Vamsi's Life

  • Born in Hyderabad, India

  • Period: to

    Initial upbringing in India

  • Diagnosed with Asthma

    Asthma was a significant biological factor in my childhood because it prevented me from being able to play as long with other kids before getting my inhaler and I still get Asthma when climate changles quickly, making me bed-ridden.
  • Moved to Chicago, IL,

    When I was 5, I moved from India to the United States and had to change my entire life, so this was a significant cultural factor. As I grew up in Chicago, I started to become "Americanized" and still attribute my American qualities (taste in food, music and personality) to my Chicago roots.
  • Sister was born in Chicago, IL

    This marked when my baby sister, Soumya, was born. This changed my life because I was no longer the only child started to become more mature because I had to do things like share toys and give up attention as most older siblings do.
  • Moved to Los Angeles

    Moved to California because my dad had to move, being a contractor at the time. This was mostly a cultural event, but also slightly biological. I used to be a really light skinned child and L.A. made me at least 5 shades darker (darker than I am today). The culture was different because Chicago had a white-majority population while L.A. had more minorities I could relate to.
  • Moved back to India

    My dad lost his job due to pay cuts at the time and my mother, sister and I were forced to move back to my grandparents in India until my dad found a semi-permanent job.
  • Moved to Miami, FL

    In the September of 2002, I moved back to the United States, this time to a suburb named Doral. This was a huge cultural event because I have been in the USA ever since, and I initially had a culture shock. I had to face language barriers with my accent, grammar and handwriting so I struggled for the first time in the 2nd Grade and got D's and F's for the first time in my life and barely passed the 2nd Grade SAT.
  • Moved to Miramar

    My dad got a permanent job a few months back, so he decided to buy a house in Miramar, which seemed much than Dade County at the time. I had to once again change location, school, and make new friends at my new elementary school: Coral Cave. Here I also developed some new psychological traits because I started becoming the sarcastic, but in general nice guy (I hope) I act like to this day. Humor was always my strongpoint and here I developed lots of friends because I was able to talk to them.
  • Went to McNicol Middle School

    I went to McNicol for the Pre-Engineering Science Magnet Program, and even though I don't regret it because I made some friends I know today, I would not have done it again if I could repeat. The school was a 30 minute drive and I was unable to take part in extracirricular activities. Plus, the school wasn't that great resource-wise besides the Magnet Program "prestige."
  • Went to Miramar High School

    I graduated McNicol Middle and went to a school that was a local school and an IB Program school. This was a huge part of my life because it enabled me to have friends who lived close by me and went to the same school as me. The first time I could hang over at my friend's place and vice-versa to develop a close friendship.
  • Changed Religious Views

    In the summer after my sophomore year, I decided to use my spare time (I was in a vacation in India) to decide my religious views. I was culturally raised a Hindu, but I became questioning myself after looking at websites and forums on the internet. After questioning, I decided I don't believe there is a god or gods and became an agnostic atheist, changing how I views things in life and made me take more responsibility for my actions.
  • Expectation: Graduate from MHS

    In my future, I hope to at least be able to graduate high school. This is one of my future goals, even though I don't look at it as very important.
  • Expectation: Go to UF

    In my future, I want to go the University of Florida to get my Bachelors Degree, either in Pre-Medicine (to become a doctor) or Software Engineering (to become a programmer).
  • Period: to

    Expectation: Work to get my BA in College

  • Period: to

    Expectation: Get Masters/Medical School

    I want to either get a Masters in Software Engineering, then move on with my life, or go to medical school to become a doctor.