Vietnam War

  • Containment

    With light shinning on it, WWII was ending and communist countries were rising. Australia like many other countries were concerned of the threat of communism. China and North Korea were good examples of this spread in Communism.
  • Official Containment Policy

    Official Containment Policy
    President Truman convieved this idea of Containment Policy. It said that Communism must be stopped, so it could not spread throughout the world. This is what led to the actions that American would take that lead them into war.
  • Australian Communist Issues

    Australian Communist Issues
    In the late 1940's, Communism was spreding througout the government of Australia. The government showed that nothing good can come of Communism. A law was thenintroduced to ban Communism from government, and many other jobs.
  • The start of the Korean War

    The start of the Korean War
    In 1945 Korea was split in two at the 38th parallel, seperating it into North and South Korea. In 1950, North Korea invaded South Korea and gained control of the country.The UN forces were called to eject the forces from the South. Australia was one of 15 countries to be called in.
  • Australia won't have it

    Australia won't have it
    Majority of Australians saw the bill as unconstitutional, even though they didn't support Communism. It was challenged in the High Court and declared 'unconstitutional' consequently Menzies called forth a referendum to allow for the banning of communism in Australia.
  • Treaty of ANZUS

    Treaty of ANZUS
    The main idea of this the ANZUS (Australia, New Zealand and United States) Treaty was for the Menzies Government to create closer links with the US. Originally, the treaty was to create a triple military alliance between the three nations. In the event of an attack on one of the nations there was a mutual agreement to assist each other. Currently the Treaty does not apply between the United States and New Zealand, but is still in force between either country and Australia.
  • Communism Outlawed

    Communism Outlawed
    Like so many referendums in Australia, the referendum to ban communism was unsucessful.Whilst it did fail to change the constitution, it was by a small percentage that the referendum was lost.2,317,927 in favour of banning communism.2,370,009 against banning communism.
  • Korean War Haulted

    Korean War Haulted
    The Korean War ended at the same parallel that it began, the 38th parallel.The Korean War has not officially ended as an armistice agreement has not been signed, hence the was is still offically in progress. However a ceasefire has prevented military fire from occuringOver 300 Australian troops were killed as a result of the War.
  • Domino Effect

    Domino Effect
    A theory first coined in the 1950's, with President Eisenhower using it in a speech. It stated that due to a small change in political government to communism, like what was occuring in South-East Asia, would eventually lead to a downfall of surrounding countries to communism. The theory supported the concept that communism must be stopped at all costs.The theory infulenced Australia in sending troops to the Vietnam War and was a widely held belfied by many nations.
  • Petrov Affair

    Petrov Affair
    On 13 April 1954 Menzies informed the parliment that a Soviet Russian official, Vladamir Petrov, had asked for political asylum in Australia. Petrov had provided details of a Soviet spy ring was operating in Australia. This led to a Royal Commission into these Claims.This event fueled Robert Menzies political compaign and added fear towards communism.
  • Petrov's wife kidnapping

    Petrov's wife kidnapping
    On this day, the wife of Vladamir Petrov was taken away by Russian officials back to Russia. At Sydney airport, Evdokia Petrov was dragged on a plane that was to refuel at Darwin. Upon reaching Darwin, Australian security guards detained the Russian officials and rescued Mrs. Petrov, who was also given political asylum in Australia. This event fueled fear of communism and helped the Menzies win the federal election in the same year.

    "South-East Asia Treaty Organisation"After the Korean War the United States propsed this alliance for the protection of South-East Asia. It comprised: the US, Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, the Philippines, Pakistan and France. In spite of this agreement, no specific commitment have been made to defend treaty members in the event of an attack, however it was assumed that the spirit of this agreement would see it happen.