World War I

By Izz1e
  • Creation of the Triple Alliance

    An alliance between Germany, Italy and Astria-Hungary. Something that was significant was this was one main sides of the war.
  • Alliance of Russia and France

    This alliance eventually turned into the Triple Entente, one of the major sides in WW1.
  • Rise of militarism

    Militarism is "the politcy of glorifying military power and keeping an army prepared for war." Militarism was one of the factors that contributed to the tension between European countries before WW1 (as well as imperialism and nationalism).
  • Rise of Kaiser Wilhelm II

    & resignation of Bismarck, lapse of treaty with Russia
  • Conflicts over Morocco

    In 1905 and again in 1911, Germany and France nearly fought over who would control Morocco, in Northern Africa. Most of Europe supported France, so Germany backed down. This event is significant because it shows how imperialism, expanding an empire by taking over weaker contries, led to WW!. intense competition and conflict between Europian countries.
  • Creation of the Triple Entente

    France, Russia and great brittin made up the tipple Entente and this made up on of the great sides of the war.
  • Austria annexing Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • The Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand

    This assassination sparked world war 1
  • The first declaration of war

    (the first day of World War I!) and the succession of declarations of war by Austria, Russia, Germany, and Great Britain. (Some of this info is in section 2.)
  • Conflicts between Germany and France over Morocco