Night by Elie Wiesel

  • Warning

    Moshe the Beadle returns from the concentration camps by some miracle and tries to warn the Jews of Sighet to be wary of the Germans because of what they had done to him and the rest of the foreign Jews who were deported with him.
  • Surgery

    Elie undergoes surgery on his foot and begins to recover as soon as possible, before the next selection date
  • Transport to the Ghettos

    Transport to the Ghettos
    The Jews of Sighet were transported into two areas of the city and enclosed there in the "ghettos"
  • Gold Star

    Gold Star
    Many rights were taken from the Jews and they were forced to wear a gold Star of David to be able to segregate the Jews.
  • Deportation

    The Jews of Sighet living in the first ghetto were lined up under the hot summer sun, counted, put into cattle carts, and beagn the journey to Auschwitz.
  • Second Round

    Second Round
    The Jews in the second ghetto, including Elie, left for Auschwits.
  • Arrival

    The cart with Elie in it arrives at Auschwitz and the struggle for survival begins. The Jews immediatley see the smoke from the creamtoriums and begin to worry for their lives.
  • Separation

    The Wiesel family is separated into male and female and Elie and says goodbye to his mother and sisters. Elie and his father go to Birkenau to spend the night there, and the girls are never seen again.
  • No Name

    No Name
    Elie is no longer referred to as Elie, but is stamped and marked with the number, A-7713
  • Marching

    After the first night in camp, certain men from Birkenau are chosen to march to camp Buna
  • Idek the Terror

    When Elie and his father are working, Idek blows up on his father for being old and beats him.
  • French Girl

    French Girl
    After Elie is beat one day while wroking, a French girl helps him clean his wounds and gives him words of encourgement that were much needed at that time for Eile.
  • Whipping

    When Elie laughs at Idek for trying ro associate with a young girl, he gets 25 lashes in front of everyone at roll call for being disrespectful.
  • Hangings

    Three people, including a young boy, are hung in two weeks because of treason or because of an attempt to escape or defy the Kommando leaders. Elie feels sick later that evening and says that his soup tasted of corpses.
  • Selection

    The Germans begin to select which workers could continue at Buna and which would head off the creamtoriums of Auschwitz. Elie is chosen to stay immediately but his father has to be evaluated twice to determine that he would continue to work.
  • Alarm

    There is an attack of Buna by the enemy and the Jews experience a newfound confidence and enthusiasm.
  • Foot Problems

    Foot Problems
    Elie begins to feel a massive pain in his left foot and goes to stay in the camp nursery for a while.
  • Evacuation

    Elie and his father begin to run for their lives away from Buna and toward a new camp with the rest of the remaining Jews.
  • Rabbi's Son

    When the Rabbi comes to Elie searching for his son, Elie remembers seeing his son attempt to leave his son behind on the run to Gleiwitz. He prays that he will never be as selfish as the Rabbi's son was.
  • Gleiwitz

    The evacuees arrive at an abandoned town filled with snow and crumblin buildings and stop to rest after running 20 kilometers.
  • Buchenwald

    The Jews arrive at their final camp after a ten day train ride, where over half of the people in the carts died of exhaustion and starvation.
  • Death

    Elie's father dies of illness while at the camp, Elie realized that he would be better off without him and that he was just like the Rabbi's son. Elie says that life after his father's death was not worth writing about.
  • Freedom

    Protesters take over the camp and all of the people inside, including Elie, were set free.