Holocaust/night /World War 2

  • Hitler becomes Chancellor of germany

    The German government takes away the rights of free speech ,the right of free assembly and the right of free press.The government also takes away the freedom from invasion of privacy.
  • Spring 1933

    The nationwide boycott of Jewish-owned buisinesses carried out by Nazi leadership.Hitler turns Germany into a war machine.
  • The first wave of arrest for homosexuals.

    Hitler belived in Eugeniks that is the belief that hitler was the ruler of the world and anyone who isn't like him or isn't a true German or Airian.
  • Hitlers army invades the Rhinland.

    Also during this year gypsys are aressted and sent to Dachau.
  • the year of 1938

    During the year of 1938 Germany annexes Austria.The German government forces Jewsh people to carry ID cards.Jews are banned from streets on certain days,also they are forbidden driver licenses and car registrations.And all Jewish children are expell from public school.
  • Germany invades Czechoslovakia.

    Also during this year 2000 Gypsies are aressted.
  • Period: to

    Start of World War 2 to the victory of Japan.

    World War 2 started when Germany made an unprovocked attack on Poland in 1939.
    World War 2 ended when the United States droped two Atomic bombs on Japan,one on Nagasaki and the other on Hiroshima.
  • Elie begins to study Kabblah

    Elie is 12 and begins his study of Kabblah
  • Germany invads multiple countries

    During this year Germany invaded Greece,North Africa,Yugoslavia,Soviet Union,and the Einsatzgruppen.
  • Japan attacks Pearl Harbor.

    Japan attacks Pearl Harbor.
    Pearl Harbor was a millatary base for the U.S.A . The Japanese sneak attackd the Harbor. What some people didn't know is that on the same day the Germans started gassing the jewish people in gas trucks.
  • Wannsee Conferance.

    DUing this conferance the Nazi leaders discuss the "Final Solution of the jewish question".
  • The Battle of Midway.

    During the battle of Midway the United States destroyed 4 Japenese Aircaft carriers.
  • The SS mde another selection on the new year.

    This is the most important selection for Elie because he thought his father didn't make it.His father gives him a spoon and a knife but Elie gives them back because his father passed the selction.
  • Elie goes to the Ghetto

    In spring 1944 Elie goes to the Ghetto crated in his town.
  • Elie arrives at the Consentration camp with his family.

    Elie gets to the concentraton camp with his family but is soon seporated.
  • D-Day

    D-Day is the day that the Allies invaded France.Ships carried troops across the English Chanel to France.Planes dropped para troopers east and west of coastal beaches.
  • Elie and his father were sent to Auschwitz.

    Elie has lost his mother and sisters but still wants to hang on to life for his father.
  • Allies liberate Paris

    The Allies liberated Paris from Germany in 1944.
  • Period: to

    Elies time at Buchenwald

    Eliwas at buchenwald for a few months .during his time there his father died and so did other people around him.
  • Elies father dies

    Elies father dies
    This is the day that Elies father died.Elie was kind of sad about it but at the same time he was relieved because he didn't need to take care of him anymore.
  • All Jews ordered to go to the block to be shot; evacuation began

    The SS begin to kill people in the concentration camp.
  • The resistance in Elies camp Act.

    At this moment the resistance of Jews strong enough to fight attack the SS officers and the all flee.
  • Elie gets food poisining.

    Elie gets really sick with food poisining for two weeks.
  • Hitler commites suicide.

    Hitler commites suicide.
    On this day Hitler killed himself because he knew he was surrounded and he knew that the Allies would have killed him .he didn't want the Allies to kill him.
  • Germany surrenders.

  • 1st Atomic bomb on Hiroshima.

    1st Atomic bomb on Hiroshima.
    The United states used there 1st Atom bomb on Hiroshima Japan ,killing about 120,000 people.
  • 2nd Atom bomb on Nagasaki

    The United states droped the 2nd bomb on Nagasaki in Japan,about 80,000 killed.