World War I

  • Austrio-Hungarian Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife are assassinated.

    The Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife from the Austria/Hungary area were assassinated and the government of Austria suspected that Serbia was responsible for their death.
  • World War I begins.

    Austria/Hungary declared war on Serbia. The fighting of World War I begins.
  • Russia enters war

    Russia joins in World War I. They join up with Serbia to fight against Austria/Hungary.
  • Germany declares war on Russia

    Germany declares war on Russia.
  • Germany invades Belgium

    Germany invades Belgium and declares war on France.
  • German officer arrested in Maine, USA.

    A german officer was arrested in Maine because he blew up a Canadian Pacific Railroad bridge. The United States remained neutral in the war.
  • German U-boat bombs the Lusitania

    A German submarine uses a torpedo to bomb a Bristish passenger ship called the Lusitania. Over 1000 people died, out of that were 124 United States citizens. The United States continued to remain neutral although they became angry.
  • Invasion of Serbia

    Germany, Austria and Bulgaria invade Serbia.
  • Zimmerman Telegram and the U.S

    The British intellegence service finds out about the Zimmerman Telegram. The telegram says that the German Foreign Minister, whose name is Arthur Zimmerman, is going to give Arizona, Texas, and New Mexico as a reward to Mexico.
  • The S.S Aztec is Sunk

    The Germans once again sink another boat. The S.S Aztec, an American Steamer, is sunk by the German U-Boats. 28 Americans died.
  • America Enters the War

    President Woodrow Wilson declares war on Germany.
  • Congress passes Selective Service Act

    Congress passes an act called the Selective Service Act which requires eligible men to enter the draft to fight in the war.
  • American Soldiers enter France

    The American troops serving in the war enter into France for the first time.
  • American Soldier Killed

    The first American combat soldier was killed in the war.
  • Armistice signed

    Germany signed armistice with Russia.
  • Germany signs Armistice

    Germany signs armistice with their Allies. This results in the official end of World War I.
  • League of Nations

    A constitution for the League of Nations is announced.
  • Treaty of Versailles

    The Treaty of Versailles is signed between Germany and it's allies. This ended World War I.