World war 1 by qw

By qwa
  • Wilson Elected

    Rosevlt went to re-election so Taft can not be prez again because he was bad prez .Wilson got re-elected to prevent Taft wining and D+R+P =D
  • Ferdinand Assassinated

    To show a lesson to Austria-hungarian and it cause the world war.
  • Russia Enters War

    Because Russia wanted to protect the Slavic peoples of Serbia.
  • Austraia- Hungary declares war

    Because what happen when ferdinand assassinated to serbia.
  • Battle Of the Marne

    A victory for the Allied Powers. The advancing German troops were prevented from invading Paris.
  • "Lusitania"

    The lusitania was a large shp and the sinking of the RMS during the war.
  • Triple Alliance

    A union between three powers and state
  • Wilson Re-Elected

    Wilson Re-Elected
    Wilson re-elected because so he can pledge to the great war in Europe. He promise to keep us out of war and to stay neutral.
  • Zimmerman Note

    Is a note sent from mexico to give to german to have to ask them to be aliance.
  • Peace Without Victory Speech

    Is a speech to adress to end the war and defined by the prez.
  • Tripe Entente

    The alliance between Great Britain, France, and Russia. It formed the basis of the Allied powers in World War.
  • U.S Declares War

    Woodrow Wilson outlined the case for the war of germany speech to the joints houses of congress .
  • Selective Service Act

    Is a act for all males 18-45 to registering to fight in the war when needed.
  • Espionage & Sedition Acts

    the espionage act is a declaration of the war for germany and Sedition Acts is designed for protect America participation in world war.
  • Schenck V. U.S

    is a challenging of congressional that placed limits on the first amendemt of free speech clause.
  • Russia overthows the Czar

    They overthows because of assumption of the power by the Bolshevilks .
  • Bolshevik Revolution

    Is a party to get in power to have peace
  • German Army Mutinies

    Mutiny in the Austrian Navy at Cattaro.
  • Chateau-Thiery

    Is the Battle of Marne of world war one in northwestern France is to alies deafeated the Germans.
  • Armistice

    Is to truce to stop the fighing was sign at this day.
  • Treaty of Versailles

    The treaty imposed to germany by alied powers after world war and is a peace settlement sign.
  • Palmer Raids

    the United States Department of Justice to arrest and deport left-wing radicals.
  • 19TH Amendment

    19 th amendment is all woment to the right to vote in the elections.
  • Handing Elected President

    He was the largest popular votes percentage margin.
  • Peace Treaty with Germany

    Peace Treaty with Germany
    U.S Senate refused to support the treaty and the U.s never signed the treaty. They goal was to reduce the size of the navy.
  • Washington Naval Conference

    the world largest naval powers of conference to discuss naval disarmament .
  • Treaty of Lausanne

    Is the final treaty concluding WWI , between Turkey successor to the Ottoman Empire and the allies.
  • Dawes Plan

    Is the arrangment for german reparation and war debts.
  • Kellogg-Brand Pact

    Is a general treaty for the renunciation of war was sign.
  • Germany Enters The War

    Germany declared war on both Russia and France because France had an alliance with Russia.