• Begining of the Holocaust

    Begining of the Holocaust
  • Moishi Beatle

    Moishi Beatle
    Moishi Beatle goes away with the Hungarian police. He sees atrocities that are going on. Goes back and tells who ever would listen. What he saw.
  • Moved to Ghettos

    Moved to Ghettos
    The Jewish people were separated into two ghettos with in Sighet.
  • Period: to

    Train to Death

    They were loaded on to the train like cattle. They were filled to maximum capacity; If one were to escape they would have been shot.
  • Crazy lady

    Crazy lady
    On the train there was this lady that was yelling fire everyone thought that she was crazy. Then it actually comes true when they are close to the camp. There was a person that said look out the window and he proved that she was not totally crazy.
  • Auschwitz 2 (Birkenau)

    Auschwitz 2 (Birkenau)
    The first night that Elie was at any camp. One night that he will never forget.
  • The last time.

    The last time.
    The last time they saw their most prized possessions that they had carried. The last time they were fifty and fifteen. The last time his family is together because he never sees his mother and sister again.
  • Period: to


    They get the rundown of what the concentration camps were. They were beaten and then striped of all possessions that were left on them and then given new clothes.
  • Period: to


    Elie Wiesel was in block 17 and there impressions of where better than that of Birkenau they gave them coffee soup and some bread.
  • Auschwitz

    Elie Wiesel was in block 17 and there impressions of where better than that of Birkenau they gave them coffee, soup and some bread.
  • Family Reunion

    They find there long lost cousin Stien. Elie father did not have clue who he was but he gave Elie food whenever he could. He was trying to prepare them for selection.
  • Buna

    They were given a new block after being the last one out of Auschwitz. They were now in Buna. They were checked for gold teeth and they took Elie’s shoes.
  • Period: to


  • Ware House

    Ware House
    They were given jobs in the Ware House. That they went straight after roll call. They were to count light bulbs bolt and other small machine parts for Idek. They were lucky because they had a great Kommando. He let Elie and his father stay and work side by side together.

    He was called in to get his teeth pulled. Elie gave the excuse of being sick the dentist took his pulse and granted him some time. So he went back a week later with the same excuse and was grant even more time. Then a few days later the dentist was caught using the teeth to line his own pockets.
  • Idek rampage gets personal

    One day Idek was very anger and decides to take his anger out on Elie .After the being he had taken he was in very bad condition and this girl that he had sat next but never said any this. Saw this going on and afterwards went up to him and slipped him a piece of bread.
  • Idek lashes out again

    Idek lashes out again
    Idek lashes out again but this time it was at Elies father. Then foreman noticed that Elie had a gold crown. He wanted and until he beat his father.
  • Paid to inflict Pain

    His father was being beat day in and day out. So finally it, after two weeks he gave up trying to keep his crown. He went to the Kammando to give up his crown. when he got there he said give me a ration of bread .and Elie said you want a ration of bread to take my crown , yet he did it.
  • X tra

    They were told they to do something in the factory. They had no clued what to do so they went looking for food. Elie heard some noise and then saw something that he was not supposed to see. The next day they were called together he was called out and he was whipped and the rest was a blur.
  • Good for Nothing

    The kammando gave him more food after his teeth was pulled. It was only for a short time thou because all the poles were transferred.
  • Suicide for Soup

    Suicide for Soup
    The sirens went off and everyone went to their blocks. Then they hid while two cauldrons of soup where left unattended. This man crawled to the first cauldron. Lifted himself to the rim, screamed and dug in face first. Getting hits with a bullet as he does so. The plains fly overhead and he gets the alert that they have bombed several buildings in Buna. Then everything goes back to normal.
  • Hangings

    The young boy and some other people were hung .The others were paraded around to see the young boy and the young boy had not even died yet. Food tasted like corpses.
  • Rosh Hashanah

    The new year in Judaism. On this day most of the people in prayed and the others had lost faith.
  • Yom Kippur

    The day of atonement. This day they debated on should they fast. Some had said yes to show they still had faith even in a place like this. Others said they make us fast almost every day with what they get fed.
  • Selection

    They were told to look alive. Run as if the devil was on their heels. "Most important, don’t be afraid!" Elie made himself run really fast. They were relieved that he and his father had passed. Even thou like a week later his father had to stay back and get like retested from Doctor Mengele.
    Even thou like a week later his father had to stay back and get like retested from doctor mengele.
  • Christmas

    No Work
  • New Years Day

    No Work
  • Foot Opperation

    Foot Opperation
    He developed an infection in his foot and got operated on it and was told not to walk on it for two weeks. All he had to do was wait two weeks.
  • New camp

    New camp
    They were told to go and get there things and they were going to another camp.
  • Period: to


    They were starved and were not allowed to leave the barrack because there would be an S.S. officer post there. On the third day there was a selection the good to the right the bad to the left. His dad was sent to the left. Elie was able to go and get his dad. Was sent to the left. Elie was able to go and get his dad.his dad.
  • Period: to

    Train from Hell 2

    There a hundred people packed on one car. Were horrible they were thrown bread crumb like they were birds and just doused with water.
  • Close call

    Close call
    Elies dad was exhausted and he went to sleep the gravediggers went around collecting all the bodies. His dad was going to get put in with all the dead people. But thankfully Elie was able to wake him up.
  • Small Amounts

    Small Amounts
    At the end of this small ride they had 12 people that were left. To have more than 88 people die on this ride.
  • Period: to


    The final camp.
  • Death

    He trades a ration of bread to be next to his ill dad. After all this his father gets dysentery and passes away while calling Elies name. Elie gets up the next morning and to the cot next to him and it’s not his father.
  • Relinquished

    They were told to go back to their block and they would be allowed to leave ten blocks at a time.
  • Children first

    There were 20000 people left and only like 300 of them were children so they allow the children to go first. They but got postponed.
  • Finally free

    Finally free
    The last day in the camp all they could do was think about eating. Then days after they never thought of revenge.
  • Period: to

    Between life and Death

    He was hospitalized for food poisoning and spent time in and out of life itself. One of the days he looked at himself and all he saw was lifelessness.