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Vladek Spiegelman—A Husband, A Father and A Survivor

  • The Very Beginning

    The Very Beginning
    Vladek Spiegelman is born in Poland. He has an older brother named Marcus, and a sister named Fela.
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    Ordinary Childhood and Youth

    Vladek lives in Czestochowa when he is in textiles-buying and selling. Though he does not have a rich life, he can make a living by doing his job.
  • A Girl Named Lucia

    A Girl Named Lucia
    Vladek meets Lucia, who is charming. Her family is nice, but it is very poor. She is the first girl whom Vladek becomes more involved; however, he does not want to grow too close to her.
  • "My Anja"

    "My Anja"
    Vladek's cousin introduces Anja Zylberberg to Vladek in Sosnowiec, Poland. Anja is a sweet and smart girl. Vladek starts to develop a relationship with her after they first meet. About a week or two weeks later, Vladek breaks up with Lucia.
  • Sosnowiec

    Vladek moves to Sosnowiec because of Anja.
  • A Beautiful Wedding

    A Beautiful Wedding
    Anja and Vladek get married. He then moves into his father-in-law's two apartments. Anja's father is very wealthy; he owns both of the apartments and he gives Vladek part ownership and a watch as his wedding gifts.
  • Dear Richieu

    Dear Richieu
    Richieu—Vladek and Anja's first son—is born. He weighs over 3 kilos.
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    Depression Attacks Anja

    Vladek goes to live in Bielsko for his factory business. However, Anja is seriously depressed after giving birth. Vladek has to go back to Sosnowiec to take care of her. Anja's doctor suggests that a sanitarium would be good for her health; therefore, Vladek and Anja go to the sanitarium in Czechoslovakia.
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    On Vladek and Anja's way to Czechoslovakia, they see the swastika for the first time. However, the sanitarium is far away from everything, so they have a peaceful time there. Vladek calms Anja down, and gradually she becomes happy again.
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    New Life in Bielsko

    After Anja and Vladek come back from their honeymoon, Vladek's father-in-law tells them that the Bielsko factory has been robbed. Within a few months, however, they have their working factory and apartment again.
  • Call for Serving in the Polish Army

    Call for Serving in the Polish Army
    Vladek gets a draft notice assigns him to the Polish Reserves Army. Anja and Richieu go to Sosnowiec, and Vladek goes to the frontier against Germany.
  • Becomes A Captive

    Becomes A Captive
    In the morning, Vladek shoots a German soldier to death. After two hours of fighting, some Nazis find and capture him.
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    A War Prisoner

    Vladek lives in a prisoner of war camp. It is freezing during that fall, but the Jewish prisoners do not have heaters. In order to have enough food and comfortable beds, Vladek and some of other prisoners go to work. The working conditions are terrible. Vladek's friend Orbach comes to save Vladek by claiming that they are relatives; Vladek then is free.
  • No Factories

    No Factories
    Germans confiscate Jewish property, so Vladek and his father-in-law lose their factories.
  • Back to Home

    Back to Home
    Vladek is released as a POW and sent back to Lublin. He pretends to be Polish, then he successfully sneaks across the border to his side of Poland. He goes to see his parents first and go back to his home with Anja in Sosnowiec. Richieu is two and half years old.
  • Ghetto

    All Jews who live in Sosnowiec are forced to move to ghetto; Vladek's family also moves too.
  • Heartbreaking Farewell

    Heartbreaking Farewell
    All Jews who are over 70 years old are transferred to Theresienstadt in Czechoslovakia on May 10, 1942. Anja's grandparents are about ninety years old, so Vladek's family hide them in a bunker. However, if they do not send the grandparents away, the whole family will be taken away. The grandparents are sent away, immediately to the gas chamber in Auschwitz.
  • Heartbreaking Separation

    Heartbreaking Separation
    All Jews need to register at the Dienst Stadium; almost every Jew in Sosnowiec goes. There are two sides: one is the good side for those who are young and able to work; the other one is the bad side for females, children and the elderly. Vladek's father is sent to the good side; however, after he sees his daughter, Fela, with four children sent to the bad side, he chooses to go with them. Vladek, Anja, Richieu, and Anja's parents are sent to the good side; they are forced to work.
  • Goodbye, Richieu

    Goodbye, Richieu
    Vladek's family is forced to move to the Srodula ghetto. Persis, a powerful Jew, comes over to see Vladek's family and their friends. They agree to give their little kids to him to take to Zawiercie because maybe he has a better chance to save their lives. Vladek and Anja also send Richieu to Zawiercie with his aunt, Tosha. This is the last time they see their boy.
  • Goodbye, Anja's Parents

    Goodbye, Anja's Parents
    Vladek's family is caught by Nazis. Vladek's cousin, Haskel Spiegelman, helps Vladek and Anja get out, but Anja's parents are not saved by Haskel. Vladek and Anja start their hiding.
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    Vladek and Anja are in hiding. When remaining Jews in Srodula are killed in January, 1944, Mrs. Motonowa, a nice Polish, keeps them hiding in her house.
  • Richieu's Death

    Richieu's Death
    All Jews in the Zawiercie Ghetto are sent to Auschwitz. In order to avoid going to the gas chamber there, Tosha kills herself, Richieu, and two other kids by using poisons.
  • Nowhere to Hide

    Nowhere to Hide
    Anja and Vladek believe the two smugglers will take them to Hungary. However, instead of taking them to Hungary, the smugglars phone Gstapos. Anja, Vladek and their friends are caught on the train.
  • Auschwitz

    Anja and Vladek are sent to Auschwitz; they then are separated. Vladek stays in Auschwitz 1, while Anja is sent to Birkenau.
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    Becomes an "English Teacher"

    The kapo of the barrack wants to learn English. Vladek volunteers, and he becomes his English teacher. The kapo takes care of Vladek. For over two months, he stays with the kapo safely.
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    Becomes a Tinman

    The kapo introduces Vladek to the tin shop because Vladek tells him that he was a tinman in Sosnowiec. In fact, Vladek has never been a tinman; he just knows a little skills. After he goes to the tin shop, the chief there, Yidl, realizes that Vladek does not have any working experience. In order to protect himself, Vladek always shares food with Yidl. Therefore, when Germans come and take some Jews to do bad works, Yidl keeps Vladek with him.
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    Finally Sees Anja

    After Vladek becomes the tinman, he has chances to go to Birkenau, where Anja is. They see each other for several times. One day, a guard sees them talking to each other, so he beats Vladek. Fortunately, they are both fine in the end.
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    Shoe Shop

    Vladek volunteers to become a shoemaker. He knows how to fix shoes, but he is not a specialist. Therefore, sometimes he needs help from other Jews who are the real shoemakers. They help him because he also trades food with them. Vladek is safe.
  • Anja Is Moved to Auschwitz

    Anja Is Moved to Auschwitz
    Vladek gives over bribes in order to bring Anja closer to him. On October 7. 1944, finally Anja is moved to Auschwitz with other thousands of women.
  • Period: to

    Black Work

    Vladek starts doing black work. He is required to carry back and forth big stones, dig out holes. The work is really tough.
  • Period: to

    Becomes A Tinman again

    Vladek becomes a tinman again with Yidl after coming back from black work.
  • Death March

    Death March
    Evacuation takes place in Auschwitz. Vladek and other Jews who still remain in the camp need to be forced to start their "Death March".
  • Period: to


    Vladek is sent to Dachu. In Dachu, he has typhus. When Dachu is liberated on April 29, 1945, Vladek is very weak.
  • Survival

    Vladek is saved by U.S. soldiers a few days after Germany surrenders. He is safe.
  • Infirmary

    Vladek turns out to be very sick when he and his friend is living in a farm. He is sent to infirmary and is told that he has typhus. A year later, he finds out that he also has diabetes.
  • Reunion

    Anja and Vladek finally reunite in Poland!!!!
  • Period: to

    Goodbye, Poland

    After reuniting, Anja and Vladek decide to move to Sweden. They start their new life there.
  • Hello, Artie!

    Hello, Artie!
    Art Spiegelman in born in Stockholm, Sweden. He later becomes the author of Maus.
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    Goodbye, Sweden

    Spiegelman family moves to U.S; they settle in Rego Park, NY. Vladek stays there for rest of his life.
  • The Eternal Saddness

    The Eternal Saddness
    Anja is committed suicide without leaving a note. Vladek is fallen apart; Artie feels guilty for his mother's death because he did not give her enough love when she was alive. Vladek is 62 years old.
  • Begins Telling His Story

    Begins Telling His Story
    Vladek begins telling his story, which is mainly about his life during World War II. Artie writes all of them down. They then become the words for Maus.
  • Remarriage

    Vladek remarries a Jew named Mala; she is also a survivor. However, Vladek and Mala always argue with each other, and Vladek keeps missing Anja.
  • Period: to

    Stays with His Son

    Artie and his wife, Francoise, stay with Vladek for almost a month because Mala leaves Vladek and he needs someone to take care of him. During these days, Vladek tells Artie more stories about his life during the war.
  • Period: to

    He Becomes Very Sick

    Vladek is very sick at the end of 1981. Though he loves Rego Park, and his house there, he still agrees to sell the house and moves to Florida with Mala. In his bed, he finishes the last part of his story.
  • The End

    The End
    Vladek Spiegelman died of congestive heart failure. He is buried together with Anja. This is the end of Vladek's story.