Timeline created by Indira Valentina
  • Birth

    First born of Eva Angélica and Luis Enrique
  • Period: to

    Manzanillo 1

    Moved to Manzanillo for the first time
  • Luna

    The oldest of my sisters was born
  • Gandhi school

    Gandhi school
    Studied at Gandhi's kinder garden, elementary and middle school
  • Mia and Isabella

    Mia and Isabella
    My youngest siblings were born
  • First time ice skating

    First time ice skating
  • Met Xel

    Met Xel
    I met Xel at middle school and we have been great friends since then
  • Bach. 1

    Bach. 1
    Started high school
  • First concert

    First concert
    Went to see Ed Sheeran with my best friend
  • Bach. 8

    Bach. 8
    Moved from Colima to Manzanillo and changed high school
  • Period: to

    Manzanillo 2

    Moved to Manzanillo for the second time
  • First plane flight

    First plane flight
  • RRII

    Began studying International Studies