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World War 2- Night Preview

  • German Revolution

    German Revolution
    The German Revolution begins.
  • Nazi Party is formed

    Nazi Party is formed
    The Nazi Party is formed and Hitler begins to give emotional speeches.
  • Nazi Leader Announced

    Nazi Leader Announced
    Due to his emotional speeches and efforts toward the Nazi Party, Adlof Hitler is announced as the Nazi Leader.
  • The Great Depression

    The Great Depression
    The Great Depression begins. This was a economic depression that lasted from 1929 to the late 1930's and early 1940's.
  • The Holocaust

    The Holocaust
    The Holocaust began in 1933, the exact date is not known. The Holocaust was a genocide of over 6 million Jewish people by Nazi's. This genocide was ran by Adolf Hitler.
  • Leader of Germany

    Leader of Germany
    Adolf Hitler becomes the Chancellor of Germany
  • Japan + Germany

    Japan + Germany
    Japan and Germany sign Anti-Comintern Pact against Russia and communism.
  • World War 2 Begins

    World War 2 Begins
    Germany invades Polland, and so World War 2 begins.
  • France and Great Britain get involved

    France and Great Britain get involved
    France and Great Britian declare War on Germany.
  • Germany Invades Denmark and Norway

    Germany Invades Denmark and Norway
    Germany takes control of Denmark and Norway.
  • More Invasions

    More Invasions
    Germany invades and takes control of most of Western Europe.
  • Italy enters

    Italy enters
    Italy enters World War 2
  • Axis Alliances

    Axis Alliances
    Germany, Japan, and Italy create th Axis Alliance.
  • Attack on Pear Harbor

    Attack on Pear Harbor
    Japan bombs United States' Pearl Harbor off the coast of Hawaii. The next day, the United States enters World War 2, allianced with Great Britian and France.
  • Jews in Sighet

    In 1944, over 17,000 Jews were taken to Auschwitz Concentration Camp. They were forced out of their homes, packed into cattle trucks, and shipped off.
  • Jews in Sighet

    In 1944, over 17,000 Jews were taken to Auschwitz Concentration camp. They were taken out of their homes, packed into cattle trucks, and shipped off.
  • Elie Wiesel and his Family

    Germany invades Sighet, Hungary. Elie's neighbors are taken out one by one, and three days later, Elie and his family are put into a bus and taken to Auschwitz.
  • Wiesel's Arrive

    Elie's family arrives at Auschwitz. His four sisters and his mom were taken to the right, as him and his dad were taken to the left.
    Elie and his father lie about their age to avoid being killed in the fire chamber.
  • Allies Push Back

    Allies Push Back
    Allied forces invade France and push back the Germans.
  • Time in camp

    Elie and his father both worked and had a daily routine. They made friends with many men in their bunk and also learned to be tolerant of the German's running the camps.
  • Relocation

    Elie and his father were relocated to the Buna camp. There, they received new jobs and got to work outside outside of the camps.
  • The golden tooth

    All the men in camp are forced to go to the dentist for a "check up" but Elie gets out of it by saying he doesn't feel well because he knows that he has a golden crown in his mouth. A few weeks later, another inmate sees the golden tooth and forces to give it to him.
  • Beaten

    While walking around, Elie sees the Kapo and a young Polish girl having sex, and he starts laughing, The Kapo sees him and takes him outside and beats him witha whip 25 times.
  • Bomb Rades

    The Americans bomb the Buna factory and the camp goes under lockdown for over an hour.
  • Winter Arrives

    When winter arrives, the men get a "taste of what camp is really like". They get new clothes that are only slightly heavier, and they still have to work every day, except for Chrsitmas and New Years.
  • The 44 mile march

    Elie and his father along with the other camp member os Buna are forced to evacuate their camp in order to march to new torture camp. While marching, they are forced to run without stopping, and if they did they were shot down and killed. Many of the men who left for the march, never made it to the new camp.
  • Lost son- forgotten father

    Once they made it to a stop from the march, the Rabbi comes and asks the Wielsels if they had seen his son. He lost him during the march and could not seem to find him anywhere. Elie realizes that he did see him, but the son purposefully left his father behind because he wanted to get rid of the burden.
  • Goodbye Father

    Elie's father dies of sickness and is thrwon into the cremotorium. Elie does not mention his sadness, but meerly mentions that he is "free at last!"
  • Evacuations begin

    Starting on April 5th, the camp evacutaions begin to end. LIberators are on their way to save the people.
  • Savior

    It is Elie's turn to be evacuated, but the sirens go off and are forced to go back into the bunks. At 6:00 PM, the first American shows at the gates of Buchenwald.
  • Buchenwald

    On April 11, 1945, Elie Wiesel is liberated from the camp by American soldiers.
  • Suicide

    Adolf Hitler commits suicide, knowing that he has lost the war.
  • Germany Surrenders

    Germany Surrenders
    Germany surrenders to the Allied forces.
  • End of the Holocaust

    End of the Holocaust
    The Holocaust is over. Camps are liberated by US troops.
  • Everyone surrenders

    After Hitler's death, everyone begins to surrender their armies from WW2 and the war comes to a stop.
  • Forever in Memory

    As Elie goes on with his life, he will forever remember the memory of how he looked in teh mirror after the camp. He said that he saw not himself, but a corpse looking back at him and that the idea of that would never leave his mind.
  • U.S Drops Bomb on Japan

    U.S Drops Bomb on Japan
    United States drops an atomic bomb on Japan. The city of Hiroshima was destroyed.
  • Japan Surrenders- War Over

    Japan Surrenders- War Over
    Japan surrenders to the Allied forces, and so the war is over.
  • After the War

    Elie Wiesel is reunited with his two older sisters in 1945 in a french orphanage. In 1948 he began to study literature ,philosiphy, and physcology. In 1952, he won the Nobel LIterature Award for his writings about death camp experience.
    IN 1956 he was hit by a taxi and confined to a wheelchair. IN 1986, he won the Nobel Peace Prize.
  • Infarmary and Evacuation

    Elie goes into the infarmary for his foot and has surgery. He is taken care of well in the infarmary. The men are evacuated from the camp to be transferred to a new camp deeper into the Woods. Elie and his father have the choice to stay in the infarmary, but decide to leave. Little do they know Russia liberates the infarmary a few days later.