Holocaust 00

Holocaust Timeline Block 4

  • Chancellor Adolf Hitler

     Chancellor Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler is appointed the Chancellor of Germany by President Hindenburg appoints.
  • Nuremberg Laws

    Nuremberg Laws
    The Nuremberg Laws are set in to place. They state that Jews are no longer considered German citizens. They also resticted Jews from marrying Aryans and also restricted Jews from flying the German flag.
  • Vladek Marries Anja

    Vladek Marries Anja
    Vladek is very happy with his new wife and family. He lives a normal life and has a job he enjoys.
  • Seeing the Swatstika

    Seeing the Swatstika
    During the beginning of the year 1938, Vladek sees a Nazi flag for the first time. This is also the first time Vladek heard the stories of how poorly Jews were treated by the Germans.
  • World War II Begins

    World War II Begins
    Germany invades Poland thus beginning World War II. Hitler's goal was to take over Poland. Once he successfully did so, he planned on setting up security forces to annihilate the Jews.
  • Prisoner of War

    Prisoner of War
    Vladek was trained for a few days as a member of the Polish Army before being sent to the war front. While at war, Vladek was taken by the Germans as a prisoner of war.
  • The Dream of Parshas Truma

    The Dream of Parshas Truma
    Vladek is moved from the tents at the war prinoner camp to a wooden house. He is now expected to perform labor intensive work or else he'll be sent back to the camps. Vladek has a dream of his grandfather talking to him. His grandfather told him the he would be free of the labor on the day of Parshas Truma.
  • The Day of Parshas Truma

    The Day of Parshas Truma
    Vladeks grandfather was right. Vladek is tranfered to Lublin with a group of war prisoners where he and the others are next in line to be killed. Luckily, Vladek is allowed to move in with a relative who lives in Reich, and eventually willl make his way back home.
  • Elie's Life Before

    Elie's Life Before
    Elie is a thirteen year old boy who is a strong believer in his Jewish faith. He lives a normal life in his town where he goes to the synagoues and prays daily.
  • Einsatzgruppen

    Einsatzgruppen, "molbile killing units" murder approximately 34,000 Jews at Babi Yar which is located in the Ukraine. The killings took place for two days, September 28-29.
  • Pearl Harbor

    Pearl Harbor
    Japan bombs Perl Harbor. This is America's breaking point. America descides to join the war against Japan and Germany.
  • Relocation to the Stara Sosnowiec Quarter

    Relocation to the Stara Sosnowiec Quarter
    All Jews were required to vacate thier homes and move to the Stara Sosnowiec Quarter by this date. Vladek and his 12 family members had to share 2 and a half small rooms.
  • The Second Notice

    The Second Notice
    All people over the age of 70 will be transfered to Theresienstadt in Czechoslovakia. Vladek's wife's grandparents were 90 years old. However, Vladek's father in law hid them resulting in both the grandparents and Vladek's father in law to be transfered and eventually sent to the gas chambers.
  • Liquidation of Warsaw

    Liquidation of Warsaw
    Germans start the mass deportation of over 300,000 Jews from Warsaw to a killing center.
  • Moishe Returns

    Moishe Returns
    Toward the end 1942 Moishe returns to Sighet. He shares stories of the acts of murder he wittnessed. No one believes his accusations.
  • Richieu Dies

    Richieu Dies
    After Richeu is sent to live in another ghetto, his new "home" is liquidated. The person incharge of him descide to poisen him so he doesn't have to live through the suffering provided by the Nazis.
  • The escape to Sosnowiec

    The escape to Sosnowiec
    Vladek and Anja were hidden in crates and taken to Sosnowiec. They lived in several different sheds and houses to hide from the Nazis.
  • Good News

    Good News
    The Russian Front believes that there is no doubt that Germany would be defeated. Despite this, Elie wants his family to leave their house and find somewhere safer to live. His father stated he was too old to move, so the family remains in their town
  • The Eight Days of Passover

    The Eight Days of Passover
    The Germans arrest the Jewish leaders of Elies community. Edicts are instated. Jews are forced to wear the Star of David, stay in their houses when told to do so, and Jews are forbidden to own gold in their households.
  • Aushwitz

    Vladek and Anja attempt to move to Hungary. The people smuggling them betrayed the couple and turned them over to the Nazis. They are sent to a prison and taken to Auschwitz.
  • The Trip to Birkenau

    The Trip to Birkenau
    Elie and his family are transported to Birkenau. It is here that Elie is separated from his mother who he'll never see again. Elie and his father pass the initail selection and begin their harsh tasks.
  • Buna

    Elie and and his father are moved to Buna. While at Buna, a dentist tries to take Elie's gold crown. The dentist ends up being arrested for stealing from the Nazis. This is also the time when the Allies begin bombing Germany.
  • Elie's Father Fails a Selction

    Elie's Father Fails a Selction
    Elie's Father doesn't pass the first selction in his new block. Elie's father begins to worry and gives Elie the items he has collected including a knife and spoon. Luckily, his father passes the second selection.
  • Death March

    Death March
    Nearly 60,000 prisoners from Auschwitz were sent on a death march with the goal of killing, demoralizing, or weaken as many Jews as possible.
  • Auschwitz is Liberated

    Auschwitz is Liberated
    Soviet troops liberate what is left of the Auschwitz camps. Not many Jews were left behind because the death march had occured a couple weeks prior.
  • Elie's Father Dies

    Elie's Father Dies
    Elie's father isn't doing well at the camps. After falling a sleep with his father beside him, Elie wakes up next to a stranger. Elie's father had either died in his sleep or he was taken to the crematorium to be burned alive. This event sends Elie into a state of depression.
  • Elie is Free From the Camps

    Elie is Free From the Camps
    The resistence attacks the SS officers in order to liberate the Jews at Buchenwald. The Jews first act as free men is to eat as much food as possible. The Jews who came out of Buchenwald never thought of revenge. Their first priority is to eat food.
  • The Mirror

    The Mirror
    Three days after being liberated, Elie develops a case of food poisoning. He also see himself in the mirrior for the first time since the ghettos. He sees the changes caused by the camps.
  • Liberation of Dachau

    Liberation of Dachau
    American forces pushed there way into Dachau. Once there they liberated the camps and saved the remaining Jews.
  • Adolf Hitler Dies

    Adolf Hitler Dies
    Hiltler and his wife whom he had married two days prior killed themselves. Hitler's plan to eliminate the Jewish race had failed, so he decided to end his life.