"Night" Elie Wiesel

By Xroni12
  • Elie meets Moshie

    Elie meets Moshie
    Elie meets Moshie. He teaches Elie about Kabbalah, a book made to better your life no matter the religion, but based off of Jewish ways.
  • Return of bad news

    After the expelling of Jews from Sighet, Moshie found a way to return and to warn about the upcoming life in store for them, unfortunately no-one believed him.
  • Germans have arrived.

    The Germans arrive into Sighet. Passover begins.
  • Are we Human?

    Jewish community leaders are arrested on the seventh day of passover, the Jewish people now are being stripped of any valuables that make them human. They are told to wear a yellow star patch to identify them as Jewish.
  • Now my home...

    The towns Jewish are split into ghettos in the town and taken from their homes.
  • New beggining.

    New beggining.
    Elie and his family were moved into a second Ghetto before being shipped on the last train out of Sighet. Cars packed to the brim of people, the jews have all been evacuated from Sighet. Unknowing to them but they were headed to Birkneau. They are told to work or die, with death all around them and peers dying in pits.
  • It''s just you and me...

    It''s just you and me...
    Elie gets seperated from his mother and sisters on arrival at Birkneau concentration camp. Him and his father get put into Barracks (Block 17) and Elie is given an ID A-7713, stripping him of being a human.
  • Buna my dear.

    Buna my dear.
    The men of Birkneau are now being shipped to another camp by the name of Buna.
  • Just a doctor visit

    Jewish men are sent to the doctors in Buna, Every person must go through a medical checkup. Elie and his father get moved to the Orchestra block where he meets juliek.
  • This is my cap.

    Elie is sent to the dentist with other prisoners to remove any fillings, he pretends to be sick and gains time. The dentistgets arrested for keeping caps, and Elie gets to keep his. Later on Franek demands his caps as a punishment, but instead he refuses causing Franek to beat his father.
  • A glimpse of hope!

    Allies begin to bomb the Buna camp, salvation may be soon.
  • It was only a glimmer...

    A young boy is ahnged along with two others. The two died instantly but the young boy struggled and had a slow death because he was lighter, the Jewish menw ere forced to watch.
  • The knife and spoon.

    The knife and spoon.
    Elie and his father were sent to different blocks. Selection process began and his father had failed, meaning he would be sent to be killed. He gave Elie his utensiles. Luckily Elie's father passed a second selection and survives.
  • Winter is here.

    Winter has arrived. Elie gets an injury to his foot and is operated on.
  • Goodbye Buna my dear.

    The red army has invaded closer to the Buna camp. The jewish people are evacuated out and sent too the next camp. This is quite the walk, which earned it's name the Death March. People dying from exhaustion, and freezing to death every couple moments. Walking over dead bodies and just trying to get to your destination.
  • So many are dead.

    So many are dead.
    The men are told to run untl they arrive at a ruined village, more dead begin to fall. The Jewish begin marching more until the arrival at Gleiwitz. Juliek was crushed by Elie after he had fallen. Somehow he managed to escape and play one last song on his violin before dying.
  • Almost gone forever

    Another selection starts and Elies father gets seperated again, luckily a large commotion had arisen and he was able to sneak back with his son. Elie gets seperated again after an alarm and then finds him the following morning.
  • You will be my hero..

    You will be my hero..
    Elie's father is diagnosed with Dysentery. Quickly he starts to die with nothing Elie can do for him., the other men begin to beat his father and steal his rations.
  • Liberation.

    A final evacuation starts but not before the American troops arrive and the war is over.