• League of Three Emperors

    Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Russia create an unstable alliance with eachother. Breaks up after the Serbo-Bulgarian War in 1855.
  • Dual Alliance

    Alliance between Germany and Austria-Hungary.
  • Triple Alliance

    Alliance between Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy.
  • Reinsurance Treaty

    Restore relations between Germany and Russia.
  • Russo-Turkish War

    Russia fights the Ottoman Empire and creates Bulgaria and Serbia after their victory.
  • Franco-Russian Alliance

    Alliance between France and Russia.
  • British Japanese Alliance

    Alliance between Britian and Japan.
  • Entente Cordiale

    Britian and France form an alliance.
  • Russo-Japanese War

    Japan and Russia fight over Korea and Manchuria.
  • First Moroccan Crisis

    Germany causes Morocco to rebel against France.
  • Anglo-Russian Convention

    Britian and Russia divide up Persian area.
  • Triple Entente

    Britian, France, and Russia form an alliance between themselves. Allied during the war. Side the U.S. joins.
  • Bosnian Crisis

    The fringes of the Ottoman Empire cecede.
  • Moroccan Crisis 2

    Germans threaten French control of Morocco again.
  • Balkan War I

    Fights break out between the ceceded Ottoman countries.
  • 2nd Balkan War

    2 war between Balkan countries.
  • Colonial Rivalries in Asia and Africa

    European Countries fought over control of countries in Asia and Africa.
  • Franz Ferdinand Assasinated

    Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assasinated in Sarajevo, Serbia. This event is considered the spark in the powder keg that lead to World War I.