Me and My Lifeyy <3

  • Added on Facebook

    This is the day when I added Kaina over Facebook. Never have I ever imagined at that particular time k kaina would become the most important and most special and most lovable person in my life <3
  • Kaina replied

    Initially I thought Kaina wont reply to my message. But then on 2nd of June kaina replied and things started to progress further as we talked. Thats the exact same day Kaina referred to me as "Mr. Hammad" and i was so afraid to message you again :p
  • Period: to

    The long gap

    There was a long gap then from when we had our first conversation and when we started to talk again... A very long one indeed.
  • We Started Talking... Again, Yayyy

    27 January is the date when we started talking again. I remember I replied to some of your story and kaina replied...
  • Added on Instagram

    I followed you over Instagram and started messaging you there as well from 15th of February. You also sent me that fourteen stars wala page on 15th Feb to follow as well.
  • Kaina asked me for Snapchat

    I remember I never used snapchat before kaina. Kaina asked me I knew that I had snapchat pehle but I didn't even remember my username tb. My reply made you believe that I don't want to add you over snapchat haha.
  • We moved to WhatsApp

    I remember you had an Amjad Sabri video on over your insta which I asked you if you could send it to me here. Then kaina asked me for my WhatsApp number and man i'm glad kaina did. Me tw darta hi rehta :p
  • Added on Snapchat

    I finally added added kaina over snapchat. I never used it before her though. Had it there on my apps but didn't bother using it.
  • "I like you if anything!"

    I remember you were in a bad mood over something and I thought it's because of me. Then kaina replied
    "I don't have a problem with you. If I had I would have never started talking to you. I like you if anything!"
  • Our first Call

    The day when we had our first call together. Man i can't explain the feeling. Butterflies... Listening to your voice for the very first time over call and for long was the besttttttt thing *_*. The call lasted for 45 mins.
  • First set of pictures

    Kaina gave me her first few pictures over WhatsApp. Which i see everyday until now and would continue to do so until I wake up to find kaina right next to me... Kaina look sooo pretty in all of those pictures ^__^
  • "I like you alot!"

    This was the day when I had the guts to express to kaina that yes I like you and i like your company more than anything. Jisper we kept on exchanging I like you for the next couple of days. I even was confused like a couple of days later jispar kaina said
    "Allah o akbar. Irtizaaaaa, I just told you yesterday that I like you <3"
  • Period: to

    The like-you-back spree!

    This was the time when I kept on saying kaina that I like her and thanking her about being there. Kaina always replied I like you too. I remember one reply which kaina said
    "I didn't do any favour, I equally like talking to you" which gave me a sense of relief haha.
  • Kaina wrote Poetryyy

    I remember I was on the beach and was having a good time and was talking with you over messages when kaina all of a sudden sent me this poetry... And man I was flattered. I kept on reading it again and again and again. Gave you a call as well foran hi to thank you and I couldn't thank you enough for that. I loveeeeed it kaina I loveeeeddd it <3
  • "I love you Kaina"

    The day jab mene himmat karke kaina ko akhir bataya k yes I LOVE YOU... "I love you I wont let anyone harm you nor I would allow anyone to make you feel sad about something. You're special to me. Bohat zyaada and thats why I wanna spend my whole life with you. IFF you agree. Obviously I would be as considerate as I am abhi balke koshish hogi is se zaada hi ho. Wont let ANYONE harm you and I promise you that. Sorry I had to confess abhi but this is just something coming directly from within"
  • Period: to

    I love you I love you I love you

    I kept on saying I love you rooz uske baad se rooz because I just loved saying that to you soooo much and on the other hand in hope that maybe maybe kaina one day would say I love you too
  • Kaina blocks Itti :(

    Due to me being stupid, and due to my fuzool harkaten I pissed kaina off and kaina ended up blocking me from alllll social platforms. WhatsApp, Instagram, everywhere... I remember how painful that night was for me. I'm sorry again for hurting you again meri jaan :(
  • Kaina unblocks me from everywhere

    The very next morning things finally get sorted out and kaina unblocks me from everywhere at afternoon :') SHUKARRRR ALHUMDULILLAH <3
  • Kaina says I LOVE YOU

    And then came the day KAINA FINALLLY SAID I LOVE YOUUU!!!
    I still remember those exact words... How you said it, your voice... Everything...
    "Irtiza....*long pause*"
    I said yes??
    "*long pause*"
    I said jii kainaaa
    "I LOVE YOUUUU in like a veryyyy emotional voice"
    And then you kept saying it and saying it and saying ittttt awwhhh....
    Butterflies butterflies butterflies.
  • Kaina sings "Baray achay lagte hain"

    I requested kaina to sing Baray achay lagtay hain and she sent me that and mannnn it was sooooo beautiful it was sooooo beautifulll. Kaina's voice is out of this world. She's AMAZING! I loved every single moment of it and I still listen to it three times a day atleast everyday!