a place near Nuremberg. They take his valuables.
  • Valdek moves to a new POW camp

    The Jews only got a crust of bread and a little bit of soup. It was extremely cold, and many got frosbite. He started praying more often, playing chess and wrote letters. His family sent him a package, indicating to Vladek that they were still alive.
  • Vladek went to work at a big German company

    Vladek recieved adequite housing and food, which let him and his friends regain a little strength. The work they had to do though was backbreaking and painful. Only 80% of the workers lived.
  • Vladek dreams of his Grandfather

    He says that he will come out of the war alive on the day of Parshas Truma.
  • Vladek was Transported

    Soldiers at the POW camp told Vladek he was being released. They put him on a train with other to Poland. The train passed Sosnowiec, and went to only places within the protectorate. They eventually stop in Lubin and were taken to tents.
  • Vladek goes back to his Parents' house

    Vladek pretends to be a non-Jewish Pol. in order to get a train ride back to Poland. He sees his mother and father. After that he goes to Sosnowiec to see Anja and Richieu.
  • Vladek starts working in Sosnowiec

    There is not a lot of work opportunities for Jews during the war. He went to some stores that he remembered owed him money, Instead he got cloth from these people, and by smuggling it passed a gaurd he was able to make a little money
  • 50% of the people in Modrzejowska were taken by Nazis

  • Vladek is saved by Mr. Ilzecki

    Vladek was walking passed a huge riot near the train station. He was on his way to Mr. Ilzecki's house and was close by. Vladek had no where to run, until Mr. Ilzecki took him into his house, which saved his life.
  • Vladek and Anja give away Richieu

    Mr. Ilzecki and Vladek decide to give away their sons in order to keep them safe from the war. Vladek has a good polish friend who was willing to hide richieu until the war is over.
  • Exiction of Jews from Sosnowiec

    There was an order posted all over town that said that all Jews were to move to the Stara Sosnoweic quarter by January 1st 1942. All other non-Jews would also be relocated.
  • Life in the Stara Sosnoweic Quarter

    all 12 of the family members had to live in 2 and a half small rooms. It wasn't a real ghetto though, because you could go outside of the town.
  • Vladek's friends are hanged

    Vladek's friends from working in the black market were hanged by Nazis after they discovered his buisness.
  • Another Order Notice

    Another order notice came saying that any Jews over 70 years old will be transfered to theresienstadt in Czechoslovakia on May 10 1942. Anja's parents were about 90 years old. Eventaully...They were taken, straight to Auschwitz to be killed.
  • Gathering of Jews in Sosnowiec

    25-30 thousand Jews gathered. They had them register at tables: all people fit to work went ot one side (the good side) and old people, families with a lot of children and people without work cards were sent to the bad side (and killed). Luckily, Vladek's whole family makes it through to the good side.
  • Sossnowiec Jews must move to a Ghetto

    An order came for all Jews to go to Srodula. Many were homess, but Vladek's family managed to get a very small cottage.
  • Vladek's Family discovered in their Bunker

    Another Jew gives the family up to the police, and they are captured, After 6 days. Anja's father is taken to Aushwitz and killed, and Vladek goes to a new Ghetto.
  • Vladek and Anja Escape Srodula

    They escape the ghetto and try and walk towards Sosnowiec, They stay in a barn for a little while, pretending to be Polish non-jews.
  • Vladek and Anja are Captured

    While trying to escape to Hungary, their smugglers only brought them halfway and then left them in Bielsko-Biala. They were discovered in the station and found/took Vladek's Gold wach. They were sent to a POW camp.
  • Vladek Begins working as a Tinman

    He also begins sending Anja bread through a woman named Mancie.
  • Vladek Started Giving the Kapo English Lessons

    In return the Kapo gave vladek food, clothes for his friend and warned him if something was going to happen in the camp.
  • Vladek Goes to Birkenau for Anja

    There he Finds Anja and she looks very skinny.
  • Vladek starts to Fix shoes

  • Vladek starts doing "black word"

    Very labor intensive jobs.
  • Vladek leaves Auschwitz

    Everyone leaves Auschwitz and go to a smaller camp. From there they were pushed into small carts and sent away. Vladek hooked his blanket on beams so he could rest in it, this saved his life. They stopped in Dachau.
  • Vladek tries to stay in the Infirmiry

    Vladek got an infection in his hand, and purposly made it worse in order to stay in the infirmary (becasue the conditions were better).
  • Vladek goes to Switzerland

    They board a train, and go to a small station in switzerland. There he finds a barn that he can stay in for a little while.
  • Vladek goes to Belsen

  • Vladek goes to Sosonowiec to see Anja

    Vladek goes to the Jewish organization where Anja went everyday looking for him. They reunite. Afterwords, they move to sweden and then to the U.S. .