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Thomas Jefferson

  • Thomas Jefferson is Born

    Thomas Jefferson is born into a prominemt family in Albemarle County. His mother was named Jane Randolp Jefferson and she was a member of the Randolph clan. His father, Peter Jefferson was a successful farmer and a skilled surveyor and cartographer. He also had two old sisters.
  • World Event #1.

    The first British school for the deaf and dumb opens up. It was created by Thomas Braidwood Edinburgh. Thomas Braidwood Edinburgh was a teacher previously for people who could read and write and hear but wanted to help the people who couldn't do those things. He then created the school for the deaf and dumb where him and his two daughters taught.
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    Exact date unknown.
  • College years.

    Thomas Jefferson attended college at The College of William and Mary from 1760-1762. He studied mathematics as well as classical languages and literature. He later then decided to start reading law under one of the pre-eminent lawyers of the American colonies.
    Exact date unknown.
  • Law

    Jefferson won his admission to his bar license and practiced law in Virginia from 1767-1774. During these years he also met and married his wife, Martha Wayles Skelton. She was a recent widow and one of the most wealthy women in Virginia.
    Exact date unknown.
  • World event #2.

    Flight and Kelly of the London firm of Organ Builders produces first barrel organs ever made. These barrel organs lead to a lot more music being produced on the organs because of their beautiful sounds. This later helped churches with their music during masses and ceremonies.
    Exact date unknown.
    Exact date unknown.
  • Declaration of Independence

    Thomas Jefferson writes and distrubutes the Declaration of Independence. This is after Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Ben Franklin, Roger Sherma and Robert Livingston was appointed to draft the Decleration of Independence. Out of the five men Jefferson was picked to write it.
  • House of Delegates.

    Jefferson went back to Virginia after leaving the scene their for a little while. Whe he went back he was elected to serve as a memeber of the House of Delegates from 1776-1779. During being a memeber of the House of Delegates he also started working on his Virginia Statue for Relgious Freedom that seperated Church from state and established the freedom of religion.
    Exact date unkown.
  • Secretary of State.

    Thomas Jefferson after leaving America for a little while due to being the U.S minister for France he returns to Virginia again for a little while he comes back to find Washington. He is then appointed Secretary of State by Washington. He resigns being Secretary of state in 1794 due to endless conflicts.
    Exact date unknown.
  • World Event #3.

    Antoine Laurent Lavoiser of France was chemist. He was considered the Father of Modern Chemistry. He was executed on May 8, 1794 because a revolutionary judge decleared that Revolutionary France did not need scientists anymore.
  • Vice President.

    Jefferson become Vice President. He serves the four years as Vice President from 1797-1801. During his four years as Vice President he authors "A Manual of Parliamentary Practice". This became one of the most helpful guides legeslative proceedings ever written.
    Exact date unknown.
  • World event #4.

    In 1797, the Merino sheep were introduced to Austrillia by John MacArthur. This was the birth of the Austrillian wool company. Austrillian wool then became very big throughout many areas.
    Exact date unknown.
  • President.

    Thomas Jefferson is elected President and serves the full 8 years. He serves from 1801-1809. After he is finished with being President he returned back to Virginia to live out the rest of his days. Jefferson started working on creating the University of Virginia to keep him busy.
    Exact date unknown.
  • World event # 5.

    Beethoven composed two of his symphonies during this year. The two symphonies created were symphony no. 7 and symphony no. 8. These two symphonies were composed in Algretto and were two of his longest symphonies ever written.
    Exact date unknown.
  • World Event #6.

    In 1823 the game of Rugby originates. This game is made at the Rugby school in England. It is believed that it was created by a man named William Webb Ellis who said to disguard the rules of football but play the same game. It was later givin its name of Rugby.
    Exact date unknown.
  • The University of Virginia.

    After working very hard and dedicating most of his end life to organizing and creating the college. The University of Virginia opens its doors. This is one of the most proud moments in Jefferson's life even out of being elected for many things and writting the Declaration of Independence, this is his biggeset accomplishment.
  • Thomas Jefferson's death.

    On July 4, 1826, Jefferson passes away in Monticello. This was the 50th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence being created. He died with a very huge legacy and many accomplishments to his name.