WWI Timeline

  • The Creation of the Triple Alliance

    The Triple Alliance was an alliance between Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy. They promised to protect one another in the instance of war or attack from any countries outside the alliance.
  • Rise of Kaiser Wilhelm II

    Kaiser Wilhelm II's father dies, so he becomes the new ruler of Germany.
  • Alliance of France and Russia

    France and Russia create an alliance under the terms one would back the other if they went to war or would help defend if they were under attack.
  • Period: to

    European arms race

    During the arms race, many new technologies and advancements in weapons were made, including Britain's "dreadnought" battleship and chlroine gas, which was being developed by the Germans.
  • Creation of the Triple Entente

    The Triple Entente was the alliance between Britain, France and Russia.
  • Austria Annexs Bosnia and Herzogovnia

    The Austrian prince separates Austria from Bosnia and Herzogovnia
  • The Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand

    Archduke Ferdinand was the heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary, and was assassinated on a tour of Sarajevo. He and his wife were both shot by Gavrilo Princep, who was a member of the Black Hand, a radical group.
  • First declaration of the war

    July 1914 is considered the offical start of the war, when Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia. After this, through alliances, other countries joined the fighting.
  • Britain Declares War on Germany

    Britain delcared war on Germany because they promised Belgium, a neutral country, that they would protect them. Since the Schlieffen plan involved crossing through Belgium to invade France, Britain kept their promise with Belgium and declared war on Germany
  • Battle Lines are Drawn

    The two parties take up their sides and create both metaphorical battle lines and physical ones, such as trenches.