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True Guts

  • Franco-German War

    German states led by Prussia defeated France. This war left a strong distrust and plenty of tension between the two. (2)
  • Germany begins to Industrialize

    Germany starts to majorly Industrialize and compete with all surrounding countries and especially with the British. (2)
  • The original Spark

    After only two years of gaining their independence, Austria Hungary convinces the Great Powers at the Berlin conference to give Serbia back to Turkey. This would lead to a deep seated hatred between the two. (2)
  • Period: to

    Navies and Economies

    The British and Germany had an economic rivalry as well as one between there navies since they both had the strongest at the time. This caused them to be in constant tension so the other couldn't gain leverage on the other. (2)
  • Why Russia Why

    Why Russia Why
    Nicholas ll begins his rule in Russia. Being an unfit and unjust ruler he was one of the main reasons for so much internal strife going on in Russia. (9)
  • Period: to

    Colonial rivalry

    During this time span imperialistic expansion peaks. Almost all countries are left dissatisfied with what they have compared to others which left strained relationships. While some made alliances from this as well. (2)
  • Make it Obvious

    Make it Obvious
    Serbian leader Nicholas Pashich adopted an open anti-Austrian policy creating even more tension between the two that would eventually lead to the assassination. (3)
  • Hush Hush

    Hush Hush
    The Serbian government with its new anti policy turns a blind eye to secret organizations plotting against Austria- Hungary that most likely led to the assassination as well. (3)

    A massacre occurs in Russia that will serve as the spark for igniting a new government that will play a role in
    World War 1. (3)
  • We hate you even more

    Von Aehrenthal decided to annex Bosnia and Herzegovina out right so they could never become part of a greater Slavic state. (3)
  • Cock Blocked

    In negotiations Austria-Hungary convinces the other world powers to create an independent Albania successfully blocking Serbia's access the the Adriatic Sea. (3)
  • Period: to

    Women can do more than just cook

    Women begin to start working in factories since most of the men had gone off to war, lots of these jobs were war related or directly connected in supporting the war. (5)
  • Period: to


    The begging of the Great War leads to total war throughout the world. Effectively placing civilian society's, economies, and everything else to the war effort. (5)
  • Archduke Franz Ferdinand Is Assasssinated

    Archduke Franz Ferdinand Is Assasssinated
    On this day the Archduke, heir to the Austro-Hungary Empire, is gunned down as well as his wife by a Serbian nationalist. The first spark to the Great War. (1)
  • Period: to


    many citizens fled their countries during the war either to avoid it all together or to avoid the consequnces of occupation. (16)
  • Period: to

    Nationalistic Feelings

    Nationalistic feelings led to people believing their nation was superior to other which led to there justifications of war or supporting the war regardless of whether it was right or wrong. (4)
  • Gatherers

    If not directly sending soldiers or sometimes even if they had, colonies were forced to gather supplies for the war effort. (11)
  • First Big mistake

    The Tsar makes his big first mistake that affects World War 1 by appointing his cousin as commander in chief who has little experience dealing with the military and none with a large force much less an army. (9)
  • Germany Enters the War

    Germany Enters the War
    Since Russia had claimed war on Austria-Hungary Germany used this as a reason to declare war on the Russians and enter The Great War. (1)
  • Germany Declares War With France

    Germany Declares War With France
    Just two days after declaring war on Russia, Germany also declares war on France in order to continue with the Schlieffen Plan. Now forcing France to fight on their home territory. (1)
  • Great Britain declares war on Germany

    Great Britain declares war on Germany
    After Germany had invaded Belgium, closing their ports to trade, The British could no longer ignore the violation within on of their treaties. (1)
  • We'll be taking that... and that

    We'll be taking that... and that
    The British government could seize any land or building deemed necessary for the war effort because of the new Defense of the Realm Act. (5)
  • $$$$

    The French government begins tasking certain privately owned companies for supplies for the war effort. Not being as effective as Germany's methods or Britain's, was still effective and better for their people. (5)
  • Occupation of East Prussia

    Russia's occupation caused around one million Germans to flee their own homes in order to be safe. (16)
  • Period: to

    Ariel Warfare

    Planes played a pivotal role in World War 1, not as much as tanks, originally only used for scouting but after trench warfare began guns were mounted to help achieve air superiority while scouting and to create "blockades". (6)
  • India joins because yay colonies

    India joins because yay colonies
    Over one million troops from Indian are sent to aid the British in world war 1 since they are still a colony under the British. (11)
  • The first battle of Marne

    The first battle of Marne
    A big victory for the allies and also the battle that set up the dreaded trench warfare for the next four years. (7)
  • Wellington House is Organized

    The British government sets up a secret group of journalists and writers so that they can write all there articles sympathetic to there ambitions. (4)
  • Period: to

    For supplies

    Many things such as rivers played a role in deciding where and what to fight for since they would provide certain supplies to whatever side occupied them. (8)
  • Sorrounded

    Looking at this from a geographical standpoint, the CENTRAL alliances were surrounded by their enemies on all fronts for a good amount of the war. (8)
  • DROWNING.... in mud

    DROWNING.... in mud
    At the battle of Ypres the conditions of the land were so awful that men would actually drown in the thick liquid mud. (8)
  • Disasters that create Disasters

    After the disaster of the 1914 campaigns the Tsar decides it would be a smart idea if he went out to the front lines to lead his army. Which also led to more failure and was possibly his way of not dealing with problems at home and leaving those to his wife which just led to even bigger problems at home that would eventually blow up in his face. (9)
  • Period: to

    Peak in propaganda

    Propaganda use was biggest during this time period focusing on nationalistic feelings in order to get the citizens to sign up in larger number. (4)
  • Nice going ancestors

    Nice going ancestors
    In 1915, the Turkish government set up plans to exterminate the Armenians in the Ottoman empire. (12)
  • The War Plotters of Wall Street

    The War Plotters of Wall Street
    Germany tries to spread antiwar propaganda in the U.S. through forms of entertainment. (4)
  • Period: to

    Unrestricted Submarine warfare and Secret Messages

    The Germans had repeatedly attacked and sunk multiple American ships and ships containing American citizens. America was also outraged when they learned that the British had intercepted a message from Germany to Mexico asking for an alliance. (1)

    Just how we judge an individuals actions and relate it to their people or group, this has been happening since forever. Just like the Nazi did to the Jews the Ottoman empire decides to try and eradicate the Armenians since they were a minority in the government who were seen as the root of their problems. (12)
  • Itay switches sides

    Itay switches sides
    Italy signs the Treaty of London agreeing to now enter the war on the side of the Allies. (7)
  • Into the Motherland

    Into the Motherland
    As Germany enclosed more on Russia ethnic-minority groups living near the border fled into the interior of Russia. (16)
  • COLD

    Since so much of the war was fought in bare trenches the weather played a strong role.Brutal winters would leave both sides cold, sick, and hungry. (8)
  • Uprooting

    Turkish troops begin to seek out Armenians who they used to live side by side with and forcing them to deport. (16)
  • Air Superiority

    Air Superiority
    Air superiority in the beginning of the Battle of Verdun allowed the Germans to help create a blockade from the French to press on. (6)

    The biggest naval battle between the Royal British Navy and the High Seas Fleet occurs in which the British suffer more casualties. Never again did the battle fleets meet in such numbers.(6)
  • What Mills wants for his classroom

    What Mills wants for his classroom
    The Auxiliary Law is passed in Germany allowing the government to employ and relocate any adult males it needed for its labor work. (5)
  • Attacking Moral Codes

    Attacking Moral Codes
    Many times propaganda would be used that depicted the opposing side committing atrocities in order to convince others that they were the "evil". (4)
  • High ground

    Not only did the Canadians do something useful in a battle but at the time this was the most successful allied advance gaining important high ground. (6)
  • New Players with old jerseys

    New Players with old jerseys
    The Bolsheviks are now in charge of Russia after finally ridding the Tsar. Lenin was their current foreman. (9)
  • We have landed

    We have landed
    50,000 American troops arrive in France. This is only the start since by the end over 4,000,000 Americans have joined the army. (10)
  • Communism (just kidding not real communism)

    Communism (just kidding not real communism)
    After the Russian revolution the void was filled by "communism". Which never past the final step for true communism and was really more of a totalitarian state. (19)
  • Russia withdraws

    This is major for the Germans since now they no longer need to fight on two fronts and can now focus their efforts on the western front. (9)
  • Russia just keeps going downhill

    Never even having a strong economy built up in the first place Russia is in ruins economically after leaving World War 1 and after its cold war that it turns to "communism" (finger quotes) in order to repair it and eventually a bit of reformed capitalism too. (19) (17)
  • Supplieres

    Even though we charged for it, we were the main erason why the alies were still well fed and well armed. And our entry only helped with this cause. (10)
  • 14 points

    14 points
    On this day the Fourteen Points were outlined and focused on peace worldwide as well as ending the war. (14)
  • That would've been bad

    In the spring of 1918 knowing that given time the american forces added to the allies strength would soon consume them the Germans decide to launch one last offensive that almost wins them the war. The entry of the U.S. almost prematurely ended the war. (10)
  • The second Battle of Marne

    The second Battle of Marne
    This was ended the German's last offensive. Stopped by a French and American counter attack as well as tanks from the right flank, this would be the battle that won the allies the momentum in the war. (7)
  • U-boats

    One of the few battles not fought on the French soil, the Germans U-boats completely fail to stop U.S. soldiers being transported across the Atlantic. (6)
  • U.S. comes to the Western Front

    U.S. comes to the Western Front
    U.S. troops began to flood in the western front give a needed numbers boost but even more importantly a phycological boost. (10)
  • Dark day oops meant Black Day

    Canadian and Australian troops, plus 600 tanks shatter the German forces and finally breach the Hindenburg line, the last German defense on the western front. (7)
  • Breaching the Hindenburg Line

    After a long battle the Allies finally breach the German's last line of defense on the western front. (7)
  • Poor Hitler

    Poor Hitler
    Hitler takes a blow from some mustard gas and is partially blinded.
  • Sounds Pretty

    Sounds Pretty
    Up until this point battles in Italy were drastically affected by the mountain rivers in order to gain leverage and plentiful supplies. (8)
  • We're going to need a lot more handicap accessible parking

    We're going to need a lot more handicap accessible parking
    Not only did we have to deal with a huge death count but also all our maimed soldiers returning home with missing limbs and other body parts as a constant reminder of how industrialized war has become amounting to over 37,000,00 wounded or maimed in some way. (11)
  • Thats a big Number

    Thats a big Number
    Including civilians over 17,000,000 people were killed in World War 1 and all this just so we could humiliate Germany or try and take more land. (11)
  • Crude methods

    New weapons created to kill more effectively however with both sides using weapons like this it just meant they would get a high death count similar to one another but not actually make much progress of taking land. (11)
  • Inflation

    Many countries had printed money in order to supply themselves with weapons and other necessities however after the war which caused many economies to go under. (17)
  • America didn't do that much

    In total we may have shortened the war by a few months maybe even a year but both sides were already tired of fighting and because the the naval blockade by British forces the Germans were already running out of supplies. So victory was pretty much guaranteed regardless if we joined or not and our joining of the war almost lost it because the the Germans last offensive. (10)
  • Economy is not so good

    Italy's economy is in a really bad state and the fascist party sees this knowing that this will be the platform for which they campaign in order to win the majority vote. (19)
  • Blinded by horrors unspeaken

    Blinded by horrors unspeaken
    John Singer has done a piece depicting one of the newer weapons side effects. Here in the painting we can see how the gas blinds the men and the permanent damage it will leave. (20)
  • Mix Match

    In the new state of Yugoslavia not everybody is of the same Serbian nationality causing lots of internal strife. (16)
  • Give To Take

    Give To Take
    Since the British economy wasn't in great shape and Germany needed for paying reparations, the British loan them money so they can buy British goods in order to re stabilize the British economy. (17)
  • British Wants...

    The British wanted Germany to pay reparations, Germans to pay some but not too much, and some German colonies. (13)
  • It's over 9000 but not 100,000

    It's over 9000 but not 100,000
    In the Treaty it was agreed that Germany's army could hold a maximum of 100,000 soldiers since this was enough "to defend themselves, but not wage war." (14)
  • Can we just- NO!

    Can we just- NO!
    Germany at the very least wanted to attend the treaty but wasn't allowed to come. They also wanted to stay as an empire but were split up which led to the NAZI party. (13)
  • in half

    Germany is divided up and Poland is now what was half of Germany's land once was. (18)
  • Sorry Russia

    Lost Western Russia and it was turned into the states of Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, and Poland. (18)
  • Wow that's Tiny

    Italy was going to get land on the coast of Adriatic but since they switched sides they got very little. (18)

    At the end of the War to end all Wars Austria-Hungary loses 3/4 of its territory and 2/3 of its people. (18)
  • Russia wanted...

    Russia wanted to be apart of the negotiations but was not allowed to since they dropped out of the war. (13)
  • America Wanted...

    America wanted lots of things but didn't get most and if they did get something it always came with a "but". The biggest things they wanted were no more secret treaties and a league of nations meant to protect. (13)
  • The French are dumb*****

    The French are dumb*****
    The French really want Germany to pay in full. France sees this war as entirely there fault and want them to suffer. (13)
  • Japan also gets somebody pissed off

    Japan really wanted all of German holdings in China to be transferred to them rather than returning them to China. Of course after this China is outraged. (13)
  • Unfair????

    Germans felt that the Treaty was cruel and unfair. Most German citizens were outraged since most felt they didn't truly take part in the war but this all affected them. This led to them be extremely unhappy with what they had and looking for something new. (14)
  • The Balkans...

    Wanted a south Slav empire and got it in the form of Yugoslavia but different races brings about some tension.(18)
  • More debt

    Germany already having a meh economy from the war is absolutely devastated by the reparations they have to pay. (17)
  • No League of Nations

    Even though his intentions were pure, Wilson hadn't planned out the most likely scenarios of others receiving his ideas, even our own congress voted against it. (14)
  • Of to a bad start

    Of to a bad start
    Since a lot of the foundations were Wilson's ideas and the U.S. was considered very important to have the power of the League of Nations was severely limited because of Americas refusal. (15)
  • why say no?

    The main reason that the vote did not pass was because Wilson was in a power struggle with the head of senate pretty much and instead of trying to work with him spoke negatively about him. (15)
  • Back stabbed by ourselves

    Back stabbed by ourselves
    Senate doesn't approve the idea of America joining the League of Nations which was originally our presidents idea destroying the foundations of credibility the idea might of had. (15)
  • Shortsightedness

    Not only had the war left many casualties but also hurt pretty much all of Europe's economies. And now with reparations to be paid and the price constantly going up with interest Germany thought it would be smart to print bills which ultimately made their currency useless and their failing economy affected everybody and it was an ugly snowball effect. (14)
  • Secret treaties

    Without Wilson in there lots of shady business still happened that he was strongly trying to go against and one of the reasons why he wasn't apart of the league of nations. These secret alliance would lead to many political problems. (15)
  • Really America

    Without any real army the League of Nations relied on the great powers they did have for their army's but the powers were very reluctant to give them up for reasons one of them being that the U.S. was no longer with them. (15)
  • Why was art different?

    Art was different after World War 1 forever because chivalry was no longer the main representation of masculinity. Now it was focused on the darker side that the world was being enveloped by. (20)
  • Dark side

    After the war a lot of paintings had a sadder note about them trying to display the horrors of war and how there are no winners in war. (20)
  • The Lost Generation

    This Lost Generation as it came to be known as tended to depict art differently.Surrealist and Expressionist painters begin to emerge and istead of simply painting a perfect thing it turned more towards the struggles of life and chaos as a whole. (20)

    Because of the action of the Turkish people an ancient Armenian people at the eastern extremity of Anatolia were wiped out. All because of human emotion and desire for power through blame a unique culture is forever gone. (12)
  • New name So its all good

    Switching over to being call the the republic of turkey now the genocide had pretty much ended but not after killing 2,000,000 and basically exterminating the Turkish Armenian population. (12)
  • For What

    For What
    Human lives were violated by the millions for what? All because of hate and giving into our human desires. We choose to turn ourselves from what is right for the good of all by turning to greed and desire through personal profit. Every war has started in the same manner as well. (12)
  • Italy also turns to a Dictatorship

    In order to reform itself back to its original state the people are so desperate that they knowingly go to a totalitarian state. The only reason they are so desperate is because of current condition of their economy. (19) (17)
  • No leadership

    Since each country was out for their own best interests and not the group as a whole it was very hard to come to decisions and without a clear leader almost nothing was accomplished. (14)
  • Ernest Hemmingway

    Ernest Hemmingway
    He was one of the first who tried to show others through his book the true horrors of war unlike the over glamorized propaganda that had fooled so many others. (20)
  • Germany's void is filled

    After being torn apart and having there economy basically destroyed by focusing so heavily on militarism and losing the war the German populous turns to Nazism to save them. (19) (17)
  • Failure

    With their primary goal not working since another World War had happened and still without Americas backing the League is disbanded and the Untied Nations is formed instead. (15)