White Australia Policy

By kkemp1
  • Lots of Chinese gold miners arrived in Australia

  • The Immigration Restriction Act received royal assent

  • White Australia Policy hailed by Prime Minister, William Morris Hughes as 'the greatest thing we have ever achieved'

  • Minister Holt's decision to allow 800 non- European refugees to stay, and Japaneses war brides to be admitted. First steps to non-discriminatory immigration policy

  • Non-Europeans with 15 years residence in Australia were allowed to necome Australian citizens

  • Revised Migration Act, introduced a simpler system of entry permits and abolished the controversial dictation test.

  • Watershed in abolishing the 'White Australia' policy, and non-European migration began to increase.

  • The gradual process began to remove race as a factor in Australia's immigration policies

  • An increase in migrants for non-Europeon countries did not take place till after the Fraser government came into office

  • Government commissined a comprehensive review of immigration in Australia