Vihaan’s Education History

By VMD21
  • 2014 Vivero Preschool Mumbai

    2014 Vivero Preschool Mumbai
    I joined Preschool in 2014 at the age of 3 years old. I used to take the bus with my best friend. In school I had many friends like Ranaditya. I was also very close with my Preschool teachers. I was the youngest and smartest boy in the grade. Every time I used to leave home, I used to cry and miss my parents.
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    Vihaan Education History

  • 2016 Nahar International School Mumbai.

    2016  Nahar International School Mumbai.
    I joined Nahar International School in the year of 2016. This was my first time going to proper school. This school was close to my house. AIl I had to do there was walk down the road to reach my school. My favourite subject was science. My teacher was also my best friend’s mother. Most of the kids in the school used to live in my apartment so we all used to hangout after school in the park.
  • 2018 Oberoi International school

    2018 Oberoi International school
    I joined Elementry in Oberoi International School. I was only 7 years old when I joined school. I was very sad at first, because I had to leave all my friends in my old school. I adapted very soon to the school. In the new school I made friends like Saksham, Prithvi and Luvya. One of my favourite experience was when we had a huge Diwali party.
  • 2020 Online school Oberoi

    2020 Online school Oberoi
    This was the time where Online school started. In the middle of third grade, they had announced that online school would start because of Covid. I was devastated, I was sad, but I had to live with it eventually. That’s how my 2 years went by at Oberoi.
  • 2021 Black belt Takeowando Dan1

    2021 Black belt Takeowando Dan1
    While Covid was going on I was training to become a black belt. I wanted to learn how to protect myself from bullies. On my first class. I was so tired that I slept. After getting a black belt I also got abs of steel. Now I can defend myself using Taekeowondo.
  • 2021 CIS Banglore

    2021 CIS Banglore
    I shifted to Banglore in 2021. I was very sad that i was leaving everything behind. I was excited to explore Banglore. I decided to come to CIS because my old friend “Saksham” was in CIS. Throught CIS i have learned new thing and i have made many new friends.
  • 2022 Bronze Medal

    2022 Bronze Medal
    I prepared for a week. On Spots Day I ran as fast as i could. In the end Jaiden and Koouki beat me. I still feel ok because at least I got a medal. I almost drew with Antoine if i had not sped up. Racing was fun and I would beat them next time.
  • 2022 Chess Championship

    2022 Chess Championship
    I am really good at playing chess. This was my first competition in Banglore. I really enjoyed playing. In the end I came fifth. One of my good games was when I sacrificed a pawn, and I got a fork on the king and queen. Finally I won.