wiliams texas revolution timeline

  • Battle of Gonzales

    The Texans elected Stephen F.Austin as commander of the war.They numbered to about 600 volenteers.Texas lost the battle,but is not giving up
  • Consulation of 1835 begegins

    Settlers who belonged to the party urged the delegates to get indipendance from Mexico.Those who belonged to the peace party wanted to stay loyal to Mexico.But also wanted to fight Santa Anna.
  • Battle of the Alamo

    Texas had James bowie as the leader,but he got sick so William B.Travis stepped in.Texas had 100 men,Mexico had 600 men.After 90 minutes Texas lost
  • Start of the siege of the Alamo

    This is the beginning of the 13-day siege.Travis wrote a letter soon after the siege began.He sent William Smith to send the mesage.He had to go to Gonzales.
  • The constutution convention begins

    Texas wants independance so they start an convention.
  • Texas decleration of independance is sighned

    Texas is getting independance.Lorenzo writes it.
  • Alamo Fall

    The fall of the Alamo opened an campaign for SAnta Anna.The fall of the alamo made the texans remeber what they were figting for.Thus made Texas hatch a plan.
  • Texas arm defeats Mexican army at San Jacinto.

    It was during March 11-21.the battle only lasted 20 minutes.Texas had to do something with the victory.
  • Bttle of San Jacinto

    Texas won the battle.They captured Santa Anna thought what to do with him.Sam Houston spared Annas's life for independance.Texas is free