Night Timeline

  • Elie meets Moshe

    Elie met Mosche the Beadle in the synagouge where Moshe was most found.
  • Moshe is deported

    Moshe the Beadle is deported along with many other foreign Jews by the Germans.
  • Moshe escapes and comes back to warn

    Moshe returns with a warning. He tells all the Jews that the Germans will take over and execute all Jews.
  • No one believes Moshe

    When Moshe returns with his stories and warning no one believes him and thinks he is crazy.
  • Jews were sent to the first ghettos.

    On the last day of Passover the first set of Jews were sent to the first ghetto.
  • Elie's family is sent to the ghettos.

    Three days after the first set of Jews were sent way, Elie's family was.
  • Martha visits the Wiesel family

    Martha, the family's retired maid, visits Elie's family in the ghetto begging them to escape and live with her and they denied the offer.
  • The jews are sent to the concentration camps

    The jews are packed into a cattle wagon for the long trip to the concentration camps.
  • Madame Schachter sees a vision

    In the long cattle car ride Madame Shachter sees a visions and screams hysterically that there is a fire. Everyone thinks she has gone made and cover her mouth
  • The train stops

    The train stops at Aushwitz, away from society in the sub camp of Birkenau.
  • The Jews discover something

    When the train stops at Birkenau the Jews look out the train window and see a huge fire and smoke out of a chimney and the smell of burning flesh in the air.
  • The jews meet Dr. Mengele

    The Jews enter the camp and meet Dr. Mengele who selects the first poeple to die or survive.
  • The gypsy struck Elie's father

    When the gypsy struck Elie's father for asking a question Elie did not do anything which shows a change in himself to show he now only cares to protect himself.
  • The Jews leave Birkenau

    The jews leave Birkenau
  • The Jews arrive at another sub camp in Aushwitz

  • The dentist tries to take Elie's gold tooth

    When Elie went to the dentist to get his gold tooth pulled he said he did not feel good and asked to come back in a week and the dentist agreed.
  • Elie returns to the dentist

    Elie returns to the dentist to get his tooth pulled but has the same sick excuse and was let go again. Then the denitsry was shut down
  • Idek hits Elie's father

    When Idek hits Elie's father, Elie again does not do anything but watch
  • Elie gives up his tooth

    Elie finally gives in to watching his father be beaten too many times and gives Idek his gold tooth
  • Air raid

    Jews were excited after the air raid because they thought they were found
  • The young man from warsaw was hanged

    The young man from Warsaw was hanged because he stole weapons during the air raid
  • The pipel was hanged

    The pipel was hanged and Elie had to watch his slow painful death and Elie explains the soup tasting of corpses that night
  • Eve of Rosh Hashana

    All the Jews have a service before dinner
  • Yom Kippur

    Elie refuses to fast on Yom Kippur
  • Elie gets forstbite in his foot

    Elie gets frost bite in his foot and is required to stay in the camps hospital
  • Jews are required to leave the camp and travel to a new one

    Elie thinks of staying in the camps hospital instead of traveling to a new one but he is scared of the Germans blowing up the camp.
  • Elie's father gives him an inheritence

    Elie's father gives Elie an inheritence and Elie gives it back because he does not want to say goodbye
  • The Jews take a break from traveling

    The jews take a break from traveling and sleep and nap in a nearby barn
  • Gleiwitz

    They arrived at Gleiwitz after walking for so long
  • Elie falls asleep next to his father for the last time

    Elie falls asleep next to his father who passes away in the night
  • Elie wakes up without his father by his side

    Elie wakes up alone because he fathers body was cremated
  • Jews hear of the US coming

    Germans plan to shoot all Jews so they sneak back to their bunks and they hear that the US is coming to free them
  • The Jews are freed

    The Jews are freed and celebrate by feasting
  • Elie is in the hospital

    Elie gets food poisining and has to go to the hospital, he sees a mirror in the room and this is the first he has seen hisself since the ghettos and he said he will never forget the corspe he saw in the reflection