Wagons West!

  • WEEK 1: Started with 1000lbs of food. Lost 100lbs

    In the first few days, many people are homesick and feeling the discomfort of the journey. Strong winds build up and the dust is blown about. As it begins to rain, your wagons are slowed down in the thick mud. Food used – 100lbs
  • WEEK 3: LOST 100lbs (didn't share food) TOTAL: 800lbs

    You’ve reached Illinois. Some families did not bring enough food and have asked if you can share your food with them. What should you do? Then a wheel breaks on your wagon. You’re having no luck this week! If you’ve brought a toolkit you’ll be on your way in no time at all, if not you’ll fall behind the wagon train. Food used – 100lbs if you don’t share.
    200lbs if you do.
    An extra 100lbs if you are delayed due to not packing a toolkit!
  • WEEK 4: LOST: 200lbs (No fishing tackle) TOTAL: 600lbs

    Week 4 You are onto the plains of Iowa and find a beautiful spot by a river. If you have some fishing tackle you can stock up with fresh fish! Unfortunately, a heavy rainstorm strikes and the river rises… your food supplies are soaked! Despite the problems, many people have now settled into the journey and are enjoying the adventure. The high spirits are spoiled when you come across a grave marker by the side of the trail. Food used - 100lbs if you brought the fishing tackle
  • WEEK 6: LOST 100lbs (brought rope and pulleys) TOTAL: 500lbs

    Week 6 Two weeks have passed and you have made it into the rainy region of Nebraska. The ground is very muddy and soggy. Did you bring a rope and pulleys? If you didn’t, you’ll have to wait a week for the land to dry out, this will use up valuable food. Soon you will be hitting the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Discuss with the group how you will survive through the mountains. Food used - 100lbs if you brought the rope and pulleys
    200lbs if you had to wait for better conditions
  • WEEK 7: LOST: none TOTAL: 500lbs

    Week 7 You travelled into the Sioux Indian Territory of Wyoming. Food supplies are getting low due to poor weather conditions. Did you bring a dog? The food that the dog is eating is very valuable, you could consider getting rid of the dog. Or maybe you could kill an animal that you brought with you – but only if you remembered to bring salt. Why? What will you do? Indians approach and try to communicate with you. If you can show you understand them they will reward you with some blankets
  • WEEK 8: GAIN: 100lbs (killed buffalo & brought salt) TOTAL: 600lbs

    Week 8 On the wide open plains you spot a herd of buffalo. You could hunt some buffalo for extra food. You’ll need a gun. Did you remember ammunition? What problems might you cause by killing buffalo? Food used - 100lbs if you didn’t bring a gun.
    None if you kill some buffalo.
    Add 100lbs of food to your supplies if you kill buffalo and you brought salt.
  • WEEK 10: LOST 200lbs (didn't bring soap) TOTAL: 400lbs

    Week 10 Sickness has struck the wagon train! People are suffering from a terrible stomach illness. It turns out that it is dysentery, caused by dirty pots and pans. If you’ve brought soap, you can make sure this doesn’t happen again, if you’ve got medicine you can help the sick. You may be held up for 2 weeks. Unfortunately, some people don’t survive! How would deaths affect the mood of people on the wagon train? Food used - 100lbs if you have medicine and soap
    200lbs if you have soap
  • WEEK 13: LOST: 100lbs (brought dog) TOTAL: 300lbs

    Week 13 At night you hear strange sounds from the next valley. The following morning… Indians raid your wagon train! Nobody is killed but the animals are scattered. If you have a dog, he can round up the animals, if not, they will be lost. Food used - 100lbs if you have a dog
    500lbs if valuable animals are lost
  • WEEK 15: LOST: 100lbs (brought blankets) TOTAL: 200lbs

    Week 15 You have made it to Western Nevada, the nights are getting colder. An unexpected snowstorm blows in and everybody is freezing cold. You need blankets to keep everybody alive and ensure your journey is not delayed. What can you do? Food used - 100lbs if you are not delayed
    200lbs if you have no blankets and are delayed
  • WEEK 16: MADE IT WITH 200lbs of food!

    Week 16 The journey has been long and hard. Many have died and you are very weary. Then… the Captain yells “ There they are, the Sierra Mountains! We’ve made it West!”