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  • Assassination of Franz Ferdinand

    Assassination of  Franz Ferdinand
    The assassination of Franz Ferdinand led to a war against serbia, on July 28, 1914
  • Troubles in Europe

    Franz Ferdinand, next in line to the throne of the austrohungarian empire, was in town for a visit
  • world war one begins

    this is a dark day and gray hour. the sword is being forced into my hand. this war will demand of us enormous sarcastic in life and money.
  • russians are defeated at battle of tannenberg

    on the eastern front, Germans shatter the Russians second army and take over 92,000 prisoners at the battle.
  • Germans conduct air raid on Paris

    The attack has little military value, but is intended to terrorize civilians.
  • Germans stopped at first Battle of the Marne

    Germans invasion of France is stopped in the first battle of Marne as German troops are forced to the north side of the Marne river, causing the Schrieffer plan to fail.
  • Commission for relief in Belgium founded

    hoover goes on to be appointed director of the u.s. Food Administration in 1917 by President Wilson.
  • in first battle of ypres

    as the armies tried to out flank each other, they extended their lines to the english channel and began trench warfare.
  • Japan attacks and captures tsingtao, china

    held by the germans since 1889, tsingtao is a lightly garrisoned port city on the yellow sea.
  • christmas truce

    the sound of Christmas carols across no man's land encourages troops from both sides to exchange greeting.
  • The Western front

    When the Germans at last overcame Belgium in order to reach France. The Germans hoped to defeat the french quickly and then move east against Russia.
  • The Russians quit the war

    The arrival of the american troops also helped offset the loss of Russia from the allied cause.