World War II

  • World War I Ends

    World War I ends with the Armistice of Germany.
  • Becoming Leader

    Adolph Hitler becomes leader of the National Socialist (Nazi) Party.
  • Joseph Stalin

    Vladimir Lenin, leader of the Soviet Union, dies and Joseph Stalin begins to clear the way for his leadership.
  • Chancellor

    Hitler is appointed as Chancellor of Germany by President Paul von Hindenburg.
  • Concentration Camp

    The first concentration camp is opened at Oranienburg outside Berlin.
  • Burn the Books

    The Nazis start to burn books in Germany.
  • Führer of Germany

    Hitler becomes the Führer of Germany.
  • World War II Begins

    Germany invades Poland, starting World War II in Europe.
  • The End

    World War II ends.
  • Eliezer

    At the start of the war, Eliezer and his family lived in Siguet, a small rural town in Transylvania. He lived there until he was fifteen when he was taken away to a concentration camp.
  • Siguet Jews

    In April 1944, the Siguet ghetto was created. The Jews believed they would only stay there until the end of the war. Even when Moishe the Beadle came and attempted to warn them of the danger approaching, they ignored him and labeled him as crazy.
  • Tortured

    The Siguet Jews are beaten and starved to the point where the possibility of recovering physically or mentally is basically impossible. What they have seen and experienced broke them to the point of no return.
  • Taken Away

    When the Jews in Siguet are taken away to a concentration camp, they are forced to walk "under the blazing sun" with little water. When Eliezer's father asks the German police for a bathroom, they slap him and Elie regrets not doing anything.
  • Treatment

    The treatment of the Jews in camps included gassing, starvation, beating, and intense labor. The German police forced them to do their jobs and beat them if they did not do it right.
  • Losing His Father

    As Wiesel's father grows sicker and weaker, Elie grudgingly gives up his food for his father. In the end, the SS beats Elie's father to death. Elie, who is too scared to react, goes to sleep. He describes that moment as his biggest regret because he did not help or say anything as his father called out "Eliezer".
  • Liberation

    From 1944-1945, many concentration camps were liberated by the Soviets and the Americans. Unfortunately, three camps were blown up by the Nazis in 1943. When Wiesel was freed, he did not see himself as the same boy he was when he entered the camp. He only sees a boy who has seen too much for his age and is unable to cope with the losses in his life.
  • Reunion After the War

    At the end of the Holocaust, Wiesel reunited with his older sisters, Hilda and Beatrice. His mother and younger sister Tzipora were murdered during their time in the camp.
  • Moving to the US

    Soon after the war, Elie moved to the US. He was hit by a taxi and was confined to a wheelchair for almost a year. During his time in the hospital, he wrote several books on his experience.
  • Meeting Marion

    In 1969, Wiesel met Marion Rose in the US. They had a son who they named after Wiesel's father, Shlomo. Also, after many of his books were published, he won the Nobel Peace Prize.