• Causes of WWI

    Causes of WWI Video1. Imperialism-Extending economic & political control over weaker nations.
    2. Nationalism-Devotion to the interest & culture of one nation.
    3. MilitarismDevelopment of armed forces & their use as tools of diplomacy.
    4. Alliance SystemFormal agreement or union between nations.
  • Women Roles

    Woman Roles VideoWomen played a big role in WWI. They took over most jobs that the drafted men used to do. They were nurces for the war and made stuff for the soldiers. After the war there work was so good that they earned more rights.
  • Map

    1) Czechoslovakia (from Austria-Hungary)
    2) Estonia (from Russia)
    3) Finland (from Russia)
    4) Ireland (from UK)
    5) Latvia (from Russia)
    6) Lithuania (from Russia)
    7) Poland (from Germany, Austria-Hungary and Russia)
    8) Turkey (from the Ottoman Empire)
    9) Yugoslavia (from Austria-Hungary, Montenegro and Serbia)
  • Assassination Of Franz

    Assassination Of FranzHe was killed by Gavrilo Princip. Gavrilo shot him in the neck. He was part of a terroist group called The Black Hand. They wanted him dead because they were desperate for independence from Austria-Hungary, wanting instead to become part of Serbia.
  • Allies vs Central Powers

    Allies vs. Central PowersAllies- France, Russia, Great Britian
    Central Powers- Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy
  • Fighting Begins

    Fighing Begins in EuropeAustria-Hungary declared war on Serbia after Serbia sent a guy to assassinate Franz. The war was fought in Europe
  • British Blockade

    British BlockadeThey used the blockade to keep ships from trading with other countries to give Great Britian an advantage. It affected some countries but when they tried to do it to Germany but it did't work.
  • Trench Warfare

    Video-Trench Warfare
    Conditions wern't very good in the trenches. In the frontline they smelt rotting bodies from shallow dug graves. Men could never wash their cloths. There was a lingering of poison gas. There were also alot of rats in the trenches. Rats would gourge themself in the bodies of people. People tried to kill them with bullets or shovels but thet were losing in the war. Alot of people had lice too.
  • 3 New Guns in WWI

    New WWI WeaponsNew Weapons VideoMachine Guns- could fire over 600 bullets in one minunte.
    Mustard Gas- would blind people who came in contact with it and if they were in it for long enough they would die.
    Gernade Launchers- shoots out exploding gernades
  • Lusitania

    Lusitania was a ship. It was the first British 4-Stacker. It was also the worlds first quadruple screw steamer and the first ship to exceed 30,000. It was sunk May 7th, 1915 by torpedos. It was sunk by German U-Boat.
  • Election Of 1916

    Result of Election of 1916Calender Of 1916
    Woodrow Wilson won the election defeating Charles E. Hughes. One of the reasons he won was to keep America out of war
  • Zimmerman Note

    Video of Zimmerman NoteZimmerman NoteThe Note was from Germany asking Mexico to form an alliance with Germany and the Germans promised mexico that they could get land from the US the them
  • CPI

    CPICPI mean committee on public information. It was created to promote the war domestically while publicizing American war aims abroad. Created by Wilson
  • Selective Service Act

    Selective Service ActSelective Service Act was the first mandating American Military service since the Civil War. Before the act was in affect there war only 110,000 servicemen that could be deployed if America joined the raging in Europe. After the Act there were nearly 24 million men ready.
  • Espionage & Sedition Acts

    Espionage Act & Sedition ActEspionage Act was in affect so America would know whos is against them. It also prohibitied spying. The Sedition Act extended the Espionage to cover a broader range of offenses.
  • Great Migration

    Great MigrationBetween 300,000-1,000,000 African Americans migrated North because there were a big opening for unskilled workers.
  • WIB

    WIBIt means War Industry Board. Was led by Frank A. Scott. WIB dealt with labor-management disputes resulting from increased demand for products during World War I.
  • America Joins the Fight

    America Joins WarAmerica fires first shot in France in Trench Warfare
  • 14 Points

  • League of Nations

    League of Nations provide a forum for nations to discuss and settle their grievances without having to resort to war. Wilson is the Author. The next eight points dealt with boundary changes.
  • Armistice

    ArmisticeArmistice means a cessation of hostilities as a prelude to peace negotiations.
  • Final Statistics

    22,062,427 total of deaths in all countrys combined. 323,018 in US deaths in US. US spent $22,625,253,000. $125,690,477,000 spent in all country.
  • Schenck v United States

    Schenck v United StatesCharles Schenck the Secretary of the Socialist Party of America. He said some stuff about the war that was during a time where you couldn't say bad stuff about it and he went to trail for it. He claimed that he was using the first amenment which is frredom of speach.
  • Big Four

    Wilson, Clemenceau, Lloyd George, and Orlando worked out the treaty’s details among them-selves.
    Lloyd George-Britian
    Orlando- Italy
  • Treaty of Versailles

    Video of Treaty of VersillesEstablished nine new nations—including Poland, Czechoslovakia, and Yugoslavia—and shift-ed the boundaries of other nations. It carved five areas out of the Ottoman Empire and gave them to France and Great Britain as mandates, or temporary colonies.