Unit 7 (1890-1945)

  • Alaska

    Alaska was purchased from Russia by William Seward (Secretary of State) "Sewards Folly" expanded U.S. territory for $7.2 million. Kept from British, many thought was a waste of money.
  • Alfred Thayer Mahan

    Alfred Thayer Mahan
    Wrote "The Influence of Sea Power Upon History" inspired strong U.S. Navy
  • Hawaii William Mckinley

    Hawaii William Mckinley
    25th President. Started the Spanish-American War, Philippine-American War, and Hawaiian imperialism
  • Hawaii Annexation

    Hawaii Annexation
    U.S. wanted Hawaii for sugar business/ sold tax free. Overthrew Hawaiian leadership.
  • Hawaii Liliuokalani

    Hawaii Liliuokalani
    Hawaiian queen forced out of power by U.S. revolution started for business advancement.
  • Spanish American War- USS Maine

    Spanish American War- USS Maine
    Ship explodes off the coast of Cuba in Havana harbor. Start to the Spanish-American War
  • Spanish-American War Teller Amendment

    Spanish-American War Teller Amendment
    Promised to not annex Cuba after the war.
  • Spanish-American War Commodore George Dewey

    Spanish-American War Commodore George Dewey
    Captured Philippines and Guam. Destroyed Spanish fleet at Manila Bay. Moved from freeing Cuba to stripping Spain of all colonies too.
  • Spanish-American War Yellow Journalism

    Spanish-American War Yellow Journalism
    Hearst and Pulitzer publish news so American public will be angry about Spanish.
  • Spanish-American War

    Spanish-American War
    War between U.S. and Spain in Cuba and Philippines. Resulted in Cuban independence and annexation of Guam, Philippines, and Puerto Rico
  • Spanish-American War

    Spanish-American War
    Most deaths during war were caused by disease and not combat
  • Spanish-American War Philippine Rebellion

    Spanish-American War Philippine Rebellion
    Independence leader, Emilio Aguinaldo brought back to exile and undermine Spanish rule and declare independence.
  • Philippine American War

    Philippine American War
    defend Filipino resistance to American control. Gave up when Emilio Aguinaldo was captured.
  • China John Hay

    China John Hay
    American Secretary of State who attempted to preserve Chinese independence and protect American interest in China.
  • China Open Door

    China Open Door
    diplomatic effort from John Clay to preserve Chinese territorial integrity and maintain American access to China
  • Spanish-American War Platt Amendment

    Spanish-American War Platt Amendment
    Cuba couldn't have treaties with other territories that compromise their independence. Guantanamo Bay given to to U.S.
  • Big Stick Diplomacy

    Big Stick Diplomacy
    Roosevelt's belief that President should engage in diplomacy, but also have strong military backup.
  • Big Stick Theodore Roosevelt

    Big Stick Theodore Roosevelt
    Created Big Stick Diplomacy
  • Philippine-American War- Guerrilla Warfare

    Philippine-American War- Guerrilla Warfare
    Led by Emilio Aguinaldo fought guerrilla war against American takeover. Americans did not recognize independence.
  • Panama Canal Panama Revolution

    Panama Canal Panama Revolution
    Destroy Colombian rule so that the U.S. could build the Panama Canal.
  • Japan Gentlemen's Agreement

    Japan Gentlemen's Agreement
    Japan agreed to limit immigration, and Roosevelt agreed to address Japanese student segregation.
  • Dollar Diplomacy

    Dollar Diplomacy
    Further foreign policy through economic power by using incentive of loans to foreign countries.
  • Panama Canal George Goethals

    Panama Canal George Goethals
    Engineer organized the building of the Panama Canal
  • World War 1 Militarism

    World War 1 Militarism
    political orientation to maintain strong military and be prepared to use it for defense. Caused WWI
  • World War I Francis Ferdinand

    World War I Francis Ferdinand
    Assassination lead to the start of the war.
  • World War I Western Front Casualty

    World War I Western Front Casualty
    Strip of land, would be able to claim victory over alliance. 22 Million people died.
  • World War I U-Boat

    World War I U-Boat
    German submarine that was the first of it's kind to be used in warfare.
  • World War I Lusitania

    World War I Lusitania
    U.S. boat sunk by Germany that initially influenced entrance into the war
  • Mexico Pancho Villa

    Mexico Pancho Villa
    Killed many Americans in Mexico. Assassinated.
  • Mexico Zimmerman Telegram

    Mexico Zimmerman Telegram
    Document to Mexico that said Germany would help them acquire lost territories in Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico if they joined the war on the Central Powers side.
  • World War I Selective Service Act

    World War I Selective Service Act
    Registration of all men between 21 and 30 for military draft. Age limit was extended to 18-45
  • Red Scare

    Red Scare
    Suspicion of communism and fear of communists in the government.
  • World War I League of Nations

    World War I League of Nations
    organization to promote cooperation and peace between nations.