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What Would One German Have Up His Sleeve Besides German Chocolate?????? Answer: World War One.

  • Road To War (1)

    Road To War (1)
    Cause: On June 28, 1914 The Archduke of Austria Hungry was assassinated by Serbian Terrorists. Which made Austria Hungry want money for their dead archduke. Effect: Serbia declinded this which made Austria Hungry want to attack Serbia. Having Russia team up with
  • Road to War (2)

    Cause: Serbia won't give Austria Hungry what they want for the death of their archduke. So Austria Hungry launches an artilllary attack on Belgrade, Serbia Effect: Russia teams up with Serbia and deploys their troops which makes Germany ready theirs.
  • Road to War (3)

    Cause: Germany declares war on Russia and France because they want power (Power= land) also They want to attack Russia while they are weak and not ready to fight. Effect: In order to get to France they have to go through Belgium. Which Makes England angry because Belgium and England and Belgium are allies.
  • Opening Motives (1)

    Cause: On August 3 the Germans crossed the border to Belgium to go to fight France. Effect: Belgium people attack the Germans while they cross the border giving the French time to ready for the fight and the capital of Belgium was not captured till August 20th.
  • Road to War (4)

    Cause: When Germany has to cross the border it makes the British angry as they are an ally with Belgium. Effect: England Declares war on Germany on August 14th.
  • Opening Motives (2)

    Opening Motives (2)
    NOT REAL DATE COULDN'T GET RID OF THE DAY PART OF THE DATE Cause: The Schlieffen Plan was a plan made by the Germans where they would fight France and then fight Russia. Effect: While the Greman troops were in France Russia sent in two troops to Germany having Germany pull back and retreat from France to fight Russia
  • Opening Motives (4)

    Cause: Germany reacently seized some of Japan's colonies making them mad. Effect: On August 23, 1914 Japan declared war on Germany for that reason and also Japan was an ally with Britain. England was still going to fight with Germany for crossing their ally's border
  • Opening Motives (3)

    Cause: When the German troops from France rejoined with Russia's two troops the first war of the Russians and Germans was called "The Battle of Tannenberg." Effect: The Russians retreated and more than 30,000 Russians were killed and 92,000 were taken prisoner
  • The War at Sea (1)

    Cause: The British was bored and decided to go after Germany on sea to attack them. Effect: The Germans lost 3 crusiers and 1,200 men while the British only lost 35 sailors and no ships at all.
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    The War at Sea (2)

    September ----- October Cause: The Germans used their U-Boats (submarines) to attack the British along with torpedoes. Effect: During September - October the Germans sank 4 British armored cruisers and warships along with 2,000 men lost. The British started to avoid using the North Sea.
  • Opening Motives (4)

    Cause: Because of Russia failing the war Russia and Germany troops met up again. Which was called "Masurian Lakes" It was a repeat of the war before. Effect: Over 125,000 Russian men were killed in this battle and Germans won this battle again.
  • The War at Sea (3)

    Cause: The Germans launched a surprise attack on the Falkland Islands. Where the British had been using for coal and for a radio station. Effect: The british colonies entire squad, suprisingly, fought back and won costing the germans 3 ships and 2,100 men.
  • The War of Attrition (1)

    The War of Attrition (1)
    Cause: Germans laid out sea mines near their country so no one could come around them and so they could kill of the enemy. Effect: Months of planning failed by the British and French to recapture the Dardelles. 1/3 of the ships in destroyed by underwater mines.
  • The War of Attrition (3)

    NOT REAL DATE Cause: Italy wanted 6 territories and they promised to join the Central Powers if they were granted them. Effect: Because of Austria Hungry refusing, Italy went to the Allied Powers
  • The War of Attrition (2)

    Cause: Australia and New Zealand helped out Britain to get back their stream. Effect: Turkey won. It didn't take till January of the next year till the British to give up on this. Costing the British hundreds of thousands of lives on both sides.
  • The War of Attrition (4)

    Cause: When Italy got together with the Allied Powers they signed a pacted called The London Pact. The pact granted Italy to have Albania, Turkey and North Africa. Effect: On May 23rd 1915 Italy declared war on Austria Hungry
  • The War In The Air (1)

    The War In The Air (1)
    Cause: The Machine gun had gave the Germans a huge advantage over the British and French Effect: German pilotes Oswald Boelcke and Max Immelmann were the first to shoot down a plane with a machine gun on August 1st 1915
  • The War in the Air (2)

    NOT REAL DATE Cause: Most new pilots only had 5 hours of training before going to war. Effect: Most pilots only survived the first week of war
  • The War in the Air (3)

    NOT REAL DATE Cause: The bombs were not good for what they used in the war neither were the planes. Effect: Because of the fails and trials it has brought us this far to how we are now. World War 1 did help us improve the airplane, it's more safer and stable as well as faster.
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    The War of Attrition (5)

    Cause: When Italy went to attack they had success, but soon Austria Hungry's troops overtook them. Which meant batte after battle Effect: The Italians had to retreat. After 2 and half years of fighting over 750,000 men were lost on both sides.
  • The War of Attrition (6)

    Cause: Germany attacked a French town: Verdun The Germans wanted to launch an attack to take away any resources from the French. Effect: France lost Verdun but then got it back on December 18th Over 650,000 men were dead after 10 months of fighting. The Battle of Verdun was the longest and deadliest battled of the war.
  • The War of Attrition (7)

    Cause: Allied troops began to attack Germany troops-- four-and-a-half months later the Allies made a small advance of six miles Effect: The Allied Powers lost 146,000 men while the Germans only lost 164,000
  • Period: to

    The US Enters the War (1)

    Cause: Woodrow Wilson began to send notes to countries suggesting peace. Effect: Germany was one of the first countries to respond and was open to any peace negotiations. France responded by attacking the Germans again at Verdun. England’s Prime Minister rejected the peace tready
  • Period: to

    The US Enters the War (3)

    Cause: Germany tried everything to push the United States' buttons. so in Febuary 1917 some British spies interpreted a German telegraph. That said that Mexico would get money if Mexico helped to get rid of the United States. By attacking when Germany was done on the Europen side. Effect: It made the United States mad and they posted it on their newspaper. Americans demanded for the United States to enter the war.
  • The US Enters the War (2)

    Cause: The Housatonic, was the first boat sunk by the Germans after all the peace talks. Effect: President Wilson broke off peace treadies with Germany
    This was the start of the United States entering the war.
  • The War of Attrition (8)

    Cause: at 3:10 am explosions went through Messines Ridge made by the British where the German forces had been entrenched for months. Effect: More than 10,000 Germans died and 7,300 Germans were taken prisoner by the British
  • The War of Atrittion (9)

    Cause: The British attack the Germans over night by exploding their trenches without them knowning for 18 months. Effect: The Germans started using Mustard Gas on the British on October 12th.
  • Russia Leaves (1)

    Cause: Russia calls out saying they are done with fighting. Effect: Russia looses territories. It also puts the Allied Powers in serious danger. It also sent all the German troops all to France.
  • Russia Leaves (2)

    NOT REAL DATE Cause: Russia entered the war in 1914. Effect: In December 1917 --- 1.7 million men had died and 3 million Russian civilians died.
  • Russia Leaves (3)

    Cause: Germany now pushed all their troops to France so on March 21st started blowing up Paris, France killing anything they could. Effect: Germans launched a cannon which killed 250 civillians. Also they crossed over bridges destoying the bridges to break off the contact way to the Allied Powers and the French.
  • Russia Leaves (4)

    Cause: Germans made a push through Paris but lost thanks to fake French trenches. Effect: The Allies came together and killed 30,000 Germans in 20 days
  • The Collapse of the Central Powers (5)

    Cause: The Treaty of Versailles was signed on June 28th 1918 Effect: It humiliated Germany.Germany lost new territories. Germany was forbidden to develop a new military even though decades later Germany brings up a new war.
  • Period: to

    The Collapse of the Central Powers (2)

    Cause: Poland declared itself independent. Effect: It caused a fight with the Urkarine and created the country of Czechoslovakia
  • The Collapse of the Central Powers (1)

    Cause: The Allies refused to deal with Kaiser Wihem ll and instead only wanted to talk to the people. Effect: Germany's generals pushed for a monarchy.
  • The Collapse of the Central Powers (3)

    Cause: All the countries were calling it quits. Effects: The Steps were taken to seperate Hungary from Austria
  • The Collapse of the Central Powers (4)

    The Collapse of the Central Powers (4)
    Cause: Allied Leaders met up to call a truce. (October 25th 1918) Effect: On November 11th 1918 at 5:10 am the truce with Germany was signed and the war ended on the 11th Month of the 11th day of the 11th Hour.