Rights of Women, Migrants and Indiginous Australians

  • Property Shootings

    Anyone settling in Van Dieman's Land (Tasmania) was allowed to shoot any aboriginal on their property.
    (Date not specified).
  • The First Women's Riot

    The very first women's riot over food deprivation and conditions at the Parramatta Female Factory.
  • Victorian Women with Equal Voting rights in Local Government

    From the 1860's (date not specified), Victorian female landowners had equal rights to vote in local Government as male landowners.
  • Shootings

    150 Aboriginals were shot dead while protesting.
    (Date not specified).
  • NSW Married Women's Property Act

    Married women could own their own property.
    (Date not specified).
  • First Australian Suffrage Society

    Henrietta Dugdale and Annie Lowe started the Victorian Women's Suffrage Society.
    (Date not specified)
  • SA Women's Suffrage

    The first women's suffrage in SA.
  • Stopping Settlement

    Jandamarra (an aboriginal) stopped settlements in the Kimberlys for 6 years - Protesting.
    (Date not specified).
  • Female Doctor

    The first registered female doctor - Constance Stone.
    (Date not specified).
  • Women's Trade Meeting

    A public meeting in Adelaide was held to form the Women's Trade Union of South Australia. Mary Lee, in speaking said : "They wished to insist upon equal pay for equal work without regard to gender."
  • Women get the Vote in SA

    Women could vote in state elections in SA. Women that owned property could also vote in Legislative Council elections, but not Upper House.
  • Women get the vote in WA

    Women get the state vote in WA.
  • Australian Constitution

    Queen Victoria passed the first Australian Commonwealth Constitution.
  • Aboriginals - Not Citizens

    Aboriginals were not classed as citizens.
    (Date not specified).
  • Women Get the Right to Vot in Federal Election

    Women get the right to vote in Federal Election.
    (Date not specified)
  • Federal Suffrage

    The first Federal Suffrage starts in Australia.
  • Women Vote

    Women vote in Federal Election.
    (Date not specified)
  • First Aboriginal AFL Player

    The very first aboriginal AFL player - Joe Johnson. He played 55 games for Fitzroy from 1904 to 1906 and played in their two premierships.
    (Date not specified).
  • Maternity Allowance Act

    First maternity allowance act.
    (Date not specified).
  • Children Taken

    Aboriginal children were taken and raised with white people.
    (Date not specified).
  • Period: to

    WWI Women Work

    Women complete some jobs in the workforce while men are away at war.
  • The First Female Police Officers

    The first female police officers in NSW and SA.
    (Date not specified).
  • Female Politics

    First female in politics.
    (Date not specified).
  • Women's Wage

    Minimum wage for women's work is set at 7.54% of a male work rate.
    (Date not specified).
  • Female Politics

    First female in politics - Edith Cowan
    (Date not specified).
  • CWA

    First women's fundraising.
    (Date not specified).
  • First Female Speaker

    The very first speaker in NSW.
    (Date not specified).
  • Aboriginal Shooting

    White people admit to shooting 17 aboriginals for killing their dingo trapper.
    (Date not specified).
  • Aboriginal Culture Taken Away

    Aboriginals were not allowed to have their ceremonies or anything that expressed their culture.
    (Date not specified).
  • Period: to


    More women completed jobs in the workforce to takeover from the men.
    (Dates not specified).
  • Widow's Pension

    Widow's pension introduced.
    (Date not specified).
  • Females in Workforce

    Females in workforce to replace the men that have gone off to war.
  • Federal Parliment

    First females elected to federal parliment - Dorothy Tangney and Enid Lyons.
    (Date not specified).
  • Aboriginal Men and Women

    All aboriginal men and women were allowed to vote.
    (Date not specified).
  • Aboriginals Get the Vote

    The Aboriginals are given the right to vote in all elections.
    (Date not specified).
  • Living Anywhere

    The Aboriginals could live anywhere in Australia (not just in certain places like before).
    (Date not specified).
  • Aboriginal Citizens

    Aboriginals are now citizens. They put up a display called Tent Embassy outside the Parliament House.
    (Date not specified).
  • Aboriginal Ceremonies

    Uluru gets handed back to the Aboriginals: They can do their ceremonies now.
    (Date not specified).
  • Commonwealth Gold

    First aboriginal woman to win a gold medal the the Commonwealth Games - Cathy Freeman.
    (Date not specified).
  • Workforce

    Equal opportunity for women in the workforce.
    (Date not specified).
  • Sorry Speech

    Kevin Rudd’s ‘sorry speech’ to the aborigionals: They accepted his apology.
    (Date not specified).
  • Deputy Prime Minster

    First female Deputy Prime Minister - Julia Gillard.
    (Date not specified).
  • Government General of Australia

    First female Government General of Australia - Quentin Bryce.
    (Date not specified).
  • Prime Minister

    First femal Prime Minister of Australia - Julia Gillard.
    (Date not specified).
  • Tent Embassy Taken Down

    Tony Abbot wants to take down Tent Embassy and says it is time to forget about it.
    (Date not specified).
  • Federal Parliment Seats

    First aboriginal woman to have a seat in Federal Parliment.
    (Date not specified).
  • State and Federal Votes

    The Aboriginals voted in Commonwealth elections if they were enrolled in state elections.
    (Date not specified).