Christopher finding america

humanities time line us history 2

  • Period: to

    1754 date 1

    the french and Indian war -(a.k.a the year's war)
    George Washington fights with the British army against the french and Indians.
  • Period: to

    date 2 1765

    the stamp act
    Americans were taxed for stamps without being able to vote
  • Period: to

    date 3 1770

    the Boston massacre
    the tension between the colonies and the British became violent
  • Period: to

    date 4 1773

    Dec 16th, 1773
    the Boston tea party
    Americans were so upset by the tea act of 1773 that they destroyed a ship-load of tea
  • Period: to

    DATE 5 1775

    1775 April 19th
    the shot heard around the world battle of Lexington and concord the revolution war begins.
  • Period: to

    date 6 1776

    1776 July 4th the declaration of independence signed.
    the 13 colonies officially said Were not British anymore
  • Period: to

    date 7 1787

    The US Constitution signed
    The United States create their own form of government
  • Period: to

    date 2 war of 1812 with britan

    the war between Britain and American lasting for two and a half years over trade and naval restrictions.
  • Period: to

    date 4 1884 Samuel Morse sends first telegraph message

    this changes the face of the communication for the entire world and allows information to spread more quickly and easily than ever before.
  • Period: to

    date 5 1860 abraham Lincoln elected

    Shortly after his election, the Confederate States seceded from the union, starting the Civil War
  • Period: to

    1863, July 1-3rd battle of gettysburg

    Largest Civil Battles and turning point of the war leading to a union victory.
  • Period: to

    date 7 1865 April 14 Lincoln assassinated

    Lincoln was assassinated 5 days after the surrender of Robert E. lee (after the Civil war ended
  • Period: to

    date 1 Louisiana purchase 1803

    President Thomas Jefferson authorizeS the Purchase of the Louisiana territory from France and almost doubles the size of the United States.
  • Period: to

    date 3 1830 under ground railroad established

    A network of secret routes and safe houses to help slaves escape to freedom in the north.
  • Period: to

    date 1 1908

    model t is built by henry ford. He creates the assembly line to mass-produce cars. this is what is known as the Second industrial revolution the assembly line revolutionizes American industry
  • Period: to

    date 2 1929

    the stock market crashed. this was the beginning of the great depression. millions of people lost jobs. it was a time of hunger and uncertainty. Roosevelt creates numerous government programs to try and combat this during the following decade
  • Period: to

    date 5 1955

    rosa parks refused to give up her seat on the bus.
    ushers in the civil rights movement.
    1964 civil rights legislation is passed 1968 martin Luther King is assassinated.
  • Period: to

    date 3 1941

    December 7, 1941, ATTACK ON Pearl harbor WWI had been fought 20 years earlier now Europe and Japan were at war again japan conducted a sneak attack on Hawaii this brought us into the war
  • Period: to

    date 4 1945

    The U.S. drops two atomic bombs on Japan to end WWII
    This usher in the nuclear age.
    after WWII the cold war begins with the soviet union we engage in a union.
    we engage in a missile race with the soviet union for the rest of the century.
  • Period: to

    date 6 1969

    we put a human being on the moon!!
    this took a decade of dedicated effort.
    there were six manned US landing between 1969 and 1972.
    A total of 12 individuals have stepped foot on the moon.
  • Period: to

    date 7 1989

    the Berlin wall is torn down and the cold war ends.
    for forty years we had been in a cold war with the soviet union
    with the collapse of the berlin wall n Germany oof the berlin
    wall in Germany the cold war came to an end.
  • Period: to

    date 5

    the great depression
  • Period: to

    date 6 2008

    DVDs replace VHS tapes as the most popular form f entertainment
  • Period: to

    date 7 2011

    Osama more than a decade Osama bin laden is killed during a raid in Pakistan
    after years of looking the via tracks him down and in may navy seals storm his compound and killed the originator of the 9-11 attacks
  • Period: to

    date coronavirus

    the coronavirus, COVID 19 started in Wuhan china march 11 declared a worldwide pandemic a new upper respiratory disease that is highly contagious total cases in the US as of April 14th -579,005
    total deaths in the US as of April 14th -22,252
  • Period: to

    date 5 2007

    the great recession
    this was the most significant downturn since WWll
  • Period: to

    date 1 sept 2001

    on Sept 11, 2001, terrorists hijacked four aircraft.
    two were flown into the twin towers in new york city and one into the Pentagon in washington d. c.
    passengers overpowered the hijacks in the fourth plane and crashed it into rural Pennsylvania
  • Period: to

    date 2 oct 2001

    this was the longest war in American history.
    it lasted from 2001 to 2014
    while we still have troops there we no longer consider ourselves at war.
  • Period: to

    date 4 2005

    Hurricane Katrina
    this was the costliest natural disaster in us history
    it cost 125 billion dollars in damage
    when the levees broke large parts of new Orlean were submerged
    1245 people died