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Palin life

  • Birth of firstborn

    Birth of firstborn
  • XMAS

  • Fishing

    Date is judged on size of Track
  • Mommy and daughter

    Mommy and daughter
    Full Date is unknown
  • Walk for life

    Walk for life
    Date is an educated guess
  • Irondog

    Pregnant with miscarried fetus?
  • Willow wins a kittycat race

    Willow wins a kittycat race
    Month is unknown
  • Piper home from the hospital

    Piper home from the hospital
  • Fall

  • Fall

  • at home

    at home
    Only year is known for sure
  • irondog

    Date is educated guess
  • Summer

    month isn't known
  • Date unknown

    Date unknown
  • Jr High football team

    Jr High football team
    She played football in middle school, which would be the date range of Aug 02-May 05. She mentioned her mom was training for her 05 marathon so I'm going to date this as either fall 03 or 04
  • xmas

    All the Heath cousins
  • Sarah with some kids

    Sarah with some kids
  • End of schoolyear

    End of schoolyear
    8th grade
  • School picture - 9th grade

    School picture - 9th grade
  • Hockey photo

    Hockey photo
  • Freshman prom

    Freshman prom
    Date is unknown
  • Sarah and Bristol Campaigning

    Sarah and Bristol Campaigning
    Month unclear; Sarah sitting in a high school friend's car
  • Election night

    Election night
  • Morning after election win

    Morning after election win
  • XMAS in Juneau

    XMAS in Juneau
  • Juneau Bball

    Juneau Bball
    Date is unknown but pic was posted online as being taken in Feb
  • In Juneau mansion

    In Juneau mansion
    Month and day are unknown
  • Lanesia message to Kaila

    Lanesia message to Kaila
    Year is only thing that is known.
  • Year only known

    Year only known
  • Trip

  • Memorial Day

    Memorial Day
  • Summer

    Date is unknown. June is an educated guess.
  • Johnny to his sister

    Johnny to his sister
    late summer
  • Powder puff game

    Powder puff game
    info taken from emails
  • Wasilla homecoming

    Wasilla homecoming
    uploaded Tuesday, Sept 18th. The Palins were in Jnu this week. It's an educated guess that this pic was taken Sept 8th. Homecoming dances are typically Saturdays
  • Official photo shoot

    Official photo shoot
  • Fight?

  • TRL

    To my eye, her midsection is smaller. with less fat all around. Do pregnant women shrink that much and fail to gain any weight in a month?
  • Referencing emails from Nov 07 between Erika and Sarah

    Referencing emails from Nov 07 between Erika and Sarah
  • Minnick Wedding

    Minnick Wedding
    From emails
  • Mall trip

    Mall trip
  • Track's Graduation

    Track's Graduation
  • Burchell High Prom

    Burchell High Prom
    Pic taken in Johnston house
  • Bristol tells Levi she's pregnant over the phone

    His first version and her version
  • Trig meets the Johnstons

    Trig meets the Johnstons
  • Babyshower

  • Bristol tells her parents she's pregnant

  • Levi's state of mind : angry

    Levi's state of mind : angry
  • In the governor's office

    In the governor's office
    According to Frank Bailey, this was taken in May
  • Ex bffs

    Ex bffs
    Johnny tells Sade he ran into Levi
  • Sadie's response to Johnny on Jun3

    Sadie's response to Johnny on Jun3
  • Johnny response to Sadie

    Johnny response to Sadie
  • People mag shoot

    People mag shoot
    Month and year are correct. Day may be off by a few days
  • Barrow AK

    Barrow AK
  • Philly Zoo

    Philly Zoo
    Specific date in July unknown
  • Tripp Easten is born

    Tripp Easten is born
  • Irondog finish - Fairbanks

    Irondog finish - Fairbanks
  • Iditarod

  • In Fred Meyer

    In Fred Meyer
  • Piper's bday

    Piper's bday
  • Slush Cup

    Slush Cup
    through the 26th Sarah, Todd, Bristol, Tripp and Piper attended. Or thats who was photographed
  • Aces game

    Aces game
    Todd is off to the side with Trig
  • In front of the Gov's house

    In front of the Gov's house
  • Farewell speech in Fairbanks

    Farewell speech in Fairbanks
  • Family welcomes Track home

    Family welcomes Track home
    That's the date this was uploaded
  • Halloween

  • on the Bus

    on the Bus
    Piper doing homework and Trig laying in Momma's lap
  • Hawaii

  • Piper being a ham

    Piper being a ham
    This Hawaii trip was a boys basketball tourney, probably dating the week before xmas. Molly was a chaperone and Willow attended.
  • Todd's grandmother's bday

    Todd's grandmother's bday
    uploaded on
  • Supporting the red cross

    Supporting the red cross
    People just love em
  • Colony Prom

    Colony Prom
  • Peoria loves Sarah

    Peoria loves Sarah
    PalinsvisitPeoria The employees at the salon said Sarah talked about her daughter getting ready for prom at that same time.
  • Wasilla High prom

    Wasilla High prom
  • Bristol in Tennessee

    Bristol in Tennessee
  • Diamondbacks game

    Diamondbacks game
  • Time

  • Wasilla Graduation

    Wasilla Graduation
  • Disney World

    Disney World
  • Washington

    Stopped in Washington after roadtripping with the family in the lower 48. They put the kids on a plane and Sarah and Todd drove from WA to AK. All the Palins were present on trip
  • Didier visit in WA

    Didier visit in WA
  • Palin/O'Reilly showdown

    According to RAM, this is the day Sarah and Todd found out Bristol was seeing Levi again, RIGHT AFTER their family roadtrip
  • Wedding

  • Beck DC event

    Beck DC event
  • Down syndrome event

    Down syndrome event
  • Colony Homecoming dance

    Colony Homecoming dance
  • Willow's friends pose with her mother

    Willow's friends pose with her mother