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SDA Church History Timeline -- 1782 to 1915

  • Birth of William Miller

    Birth of William Miller
    Pittsfield, MA
  • Birth of Joseph Bates

    Birth of Joseph Bates
    Rochester, MA
  • Period: to

    War of 1812

  • Miller Converted/Began to Study Bible

    Miller Converted/Began to Study Bible
    Specific date unknown.
  • Birth of James S. White

    Birth of James S. White
    Palmyra, ME
  • Birth of Ellen G. Harmon White

    Birth of Ellen G. Harmon White
    Gorham, ME
  • Birth of J.N. Andrews

    Birth of J.N. Andrews
    Poland, ME
  • Miller Begins Lecturing

    Miller Begins Lecturing
    Specific date unknown.
  • Stars Falling

    Stars Falling
    Connected with the end of times signs in Matthew 24. In connection with the Lisbon Earthquake of Nov. 1, 1755 and the Dark Day on May 19, 1780.
  • Joshua Himes joins Miller

    Joshua Himes joins Miller
    Miller accepted an invitation by Joshua Himes to speak beginning Dec. 8 through 16 of 1839, and this started a long association between the two with Himes doing a lot of public work for Miller.
  • Period: to

    Signs of the Times Periodical

    One of the many Millerite periodicals
    Specific dates of publication unknown.
  • First Advent Conference

    First Advent Conference
    Chardon St. Chapel in Boston. Approx. 100 ministers and 400 Millerites present.
  • Publication of Miller's Book

    Publication of Miller's Book
    Joshua Himes published William Miller's book on the Second Coming entitled: Evidence from Scripture and History of the Second Coming of Christ.
    Specific date unknown.
  • Realization of Oct. 22 Date

    Realization of Oct. 22 Date
    During a campmeeting in Exeter, NH Samuel Snow presented a message showing how the date they were looking for was Oct. 22
  • The Great Disappointment

    The Great Disappointment
  • Hiram Edson's Revelation

    Hiram Edson's Revelation
    Edson's revelation which led to the understanding of what really happened on Oct. 22, 1844--Christ entering the Most Holy Place and beginning the Investigative Judgement.
  • Ellen Harmon's First Vision

    Ellen Harmon's First Vision
    Ellen Harmon's first vision was meant to encourage the Millerite believers that the movement had been from God and to keep pushing forward. Her second vision occured just a week later.
  • Sanctuary Doctrines

    Sanctuary Doctrines
    O.R.L. Crosier made a study of typology that led to discoveries on the sanctuary. This also combined with Hiram Edson's revelation on the heavenly sanctuary led to the discovery of the sanctuary understanding that is especial to the Seventh-day Adventists.
    Specific dates unknown.
  • Albany Conference

    Albany Conference
    Only 61 Millerite leaders present. Meeting held in the chaotic aftermath of the disappointment.
  • Bates Accepts the Sabbath

    Bates Accepts the Sabbath
    When Joseph Bates accepted the Sabbath he began to spread the message all over to the Adventists that he knew and published tracts on the subject that led to many being converted to the seventh day Sabbath.
  • Marriage of James White & Ellen Harmon

    Marriage of James White & Ellen Harmon
    Specific date not supplied, but late August.
  • Sabbath Vision

    Sabbath Vision
    A vision that confirmed the Sabbath truth to the still-skeptical Whites and others.
  • Period: to

    Sabbath Conferences

    20 conferences took place that invited the former Millerites to teach them the new truths that they were learning.
  • Review & Herald Publishing Assn. Started

    Review & Herald Publishing Assn. Started
    Specific date unknown.
  • Period: to

    The Present Truth

    First Adventist periodical
  • Death of William Miller

    Death of William Miller
  • U. Smith Becomes Editor of Review

    U. Smith Becomes Editor of Review
    Specific date unknown.
  • Sabbath Time Issue Resolved

    Sabbath Time Issue Resolved
    A controversy showed up amongst the believers about when to begin the Sabbath and, in 1853, J.N. Andrews was enlisted to study the matter and come to a conclusion. Finally, at the Battle Creek Conference in 1855, he brought the results of his studies--that the Sabbath should last from sunset to sunset, based on Leviticus 23:32.
  • Laodicean Vision

    Laodicean Vision
    Ellen White received a vision confirming the growing suspicion that the church was entering the laodicean condition.
    Specific date unknown.
  • Great Controversy Vision

    Great Controversy Vision
    Ellen White had a 2 hour vision while in Lovett's Grove, OH that depicted the conflict between Christ and Satan.
  • Systematic Benevolence Adopted

    Systematic Benevolence Adopted
    Based on a need for ministers and evangelists to be supported a tithing and offering system was instated at the GC session in June 1859 after much deliberation.
  • Organized as Seventh-day Adventists

    Organized as Seventh-day Adventists
    Although the name was chosen in 1860, the church was officially organized in 1863.
  • Health Vision

    Health Vision
    Ellen White was given a 45 minute vision on health that presented many new and strange ideas for the time.
  • Opening of the Western Health Reform Institute

    Opening of the Western Health Reform Institute
    Based on the principles in Ellen's 1863 vision on health, the church opened a health institute.
  • California Work Begins

    California Work Begins
    Pioneered by J.N. Loughborough and D.T. Bordeau
    Specific date unknown.
  • Education Vision

    Education Vision
    Ellen White had a vision instructing her on the true education for the youth and what it should consist of.
    Specific date unknown.
  • Pacific Press established

    Pacific Press established
    SDA publishing house on the west coast, in California
    Specific date unknown.
  • J.N. Andrews 1st sponsored foreign missionary

    J.N. Andrews 1st sponsored foreign missionary
    Although there had been other unofficial missionaries, such as Michael Czechowski, J.N. Andrews (along with his two children) became the first official SDA missionary who was sponsored by the church.
    Specific date of departure unknown.
  • Battle Creek College founded

    Battle Creek College founded
    Although they did predominately teach according to Ellen White's counsel, a grave mistake was made when the property was purchased as they only secured 7 acres of land.
    Specific date unknown.
  • J.H. Kellogg becomes head of Battle Creek Sanitarium

    J.H. Kellogg becomes head of Battle Creek Sanitarium
    Renamed Western Health Reform Institute to Battle Creek Sanitarium. Although Kellogg initially agreed to only stay for 1 year, it turned into 67 years.
    Specific date unknown.
  • Opening of Battle Creek San. School of Hygiene

    Opening of Battle Creek San. School of Hygiene
    Kellogg opened a medical school at the Sanitarium on Ellen White's advice and it opened with 75 students, growing to 150 by the next year.
  • St. Helena Sanitarium opened

    St. Helena Sanitarium opened
    St. Helena, CA
  • Healdsburg College founded

    Healdsburg College founded
    Today PUC
    Specific date unknown
  • Death of James White

    Death of James White
  • Period: to

    Ellen White in Europe

  • First Missionaries to Australia

    First Missionaries to Australia
    11 missionaries set sail for Australia to begin mission work there.
  • 1886 General Conference Session

    1886 General Conference Session
    At this session conference president G.I. Butler distributed his 85-page pamphlet entitled The Law in the Book of Galatians. Preparing to discuss the pamphlet at the next GC in 1888.
  • 1888 General Conference

    1888 General Conference
    Before the GC session start, a group of 100 pastors met at the Ministerial Institute for a week before the conference began in order to discuss the 10 horns in Daniel 7.
    The most controversial GC session in SDA history. Jones and Waggoner presented that the law in Galatians was NOT the ceremonial law as believed by Butler, Smith, Kilgore, and Morrison. Righteousness by faith controversy. Butler wasn't present claiming sickness and his view was presented by Smith and others.
  • Period: to

    Jones Opposes Sunday Laws

    Over the course of these four years, several different people tried to enforce Sunday laws. However, A.T. Jones, the Adventists' most legally informed man, was able to go to fight off the laws in the supreme court.
  • 1889 General Conference Session

    1889 General Conference Session
    Ellen White, still trying to reconcile the parties from the 1888 GC, again asked Waggoner and Smith to both present their views on the law in Galatians. This time she felt that there was a different spirit rather than the spirit of strife that had been at Minneapolis.
  • Period: to

    Ellen White in Australia

  • Salamanca Vision

    Salamanca Vision
    Early in 1891, God gave Ellen White a vision while she was in Salamanca, NY and told her to reveal it at the 1891 General Conference session.
  • 1891 General Conference Session

    1891 General Conference Session
    At the 1891 GC session, Ellen White tried to share the Salamanca vision several times and couldn't remember anything about it. One night during the conference a group of ministers and others organized a secret meeting to discuss trying to shut down the American Sentinal periodical and start another religious liberties magazine however it didn't pass. The next morning Ellen White remembered the vision which depicted the secret meeting. This restored the people's confidence in her visions.
  • Sunday Law for Chicago World's Fair

    Sunday Law for Chicago World's Fair
    A temporary Sunday law finally passed stating that there could be no work on the Sunday of the 1893 Chicago World's Fair. Jones overreacted and claimed that accepting the law gave life to the image of the beast.
  • 1893 General Conference Session

    1893 General Conference Session
    A great revival occurred at the 1893 GC session. The main speakers were A.T. Jones and W.W. Prescott. They challenged the people present that the 1888 message hadn't been fully accepted. A great revival followed and people began accepting the message and selling things and they were on fire! It was around this time that many, including Ellen White, commented that the latter rain was beginning and the loud cry was going forth. The most intense spiritual revival since 1844!!
  • Edson White begins work in South

    Edson White begins work in South
    After reading a pamphlet his mother wrote on the duty of SDAs to the African Americans in the American South, Edson accepted the call and, with his wife and friend Will Palmer, took the riverboat "Morning Star" down the Mississippi River. Founding several of the SDA schools in the South today.
    Specific date unknown.
  • Desire of Ages published

    Desire of Ages published
    Ellen White's book on the life of Christ.
  • Period: to

    Holy Flesh Movement

    Apostasy sprang up in the holy flesh movement. Subscribers to this apostasy believed that you must go through a "Gethsemane experience" where the flesh becomes purified and you could no longer sin and were 100% ready for translation. It was very pentecostal as well.
  • Battle Creek Sanitarium Fire

    Battle Creek Sanitarium Fire
    After Kellogg continually disregarded the counsel of Ellen White against enlarging the sanitarium and tried to separate it from the church. God finally passed judgement and the sanitarium burned down.
  • Review & Herald Publishing House Fire

    Review & Herald Publishing House Fire
    For years Ellen White had been rebuking the publishing house for publishing secular and even spiritualistic works. When the plates for Dr. Kellogg's book, The Living Temple, publishing his pantheistic ideas were on the presses ready for publication, the fire occurred.
  • Ministry of Healing Published

    Ministry of Healing Published
    Specific date unknown
  • J.H. Kellog Disfellowshipped

    J.H. Kellog Disfellowshipped
    For his pantheistic views, disregarding SOP, and other offenses, Dr. Kellogg was disfellowshipped from the church.
  • A.T. Jones Disfellowshipped

    A.T. Jones Disfellowshipped
    Specific date unknown.
  • Great Controversy revised

    Great Controversy revised
    Although originally published in the 1850s, Ellen White updated and revised the Great Controversy. Some people thought that she was altering the contents by the revisions, but she was just updating some things and making the writing a little clearer.
  • Death of Ellen White

    Death of Ellen White
    St. Helena, CA
  • 1919 Bible Conference

    1919 Bible Conference
    Bible conference that took place after Ellen White's death. The main controversy was what type of inspiration she'd had. Verbal? Degrees?Thought?