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unification of germany

  • house of krupp

    the krupp family was a very successful family from the german dynasty. this wasthe family responsible for supplying the nazis later on with steel during the first world war.
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    napoleon invades russia

    napoleons invasion on russia lasted 2 years. he had a goal to take a qick victory. russia fought back forcing napoleon to exile
  • Period: to

    Congress of Vienna

    The Congress of Vienna was a meeting it rebuild Europe After the Death of Napoleon. Many territorial descisions were made. The main goal of this congress was creat a balance in power and restore peace.
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    otto bon bismarck birth/death

    otto bon bismark was a very powerful man through out his reign over prussia. from rank to rank bismarck climbed his way to the top of the ranks. with his power he unified prussia into 1 big country that we no of today as germany.
  • The Battle Of Waterloo

    The battle of waterloo was fought in waterloo on sunday, June 18 1815, near waterloo in present-day Belgium, which at the time was part of the United Kingdom.The battlefield is located in Belgium, about 15 kilometres south of Brussels, and about 2
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    Zollerein was a German Customs Union that included most f the german states. They worked on many problems. This union was very strong during the revolutionary period.
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    Frankfurt Assembly

    This assembly was a result of liberl revolution that hit Germany. Some main people in germany's history cam from the Frankfurt Assembly. MAin plan was to unify Germany.
  • Blood and Iron Speech

    Bismarck did this speech for the prussian parlament for budgeting. He did this becuase they refused to increase spending for the military.
  • Bismarck Declares War on Austria

    Bismarck declared this war because for independence. This war was between parts of Prussia and parts of the Austrian Empire. This war was known as the 7 week war.
  • Bismarck declares war on denmark

    In 1866, Bismark invented an excuse to attack Austria. The Austrio-Prussian War lasted just seven weeks. Prussia eventually came out on top.
  • Bismark drafts the constitution of Germany

    Here, Bismarck defends his draft constitution for the North German Confederation. There were two main issues, however, that exercised his liberal critics in the Reichstag. In this speech, Bismarck also touches upon many issues of immediate interest to Germany’s other federal states, including the fate of both their own parliaments [Landtage] and the German Customs Union [Zollverein].
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    population growth 1870-1914

    through the 40 year time span germanys population began to grow bigger and stroger. by 1914 germany started the first world war.
  • ems dispatch

    in 1870 bismarck declared the franco prussia war. the ems dispatch gets its name from a spa by the name of bad ems, just east of Koblenz on the Lahn river.
  • Period: to

    Franco- Prussian War

    Bismarck stared his war to try to form a Northern German Confederation. This War was Between Prussia and France. This war was also in play to balance the power between the two forces.
  • bismarck be comes chancellor

    in 1871 bismarck becomes chancellor while reataing while retaining control of prussia.
  • Campaign Against the Church

    This event took place to take some power away from the church and back to the econamy. It didnt extend Gremany. This went on for 7 years.
  • Period: to

    Ecomanic Growth

    The Econamics in Germany grew widely in this time period. They began a second Reich. This is why Germany is such a big part in econamics today.
  • Germany is Created

    Germany has a big part in the economy. it was made inder unification. Germany has a stronge military and took part in many battles.
  • CAmpaign Against Socialists

    Bismarck put this into play because he was against socialism. Germany was growing into a Democracy so they had to get rid of Socialism. Many people were sent to prison for long periods of time due to this campaign.
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    William II becomes Kaiser

    Wilhelm II (1859-1941), the German kaiser (emperor) and king of Prussia from 1888 to 1918, was one of the most recognizable public figures of World War I (1914-18). He gained a reputation as a swaggering militarist through his speeches and ill-advised newspaper interviews. While Wilhelm did not actively seek war, and tried to hold back his generals from mobilizing the German army in the summer of 1914, his verbal outbursts and his open enjoyment of the title of Supreme War Lord helped bolster th
  • bismarck resigns

    in 1890 bismarck resigns from leader because of disagreements with the new emperor. he retied to his estate in hamburg and died there on july 30 1898.