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Winston Churchill by Mikhail

  • Winston's Birth

    Winston's Birth
    Winston Churchill was born on the 30th November, 1874 at Blenheim Palace, Great Britain. His father's name is Lord Randolph Churchill and his mother's name was Lady Randolph Churchill/Jennie.
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  • Period: to

    School Time

    At 1881 he went into St. George Boarding School. He got health issues so at 1884 he moved two Brighton Boarding School he got health issues there too so he moved to Harrow School at 1888 and stayed there until he graduated (exact date and month unknown)
  • Royal Military College at Sandhurst

    Royal Military College at Sandhurst
    He went to the Royal Military College at Sandhurst and spent 18 months there. In there, the discipline is strict that it made Harrow look like a teddy bear's picnic.
    (Actual date unknown but the month and the year is correct.)
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  • Death of Lord Randolph

    Death of Lord Randolph
    His father died when he just got in the cavalry. It's actually such a coincedence that Winston died on the same day but 70 years after his father died.
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  • Escaped the Boer Prison!

    Escaped the Boer Prison!
    He escaped the boer prison after travelling 300 miles for 9 days. He also became the hero of the Boer War for whatever reason. (Actual date and month unknown but the year is correct)
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  • Marriage

    In September 1908, Winston Churchill married a women called Clementine Hozier. She was the granddaughter of the Scottish Earl of Airlie. (Actual date unknown but the month and year is correct.)
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  • First Lord of Admiralty

    Winston Churchill became the First Lord of the Admiralty in 1911. He was in charge of building Britain's navy so that it could defeat the German navy or the Kriegsmarine.
    (Actual date and month month unknown)
  • WWI ended!

    WWI ended!
    WWI ended! But sadly, Winston Churchill lost his job of Admiralty becasue of the Gallipoli incident. The Gallipoli incident was a naval bombardment used to knock Turkey out of the war. But that mission was a total failure.
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  • House at Chartwell

    House at Chartwell
    In 1922, Winston bought a house in Chartwell but it was ruined so he renovated it. So from 1920's onward his friends visited the house having to drive an hour-long trip. (Actual date and month unknown.)
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  • Chancellor of the Exchequer

    In 1924, he got the job of Chancellor of the Exchequer. Chancellor of the Exchequer was a person responsible for the bank. But sadly, in 1929 he lost that job because of the General Strike. (The miners refusing their wages)
    (Actual date and month unknown)
  • Period: to

    Winston All Alone in the Wilderness

    After losing his job because of the General Strike, he was alone in the wilderness for about 10 years. With only doing his hobbies for entertainment. (Actual date and month in the Start date unknown but the End date and month is correct)
  • WWII starts

    WWII starts
    He got the job of Admiralty again after WWII started. And on six o'clock on the day when war was declared, a three-word message came on all the ship's in the navy: WINSTON IS BACK. Pretty cool.
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  • Prime Minister of Britain!

    Prime Minister of Britain!
    Winston Churchill became Prime Minister in 1940 and he was 65! And on 13th May, 1940, he made his first speech as a Prime Minister. And he made other speeches over time.
    (Actual date and month unknown)
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  • Out in the Cold...AGAIN!

    Winston was out in the cold again after his party was outvoted at the General Election Campaign. They lost the campaign 393 for the Labour and 197 for his party.
    (Actual date and month unknown)
  • Prime Minister AGAIN!

    In 1951, his wish of becoming a Prime Minsiter again was finally granted. But he was not like his old self. He was soon becoming more quiet and pale than usual.
    (Actual date and month unknown)
  • Winston Retired.

    After about 13 years of being a second-time Prime Minister, he retired in 1964. He was really beginning to be more quiet.
    (Actual date and month unknown)
  • Winston's Death

    Winston's Death
    He died at 24th January 1965. It's a coincedence that his father died on the same day but 70 years before.
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