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Maus: Vladekd

  • Vladeks birth

    Vladeks birth
    Vladek was born in Sosnowiec, Poland
  • Vladek meets Lucia

    Vladek meets Lucia
    When Vladek worked buying and selling textiles he was a handsome young man who had a lot more girls that ran after him than he expected. One day h is friend Yulek told him that Lucia would like to meet eachother and Vladek took her to dance. Lucia was eager to spend time with Vladek and to get engaged.However Vladek was not that intrested in being close to her and was unable to let her go.
  • Vladek meets Anja

    Vladek meets Anja
    His cosin introduces him to Anja and they become good friends. When he moved back to Czestochowa they constantly called one another multiple times every day and she wrote beautiful letters to him. He also visited her whenever it was posible and framed a really nice photo of her.
  • Lucia and Vladek break up

    Lucia and Vladek break up
    Although he thought that Lucia looked better the more and more that he talked to Anja the more he started to like her. He broke up with her leaving her heartbroken but reached out to the friend who introduced her to calm her down. In spite she sent a message to anja telling her that vladek had lots of girl friends and was looking for money but the issue was worked out
  • Anja and Vladek get married

    Anja and Vladek get married
    at the end of 1936 he moves to Sosnowiec and gets married to Anja soon after. He lived in one of his father and laws appartment and got part ownership of them along with a nice gold watch.
  • Riachu is Born

    Riachu is Born
    By October Anja and Vladek had their first son Riachu. Dispite the fact that she had a good family she was became hysterical and depressed from the strian of having the baby. The family worked out that they would have a nanny watch over the baby while Anja would be sent to an expensive sanitarium insinde Czechoslovakia.
  • Opening up a fatory

    Opening up a fatory
    Vladek wanted to open up a textile shop but Anja's father wanted to open a factory up so that the family would well off so he provided the money do so. He started a factory and visited Anja over the weekend. When Anja got sick he rushed to see her and went to Czechoslovakia with her. Unfortuatly upon his return he found out that the factory had been robbed and that they have nothing left.
  • Period: to

    Time in Czechoslovakia

    They stayed in the sanitarium in Czechoslovakia for three months before the war began. Here they heard the terrible stories about the Nazi treatment of jews. While in the sanitarium Vadek assured her she was find and told many jokes cheering her up.
  • Period: to

    World War II

    World War II was the bloodiest war with 50 - 85 million casualties. Most contries in the world took part in this war or were signifigantly inpacted by the effects of the war. In the war there was two sides the allied powers that included Russia, United Kingdom, United States and China and the Axis powers that included Germany, Japan and Italy. This was a terrrible time for the jews as Hitler the german leader created strong anti semetic views leading to the genocide of 11 million jews.
  • Vladek fights in the trenches for Polish

    Vladek fights in the trenches for Polish
    Vladek was in the trenches and did not want to shot and kill anyone but the officer forced him to shot at anything that was moving. There was fighting for 2 hours until the nazis crossed the river and won the fight. Vladek was captured by the nazis and became a POW
  • Period: to

    time spend working for germany as POW

    At first they had to work out in the freezing cold with little clothing but then the germans offered housing and more food to those who would volunteer for labor asignments. then they were taken to Lublin and stayed in tents. Later they found out that they would have been the next party to be killed had they not bribed the Germans.
  • Vladek set free from camp

    Vladek set free from camp
    Vladek encounters Orbach a friend of his uncle and instanly became a free man. He stayed with Orbach and his two daughters a couple of days to recover but was anxios to cross the boader to see his family
  • Vladek crosses border

    Vladek crosses border
    Vladek got on a train and tells the man that he is polish like himself.The man showed them a place to hide when they got to the border. Then he went to his parents house and surprised Anja.
  • Plan to protect chidren

    Plan to protect chidren
    One day on his way to see Ilzecki he saw people grabing jews weather they had papers or not. Ilzecki suggested that he send his child to safty with his. Yet nobody in their family was willing to give up the baby to a stranger so instead of geting Riachu to safty he was stuck in the middle of the war.
  • Jews go to Gheto

    Jews go to Gheto
    All of the jews of Sosnowic were relocated to the Stara quater. Durring this period there was incrested violence against the jews. Most notably 4 jews were hung for a week 1 being his friend cohen. This frigened him making him worried about what was to come
  • Going to stadium

    Going to stadium
    All the jews had to go to the stadium where they were either sent to the right (likly to be killed) or to the left. He and Anja were luckily sent to the left but unfortuatly anjas father and one of his daugters went to the right
  • Remaining Jews in Sosnowiec Transfered to Srodula

    Remaining Jews  in Sosnowiec Transfered to Srodula
    He got a smaller house and the gaurds marched them making them work for about an hour and a half. Here he started to hear rumors abut the terrible things that the nazis have done. Furthermore he saw kids taken away to auschwitz and eventally he heard that everybody was going to auschwitz.
  • Riachu Dies

    Riachu Dies
    Anja's siser Tosha heard about the jews going to the gas chambers in auschwits and was unwilling to let herself or her children go to the gas chambers so she killed her self and the 3 children.
  • Hiding in bunkers

    Hiding in bunkers
    To hide from the jewish he hid in 2 different bunkers. The first one was in the cellar and was surrounded by mound of coal so even though the nazis knew the jews were hiding there they were unable to find them. The second bunker was in the attic and had a false wall so even if they looked in the attic they would be unable to find them. Unfortuatly the owner of the house told the gestapo that they were hiding up their leading to thier arrest.
  • Help from Heskal

    Help from Heskal
    Vladek showed jakov that he could pay if he helped him escape and he sent Hescal to help them. Heskal took Anjas father and all his jewels because the risk of helping him was too much. On a Wensday Anja and Vladek saw her father in the van tearing his hair and crying as he was sent away to be killed. Afterwords Heskel provided them a place to hide in a shoe factory until the ghetto was empty.
  • Hiding with Mrs. Motonowa

    Hiding with Mrs. Motonowa
    They meet a friend Mrs. Motonowa and she provided them with good food and shelter for money. One day she kicked them out becuase she was worried that she would be caught as the gestapo searched her and took her goods. Later on she finds them again and takes care of them until they go with the smugglers.
  • getting caught escaping

    getting caught escaping
    The smugglers told vladek that their nephew made it secretly across making vladek inclined to go. After some time he was able to convince anja that it was the best thing to do. Vladek paid the smugglers and got on the trian. Unfortuatly the gestapo came on to the train and seached everywhere and found them.
  • Sent to Auschwitz

    Sent to Auschwitz
    After they were caught they were sent by trucks to concentration camps. As soon as they saw that they entered auschwitz they knew that there was no chance that they would come out alive after all the stories they heard about the gassings.
  • Period: to

    Jobs at Auschwitz

    March to mid May: Quarantine
    - durring this time he taugh english to the gaurd
    mid May to mid August: Tin shop
    - The chief was a russian jew who gave Vladek a hard time
    mid August to mid October: Shoe shop
    -He learned by watching his cosin in miloch and he fixed officials boots
    mid October to early December: Black work
    - Here he learned about the gas chambers from his friend and did hard labor
  • Teaches english

    Teaches english
    The kapo at the prison wanted to learn english and vladek became his teacher because he was the best english speaker at the camp. Because Vladek taught the guard english the gaurd watched out for him and helped him out when he could.
  • Savings are gone

    Savings are gone
    At the camp Vladek was saving up money in the box under his mattress so that he could buy anja over. One day he found that everything was stolen and was devistated. He still tried to to communicate and help Anja out whenver he could.
  • Period: to

    Vladek transfered from Auschwitz to Dachu

    Going from aushwitz to dachu was a terrible experience for Vladek. He was on a tighly cramped train but luclily albe to create a small space for himself where he could reach the snow. Surviving on this train was impresive a a majority of the people that were on the trian died.
  • Getting Typhus in Barracks

    Getting Typhus in Barracks
    Since the prisoners were inclosed in the barracks it was almost imposible to not catch typhus. Vladek caught typus and within a couple of weeks he got to sick to even eat. It got to the point where he could not even scream. Luckly he was chosen to be exchaged for german prisoners and was sent away on a real train.
  • Meets French man

    Meets French man
    He met a french man who couldnt communicate with anybody else because they did not know english. Since the french man was not jewish he could get packages from red cross which he shared with vladek saving his live. He was able to trade the cholate for a shirt so that he could put the clean shirt on right before food was served so that he would not be denied food because there was lice on his shirt. In the book the french man was presented as a frog
  • Hide in barn

    Hide in barn
    The Jews were left in a barn all night and in the morning they found that all of the gaurds were gone because they were hunted down by the alied powers. They meet a man who did not care if they hid in his barn. When he told a guard that they were hiding there the guard did not care as he wanted to escape as fast as possible.
  • Resuced by the Americans

    Resuced by the Americans
    While in the barn they began to feel normal again exept for the shock to the system that the new food had. Within a few days the americans came and they were saved. When they are saved the women in the barn accused them of stealing her husbands cloths and they had to return them.
  • Recovering at American camp

    Recovering at American camp
    At the camp he indentified himself and got idenity papers and a place to live. He was sick with a feaver and iching all around but the infermary took care of him and a year later he found out that he not only had typhus but also diabetes.
  • Anja and Vladek meet

    Anja and Vladek meet
    Just as the gypsy had said she got a letter that Vladek was alive in germany and he had typhus. She was overjoyed and they lived happily ever after. The ghetto seperated the two and she was worried if Vladek would come out alive after seeing so many die.
  • Move to Sweeden

    Move to Sweeden
    After they meet up they decided to move to sweeden where they started up a small company. He worked there for a couple of years before going to the USA.
  • Art Spiegelman's Birth

    Art Spiegelman's Birth
    Artie was born in stockholm sweeden. He is now 67 years old and wrote the book maus a detailed account of Vladeks life.
  • Spiegelman family goes to USA

    Spiegelman family goes to USA
    His visa got aproved and the company threw a surpise party saying goodby to him. Vladek spent the rest of his life living in New York.
  • Anja Comits Suicide

    Anja Comits Suicide
    Anja comits suicde after art returned home. This was devistating for Vladek as nobody was closer and understood him beter than she did.
  • Vladek and Mala get engaged

    Vladek and Mala get engaged
    After Anja died Vladek got married to Mala who he stayed with for the rest of his life. throughout maus one we get to see the conflict that exists between them. Vladek feels as though she wants to take money from him and she feels like she has no freedom and walks out.
  • Vladek Dies

    Vladek Dies
    In 1982 Valdek has conjestive heart failure and dies with an increadble survial story. His life is later writen about in arts books Maus which recieve high amounts of aprisal and resptect