WW1 Events

  • Assassination Of The Archduke

    Assassination Of The Archduke
    Fredinand and his wife were shot in Sarajevo, by Gavrilo Princip. They killed him to try and break Austria- Hungary.
    I chose this because this was the start of WW1.
  • The Serbian Campaign

    The Serbian Campaign
    Austria- Hungary invaded Serbia
    I chose this becasue The Serbian Campaign was the outset to World War 1.
  • The Battle Of Ardennes

    The Battle Of  Ardennes
    This battle was fought in the first month of WW1 it was between France and Germany.
    I chose this because it sparked French and German invasion forces.
  • Battle Of Tannenberg

    Battle Of Tannenberg
    Engagement between Germany and Russia in the first month of World War 1. It resulted in complete distruction of Russia's second army, and the suicide of the comanding general.
    I chose this because it completly destroyed Russia army and pretty much ruined Russis.
  • The Gallpoli Campaign

    The Gallpoli Campaign
    Sir Winston Churchill decided on an attack on the Dardanelles in modern-day Turkey to threaten the Ottoman capital of Constantinople.
    I chose this because it happened to try and break the deadlock on the Western Front.
  • Battle Of Verdun

    Battle Of Verdun
    Was between German and French armies. This battle lasted for 303 days and was the longest and most costly battle in human history.
    I chose this because it was the longest and most destructive battle in WW1.
  • The battle of the Somme

    The battle of the Somme
    German attacked and destroyed the oncoming waves of the British infantry.
    I chose the because Germany actually advanced be defeating the Brisish.
  • Zimmerman Telegram

    Zimmerman Telegram
    Briitish gave a message to a German secretary saying Mexico was going to side with Germany when the United States joined the war.
    I chose this because Mexico was fighting against he US.
  • Battle Of Marne

    Battle Of Marne
    German army went through Belgium and north France causing the French to panic.
    I chose this becuase it made France panic when Germany wasn't even meaning to cause them to.
  • Treaty Of Versailles

    Treaty Of Versailles
    Was a peace treaty at the end of World War 1 Ended the state of war between Germany and the Allied powers.
    I chose this because it ended the war.