WWI Events

By wivy17
  • Archduke Francis Ferdinand visit the state of Sarajevo

    The archduke and his wife was visiting the state in a parade. They were in a limo when a bomb was thrown at them, but it missed. It hit two officers and the car behind them.
  • Archduke was assassined

    The archduke and his wife were heading towards the hospital to check on the victims when they took a wrong turn. 19-year-old Gavrilo Princep was there at the time and shot the archduke in the neck and his wife in the stomach
  • Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia

  • Period: to


  • Russia begins mobilization

  • Germany declares war on Russia

  • President Wilson proclaims that the U.S. is a neutral country

  • The Peace Movement occurs in the U.S.

  • France, Great Britain, and Germany are in a bloody stalemate

    The enemies were in muddy trenches for the next three . They faced each other and in the middle was empty land called "no man's land".
  • Ottaman Empire takes sides with the Central Powers

  • The Preparedness Movement occurs in the U.S.

  • Italy joins the Allies

  • The Lusitania sinks by a German U-Boat

    There were 1,200 passengers dead, including 128 Americans. Wilson and the U.S. are furious
  • Bulgaria joins Central Powers

  • Romania joins the Allies

  • Millions of Ally soldiers die in failed offensives at Verdun and Somme River

  • The Sussex sinks by a German U-Boat

    This French liner is sunk and 80 American passangers are dead.
  • The Sussex Pledge is made

    It prevented the German government from sinking oassanger ships without warning.
  • Germany informs the U.S. that they will end the Sussex Pledge

  • The Russian Revolution

    Russia has suffered 2.5 million casualities, so they make peace with Germany and exit the war. This escapes Germany from a two front war, and they move their army east.
  • U.S. cuts off all diplomatic relations with German

  • The British intercept a telogram from Germany to Mexico

    Arthur Zimmerman sent a telogram to Mexico stating that if they declare war on the U.S., when Germany takes over the U.S., they will get back all of the Southwest that hey lost. The U.S. was furious.
  • Three American ships sink

    City of Memphis, Illinois, and Vigilancia sink between March 16th -March 18th. The U.S. is furious.
  • America had only 100,000 men in uniform

  • Wilson asks Congress to go to war

  • America enters WWI

  • Congress passed the Selective Service Act

    It authorized a draft for young men to serve in the military. 24 million men registered but only 3 million actually went to Europe. They made up the rest of the American Expeditionary Force (AEF)
  • The Convoy System

    The Convoy System was when a ship with supplies for the Allies was surrounded by two cruisers in the front and back and two destroyers on each side.
  • Russia signed a truce with Germany and exits the war

  • Armistice (cease-fire)

    Guns stopped firing
  • International Peace Conference was held in Paris

    Wilson had the 14 Points. The Allies turned 13 of them down, except the League of Nations
  • The Great Pwers sign a peace treay called the Versailles Treaty