Westward Expansion

  • Louisiana Purchase

    Louisiana Purchase
    President Thomas Jefferson buys the Louisiana Territory from France for $15 million. This doubles the size of the United States and provides a large area to the west of the country for expansion.
  • Lewis and Clark reach the Pacific Ocean

    Lewis and Clark reach the Pacific Ocean
    Explorers Lewis and Clark map out areas of the Louisiana Purchase and eventually reach the Pacific Ocean.
  • Missouri requests statehood

    Missouri asks to be admitted into the Union. This application causes a nationwide dispute between slavery and antislavery sympathizers which is not settled until 1820 with the Missouri Compromise. There are 10,000 slaves in Missouri.
  • Missouri Compromise

    Congress passes the Missouri Compromise, a bill that temporarily resolves the first serious political clash between slavery and antislavery interests in U.S. history.
  • Missouri becomes a state

    Missouri becomes a state
    President James Monroe allows Missouri to enter the country as a slave state, and Maine is allowed to enter the country as a free state.
  • Indian Removal Act

    Congress passes a law to move Native Americans from the Southeast to the west of the Mississippi River.
  • Trail of Tears

    Trail of Tears
    The Cherokee Nation is forced to march from the east coast to Oklahoma. Many thousands die along the way.
  • Oregon Trail

    People begin to travel west in wagon trains on the Oregon Trail. Around 300,000 people would take the trail over the next 20 years.
  • Oregon Treaty

    Oregon Treaty
    England signs the Oregon Treaty handing over the Oregon Territory to the United States.