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World War 1 timeline

By 2KNate
  • The three emperors league

    The three emperors league
    Otto Von Bismarck negotiated to terms with the monarchs of Austria-Hungary and Russia and they formed the three emperors league.
  • Dual Alliance

    Russia left the three emperors' league in 1878, leaving Germany and Austro-Hungary in a Dual Alliance
  • Reinsurance Treaty

    Reinsurance Treaty
    The reinsurance treaty was signed between Germany and Russia on this day.
  • Franco-Russian military convention

    The agreement for France and Russia to align was officialy agreed on on this day.
  • Anglo-Russian entente is signed

    The entente was signed in St.Petersburg,Russia.
  • First Balkan War

    First Balkan War
    Turkey, Balkans, and Italy went to war over possesions in Africa. Turkey ended up losing the war and was forced to surrender Libya, Rhodes, and the Dodecanese islands to Italy after the war was over.
  • Second Balkan War

    This war was sparked by Serbia
  • Archduke Franz Ferdinad assasinated

    The spark of World War one was when Archduke Franz Ferdinad was assasinated in Saravejo on this day.
  • Austro-Hungary declares war on Serbia

    Austro-Hungary declares war on Serbia
    Austro-Hungary declared war on Serbia just a month after Serbia assasinated Archduke Franz Ferdinad, who was heir to the throne before he died.
  • The first World War 1 battle

    The first World War 1 battle
    Battle of Liege was the first battle of the World War. Germany and France were involved in this first battle and it has been about 97 years since the start of this battle.