Wars of Freedom

By Marut
  • The Plan of San Luis

    The Plan of San Luis
    Francisco Madero, after fleeing to the United States, proclaims the Plan de San Luis in which he asks all Mexicans to rise against the government of Porfirio Diaz
  • The Fight in Puebla

    The Serdan Brothers along with other Madero followers fight the police in the City of Puebla. This marks the beginning of the armed war.
  • Zapata and Villa meet

    Zapata and Villa meet
    Emiliano Zapata and his force took arms in Villa de Ayala Morelos.
  • Diaz Resigns

    Diaz Resigns
    President Porfirio Diaz resigns after 30 years in power.
  • Madero wins the elections

    Madero wins the elections
    President Francisco I Madero took office after winning the elections in October 1911.
  • The Assassination of Madero

    The Assassination of Madero
    President Madero was assassinated by orders of Victoriano Huerta.
  • The Plan of Guadalupe

    The Plan of Guadalupe
    Following The Plan of Guadalupe, a document drafted on March 23, 1913 by Venustiano Carranza that nullified any claim of legitimacy of Huerta’s government, Carranza and Alvaro Obregon call to arms against Huerta‘sregime.
  • The Constitutonalist Force

    The Constitutonalist Force
    Franciso "Pancho" Villa and the Northern Division join the Constitutionalist revolution.
  • The Torreon of Coahuila

    The Torreon of Coahuila
    After taking the city of Torreon in Coahuila Pancho Villa and the NorthernDivision are on their way of defeating President Victoriano Huerta‘s forces.

    Franz Ferdinand and his wife, Sophie the Duchess of Hohenburg, are killed by Bosnian Serb nationalist Gavrilo Princip. The Austrian government suspects that Serbia is responsible
  • Sarajevo

    Franz Ferdinand and his wife, Sophie the Duchess of Hohenburg, are killed by Bosnian Serb nationalist Gavrilo Princip. The Austrian government suspects that Serbia is responsible.
  • Huerta defeated

    Huerta defeated
    President Victoriano Huerta resigns and leaves the country.

    World War I begins

    Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia.World War I begins and Germany invades Belgium
  • Russia´s First Move

    Russia´s First Move
    Russia mobilizes its vast army to intervene against Austria-Hungary in favor of its ally, Serbia. This move starts a chain reaction that leads to the mobilization of the rest of the European Great Powers, and inevitably to the outbreak of hostilities.
  • The 50, 000 of Villa and Zapata

    The 50, 000 of Villa and Zapata
    Zapata and Villa occupy Mexico City and march with a force of 50 thousand men.
  • The Gas

    The Gas
    The Germans fire shells filled with chlorine gas at Allied lines. This is the first time that large amounts of gas are used in battle, and the result is the near-collapse of the French lines. However, the Germans are unable to take advantage of the breach.
  • The Lusitania

    The Lusitania
    A German submarine sinks the passenger liner Lusitania. The ship carries 1,198 people, 128 of them Americans.
  • Being careful with the americans

    Being careful with the americans
    Reacting to international outrage at the sinking of the Lusitania and other neutral passenger lines, Kaiser Wilhelm suspends unrestricted submarine warfare. This is an attempt to keep the United States out of the war, but it severely hampers German efforts to prevent American supplies from reaching France and Britain.
  • Tanks

    The British employ the first tanks ever used in battle, at Delville Wood. Although they are useful at breaking through barbed wire and clearing a path for the infantry, tanks are still primitive and they fail to be the decisive weapon, as their designers thought they would be.
  • Submarines Back

    Submarines Back
    Germany resumes unrestricted submarine warfare in European waterways. This act, more than any other, draws the United States into the war and causes the eventual defeat of Germany.
  • The Constituiton

    The Constituiton
    The Mexican Constitution is promulgated.
  • Period: to

    Demonstrations in Pertotgrad

    The February Revolution begins with strikes, demonstrations, and mutinies in Petrograd
  • The Telegram

    The Telegram
    British gives Wilson the so-called Zimmermann Telegram, a message from German foreign secretary Arthur Zimmermann proposing that Mexico side with Germany in case of war between Germany and the United States. In return, Germany promises to return to Mexico the "lost provinces" of Texas and much of the rest of the American Southwest. Mexico declines the offer, but the outrage at this interference in the Western Hemisphere pushes American public opinion to support entering the war.
  • The Provisional Government

    The Provisional Government
    Czar Nicholas II abdicates and includes his son. The following day, Nicholas' brother, Mikhail announced his refusal to accept the throne. Provisional Government formed
  • The Return of Lenin

    The Return of Lenin
    Lenin returns from exile and arrives in Petrograd via a sealed train
  • Americans go to war

    Americans go to war
    Congress authorizes a declaration of war against Germany. The United States enters World War I on the side of France and Britain.
  • The New President

    The New President
    Venustiano Carranza assumes the Mexican presidency
  • Period: to

    The July Days

    The July Days begin in Petrograd with spontaneous protests against the Provisional Government; after the Bolsheviks unsuccessfully try to direct these protests into a coup, Lenin is forced into hiding
  • The New Prime Minister

    The New Prime Minister
    Alexander Kerensky becomes Prime Minister of the Provisional Government
  • The Bolsheviks

    The Bolsheviks
    The October Revolution - the Bolsheviks take over Petrograd
  • Lenin taking over

    Lenin taking over
    The Winter Palace, the last holdout of the Provisional Government, is taken by the Bolsheviks; the Council of People's Commissars (abbreviated as Sovnarkom), led by Lenin, is now in control of Russia
  • ¿Peace?

    The Germans sign a peace treaty with the new Bolshevik government of Russia. The terms of the treaty give Germany huge tracts of land that had been the Ukraine and Poland, and peace on the Eastern Front allows Germany to shift soldiers to the Western Front, causing serious problems for the French, British, and Americans.
  • The New Party

    The New Party
    The Bolshevik Party changes its name to the Communist Party
  • The Kaiser Abdication

    The Kaiser Abdication
    Kaiser Wilhelm abdicates, ending all German hope for a victory. He and his retinue quietly slip over the border into the Netherlands where he lives out the remainder of his life in relative peace and writes a self-promoting memoir defending his actions in the war.

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