World War 1

By ZRivera
  • Period: to


  • Started

    Started June 28th: The assassination
    July 28th Austria declared war on Serbia
    August 1st Germany declared war on Russia
    August 4th Britain and allied countries
  • 1915

    On May 1, 1915, the Lusitania left port in New York for Liverpool to make her 202nd trip across the Atlantic. On board were 1,959 people, 159 of whom were Americans. May 23rd 1915:Italy traded sides December 23rd the allies the Evacuation from Gallipoli
  • 1916

    1916-Britain needed more troops
    January 27th- April 6th USA declared war on Germany this gave the edge April 29th-Britian forces surrender to the Turkish, British lose July 1st Start of the battle of Somme
    the allies needed November 6th The British launched a major unsuccessful assault on the western Front December 5th between Germany and Russia
  • 1917( No Exact date)

    1917( No Exact date)
    The Russian Empire collapsed in March 1917, and Russia left the war after the October Revolution later that year.
  • 1918 Ending of War World 1

    1918 Ending of War World 1
    March 21st 1918-Germany broke through July 15th second battle of Marne started this resulted in the start of the down fall November 11th-War was Over!
    11/11/18 11:11 AM. Was signed Peace came about