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World War 1

  • Germany declares war on France+Russia

    Germany declares war on France+Russia
    Great Britian declares war on Germany and Austrial- Hungary.
  • Assignation of Archduke Ferdinand

    Assignation of Archduke Ferdinand
    As the royal entorage drove throug hthe city. Serbain nationalist Gavrillo Prinicip stepped from the crowd and shot the Archduke.
  • 1st Battle at Marne

    1st Battle at Marne
    Allies stop German advance on Paris.
  • 2nd Battle of Ypres

    2nd Battle of Ypres
    Germans use chemical weapons for the first time.
  • Sinking of Lusitania

    Sinking of Lusitania
    the U-boat sank the British liner Lusitania of the southern coast of
  • Battle of Somme

    Battle of Somme
    Disastrous British offensive.
  • U.S. declares war on Germany

    U.S. declares war on Germany
    The United
    States declares war on Germany.
  • 3rd battle of Ypres

    3rd battle of Ypres
    Allied victory costs over half a million casualties.
  • 2nd Battle of Marne

    2nd Battle of Marne
    The turning point of the war. Allies advance steadily after defeating the Germans.
  • Battle of Meuse-Argonne

    Battle of Meuse-Argonne
    American advance helps end the war
  • Treaty of Versailles

    Treaty of Versailles
    Established nine new nations including poland, czechoslovakia and the kingdom that later became Yugoslavia.
  • Battle of Verdun

    Battle of Verdun
    French hold the line in longest battle of war.