Energy drinks

Estate of George Romero v. Ashley Williams

  • George Romero goes to rehab for the first time

    NOT AN EXACT DATE - just sometime in the spring (MB, 21)
  • George gets "totally obsessed" with energy drinks

    NOT AN EXACT DATE - that summer is when George's obsession with energy drinks begins (MB, 22)
  • George and Ash Williams become friends

    NOT AN EXACT DATE - this is when Max visits George at Madison for the first time (MB, 22); "I met George outside the Weinert Center at UW-Madison, in November or so, 2006" (AW, 37)
  • George and Ash start working together on energy drinks

    NOT AN EXACT DATE - "By Fall 2007, he was more obsessed than ever, and he had dragged Ash into it!" (MB, 22); "Then, the day we got back from our summer break in September 2007, George came into my room, even crazier than normal." (AW, 37)
  • Ash and George work together to create their first formula and rent their own space

    NOT AN EXACT DATE - "They spent the first half of 2008 together, huddled in this crazy, mad scientist looking shed that they 'rented' in the back of a local tire shop." (MB, 22); "One night in January, 2008, we decided to pool our summer job money and what was left of our living allowances to rent a small lab space nearby." (AW, 38)
  • Ash and George finalize their first formula

    NOT AN EXACT DATE - "By that summer, they finally had their 'formula,' which they called Bucky's Blast." (MB, 22)
  • Ash and George work on Bucky's Blast

    NOT AN EXACT DATE - "They spent most of the Fall 2008 in a new, bigger lab space, making and bottling Blast and working on labels and stuff." (MB, 22); "In September 2008, I started production of Bucky's Blast, our first drink, and by finals week, it was ready to go." (AW, 38)
  • George and Ash begin selling Bucky's Blast across campus

    NOT AN EXACT DATE - "By December, they were selling it all over campus..." (MB, 22)
  • George takes weekend trips to other colleges to market Bucky's Blast

    NOT AN EXACT DATE - "In January and Gebruary, 2009, George was taking weekend trips to other colleges in the area to market it." (MB, 22)
  • Max sees Nick Frost in George's dorm room

    NOT AN EXACT DATE - "I visited around President's Day." (MB, 22)
  • Salus has three new energy drinks ready

    NOT AN EXACT DATE - "By April 2009, Salus had three new energy drinks ready." (MB, 22)
  • Ali first meets George, Ash, and Ricki

    NOT AN EXACT DATE - "I first met George, Ash, and RIcki in late 2009, after they lost the Burrill contest at UW." (AK, 27)
  • Ash Williams leaves for South America (the Andes)

    NOT AN EXACT DATE - "September 2010" (MB, 23); "I got Gilgamesh to fund a year in the Andes in September 2010 so I could gather plants and consult with natives" (AW, 39)
  • Ali takes his/her concerns to the Board (minus Ash)

    NOT AN EXACT DATE - "I took my concerns to the Board (minus Ash) in the first week of March, 2011." (AK, 28)
  • George Romero goes crazy in Vegas

    AK, 28
  • George Romero is checked into rehab

  • Ali calls a board meeting and "slams" George

    NOT AN EXACT DATE - It is two weeks after March 13th. (RG, 43)
  • Ash Williams calls Ali Khan

    NOT AN EXACT DATE - "Sometime in May 2011, I got a call from an internet café in the Andes."
  • Ali and Ash take the value of Salus from $150,000 to $1,500,000

    NOT AN EXACT DATE - implied from the fact that George got out a month after this, and he got out in June.
  • George Romero gets out of rehab

    NOT AN EXACT DATE - "When he got out in June, 2011, he vowed not to repeat his mistakes." (MB, 23)
  • George Romero gets out of rehab and calls a board meeting

    NOT AN EXACT DATE - "George got out of rehab in June, a month later, and out of the blue, he calls a Board meeting" (AK, 29)
  • George calls a board meeting

    (RG, 44)
  • George is back in the office with "renewed vigor"

    (RG, 45)
  • Ash returns from South America

    NOT AN EXACT DATE - "Ash came back from South America in September 2011." (MB, 24)
  • Ash gets back to the U.S.

    NOT AN EXACT DATE - "Ash got back to the U.S. in the fall" (AK, 29)
  • Ash calls Ricki to say that they should make a "bona fide effort to take care of George as well as the company."

    NOT AN EXACT DATE - "Ash called me about a week before he was due back from South America" (RG, 44)
  • Ash Williams finds two ingredients for their new drinks

  • Williams begins to believe that Romero was intending to leave their partnership

    NOT AN EXACT DATE -- "In early 2012" (2)
  • George begins to bring key pieces of information to Max

    NOT AN EXACT DATE - "In January, 2012, he started bringing key pieces of information and documentation from Ash's research to me for safe-keeping." (MB, 24)
  • Salus hires Umbrella to test-market the drinks

    NOT AN EXACT DATE - "In early 2012, we used the last of the company's reserves to hire Umbrella, a national leader in scientific research, to test and test-market the drinks." (AK, 29)
  • George begins to believe Ash and Ali know he's taking things from the company

    NOT AN EXACT DATE - "In March of 2012, we had an IM exchange on Facebook where George told me that he was worried that Ali and Ash were on to him." (MB, 24)
  • Umbrella results are returned to Salus

    NOT AN EXACT DATE - "We got the Umbrella results at the end of March, 2012" (AK, 30)
  • George's apartment is ransacked and his laptop stolen

    NOT AN EXACT DATE - "George's apartment in Tenney-Lap was ransacked in May 2012" (MB, 24)
  • Ali and Ash confront Max about George's potential defection

    NOT AN EXACT DATE - "I know what Ali and Max have said about my behavior when we confronted Max in May 2012 about George's potential defection" (AW, 40)
  • George sets up Salus as a sponsor at Zombiepocalypse

    NOT AN EXACT DATE - "In June 2012, he got us set up as a sponsor at Zombiepocalypse" (AK, 31)
  • Toni Moore's nephew dies

    NOT AN EXACT DATE - "He passed away in June 2012, just after finals, playing baseball with his friends." (TM, 35)
  • Salus is ready for full-scale launch

    NOT AN EXACT DATE - "By August 2012, the product was ready for full-scale launch" (AW, 41)
  • George, Max, Ash, Ali, and Ricki meet at the lab

    (MB, 25)
  • Ash tells everyone that s/he are not going to the race

    (MB, 25)
  • George Romero dies

  • While running in the race, Max is separated from George and Ricki and becomes a zombie

    (MB, 25)
  • George plans to sign the deal with PopCap

    (MB, 25)
  • Brooks legally appointed executor of the estate of George Romero

  • Ash Williams charged with first degree murder and possesion with intent

  • Nick Frost found dead by drug overdose

  • Dismissed the charge of possession on Ash Williams

  • WI Controlled Substances Board proposes adding St. Simon cactus extract to its list of Controlled Substances

  • US Drug Enforcement Administration proposes adding St. Simon cactus extract to its list of Controlled Substances

  • Jury acquits Ash Williams of the charge of first degree murder

  • Max Brooks signs affidavit

    (MB, 26)
  • Ashley Williams signs affidavit

  • Ricki Grimes signs affidavit

  • Ali Khan signs affidavit