The Pride of Mississippi Marching Band

  • First Ensemble Founded

    A 20-piece prass ensemble was formed in the spring semester of 1920. The exact date is not known. Mr. Audie F. Fugitt was selected as the first director, and he purchased the first instruments and equipment.
  • First Performance on Record

    The first public performance of the Normal College Band was during "Music Week", and it featured the "Normal College Quartet".
  • First Out-of-Town Engagement

    The first out-of-town engagement took the band to Meridian, MS for the Mississippi Teachers Association. The exact date is not on record
  • Earliest Photograph

    Earliest Photograph
    The earliest knkown photograph of the then named Normal College Band was taken. The exact date is not known.
  • State Teachers College Girls Band

    State Teachers College Girls Band
    In late October (Exact Date Unknown, fifteen girls formed the State Teachers College Girls Band after USM's first identity change. This was one of the first and only all female marching bands in the United States
  • "Get To Know Mississippi Better Train" Band

    "Get To Know Mississippi Better Train" Band
    The "Get To Know Mississippi Better Train" Band was formed after Mississippi representatives met to formulate a plan to advertise the opportunities that existed in the state. A special train tour was organized with literature, exhibits, and the first Know Mississippi Better Train Band. The "Teacher's College Band", being the best-established musical organization at the time, was headlined in the April 27, 1926 edition of the Hattiesburg American.
  • First Inaugural Parade

    Band participates in first inaugural parade of Governor G.T. Bilbo
  • Last Tour for Know Mississippi Better Train

    The last tour of the Know Mississippi Better Train. The exact date is not recorded.
  • John Philip Sousa Visits Campus

    One of the largest contributors to marching bands and their literature, John Philip Sousa and his band performed twice on campus, and he conducted the State Teachers College Band through a song.
  • Second Inaugural Parade

    Band was selected to participate in teh inaugural parade of Governor-elect Mike S. Conner, held in Jackson, MS. Exact DAY is not on record.
  • F.D.R. Inaugural Parade

    The Pride of Mississippi performs at Franklin Delano Roosevelt's Inaugural parade.
  • Chicago World's Fair

    The band traveled to Chicago to perform in the World's Fair. The exact DAY is not recorded.
  • Mississippi Southern College Band Disbanded

    After another name change, the Mississippi Southern College Band was disbanded in 1942 because of World War II. All athletic events were called off, as was the marching band. The head of the music department, Frank Earl Marsh, Jr., took over a symphonic band (which still met) until 1946. Exact dates are not recorded.
  • Band Is Reasembled

    During the 1946-1947 School Year, th band at MSC was reassembled. Fifteen members joined this first year. The new director was James Byron Peterson. Under Mr. Peterson, students also spearheaded the Clef Club, later chartered as Kappa Kappa Psi band fraternity. *Exact dates are not known, only years.
  • Raymond Mannoni Named Director of Bands

    In the summer of 1952, Raymond Mannoni was named Director of Bands, Chair of teh Department of Instrumental Music, and Assistant Professor of Instrumental Music. During this fall semester in 1952, the ensemble finally reached a membership of 100 bandsmen. Announcers and newspapers of the period alternated between the terms "Southern's Marching Hundred" and "The Pride of Mississippi".
  • Southern Belles Make First Appearance

    For the first time, the Southern Belles, now the "Dixie Darlings," made their first appearance for a football game, then in ante-bellum costumes. *Exact dates are not recorded, only the year.
  • First "Band Day" Organized

    The first Band Day, now name the All-South Marching Band, featured 1,000 Mississippi high school students at halftime. The Band Day halftime was the debut game for teh Southern Belles and 200 majorettes completed the crowded field. *Exact dates are not recorded, only the year.
  • Another "Band Day" Success

    This year, Band Day participation grew to 1,700 bandsmen, 211 majorettes, and of course, The "Pride of Mississippi". *Exact dates are not recorded, only years and time periods.
  • "Southern To The Top" Is Born

    The first assistant director of bands, Robert D. Hayes, wrote what is now Southern's fight song, "Southern To The Top." By the end of this season, it was reported that the Pride had reached 137 members, and that the band would make two appearancesat the Blue-Gray and Senior Bowl Games in January of 1955. Performances at bowl games such as the Sugar Bowl, Sun Bowl, Senior Bowl, and Blue-Gray Game continued for many years. *Exact dates are not recorded, only time periods.
  • Dixie Darlings Take The Field

    During the fall of 1954, the current dance team for the Pride began performing under its current name, the "Dixie Darlings." *Exact dates are not recorded, only time periods.
  • Inauguration

    Former President Jimmy Carter invited The Pride to be present at his inauguration in Washington, D.C.
    The Pride was transported on the "Peanut Special" which was the plane that brought the Carter Family to Washington.
  • Pride Makes Statement in Green Bay

    Pride Makes Statement in Green Bay
    The Pride of Mississippi performas a halftime show at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin, after being invited by the Packer's during their game against the Lt. Louis Rams. The Pride was transported on a chartered jet to Green Bay and back to Hattiesburg all in one day.
  • Pride Chosen to Perform in Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

    The nationally televised event will be seen by more than 47 million viewers across the globe. Director, Mohamad Schuman submitted an application packet of audio and video recordings in the spring of 2009. Selected from a pool of 150 applicants, The Pride is the first university band program in the state to receive an invitation.
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