• Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated

    Political- The spark that statrted the first World War
  • War Begins

    Austria- Hungary declares war on Serbia-Political
  • Germany and Russia

    Germany declares war on Russia- Political
  • USA is neutral

    Woodrow Wilson states that USA will remain neutral in the war- Economic
  • Trench Warfare begins

    France and Germany get into combat on the western front which causes soilders to dig trenches- Military
  • Heavy weapon fire in the trenches

    Heavy weapons such as machine guns, tanks, and poisen gas- Technological
  • Chrismas Truce

    All sides have a ceasefire on Christmas Eve- Cultural
  • Italy joins war

    Italy joins war on the side of the allies- Military
  • Russia starts using unrestricted submarine warfare

    Russia uses unrestricted submarine warefare to stop ships carrying food and supplies to the allies.-Military
  • New Ruler of Russia

    Alexander Kerensky begins ruling Russia- Economic
  • Russian Revolution Begins

    Russian revolution begins- Social
  • NIcolas II steps down

    Nicolas II steps down from the czar position of Russia- Political
  • USA joins war

    USA declares war on Germany after Britain recieved a note meant to reach Mexico asking Mexico to become allies with Germany, in return Germany would help get land back from USA that belonged to Mec=xico.-Political
  • Russian Civil War Begins

    The civil war in Russia begins- Social.
  • Bolshevik Revolution

    The Bolshevik take over petrogrand- Social
  • Fourteen Points

    Woodrow Wilson issues his plan for peace- Economic
  • Treaty of Brest-Litovsk

    The Treaty of Brest-Litovsk is signed between Russia and Germany taking Germany out of the war- Social
  • Kaiser Wilhem II steps down

    Wilhem II steps down as ruler and flees Germany- Political
  • World War I ends

    Political- WWI ends
  • Meeting of Versailles

    The first meeting for the Treaty of Versailles was held- Economic
  • Treaty signed

    Treaty of Versailles was signed at Versailles France- Political
  • League of Nations

    The League of Nations is formed- Economic