German Unification

  • Period: to

    Napoleon Invades German Lands

    Napoleon invaded the land along the Rhine River in France. Napoleon wanted world domination. He split up the German States so some were under Austrian rule.
  • Period: to

    Congress of Vienna

    When representives from almost every country in Europe met to turn back the clock. They met to resolve the issues and restore peace, stability and order.
  • Birth of Otto Von Bismarck

    Birth of Otto Von Bismarck
    He was born in Schönhausen, Germany. He was born into a wealthy family so he had the ability to get a good education
  • Period: to

    House of Krupp

    They were German steel company that was famous for producing ammunition. They became the main arms manufacturer for the Prussian military.
  • Period: to


    It was formed between 38 of the 39 German States. This started in 1834. The purpose was to to increase trade between all the different states
  • Period: to

    Frankfurt Assembly Demands Unity.

    The purpose of the Frankfurt Assembly was to plan the Unification of Germany. Leaders from the German states came togeth to talk about problems and territory issues. They also made Germany's constitution on March 28, 1849.
  • Frederick William IV is offered the Throne

    Frederick William IV is offered the Throne
    He was offered the throne but he didn't accept it. He didn't accept because he didn't want, "a crown from the gutter." He didn't like that he was offered it from the people and not an important person.
  • Period: to

    Economic Development

    Germany made advances in electrical and chemical industries. Germany had natural resouces like coal and iron that that they needed for producing steel. They also created large companies.
  • Blood and Iron Speech

    Blood and Iron Speech
    Birsmarck gave the Blood and Iron speech to talk about unifying German countries. He wanted to use military forces to unite them instead of compromise. He didn't that that speech had unifying qualities but that war did.
  • Bismarck becomes Prime Minister

    Bismarck becomes Prime Minister
    King Wilheim appointed Otto Von Bismarck for the position of prime minister of Prussia. He knew a lot about foreign policy. He also wanted to unite all German States
  • Bismarck Declares War on Denmark

    Bismarck Declares War on Denmark
    He declares war on Denmark as part of the German Unification. They wanted to gain control of Schleswig, Holstein, and Lauenburg.
  • Bismarck Declares War on Austria

    Bismarck Declares War on Austria
    There were many German states that were under Austrian rule. He declared war on Austria to get control of those states
  • Period: to

    Campaign agaisnt the Socialists

    German Marxists created the Social Democratic party. They wanted a true parliamentary democracy and laws to improve the working class conditions. Bismarck feared that thesocialists would cause a revolution from the unified German States. He passed laws that ended Socialist groups, shut down newspapers, and banned their meetings. The working class unified to support their cause. Bismark then decided to support laws to protect workers and gave health insurance to make peace.
  • Period: to

    Franco-Prussian War

    This war was against the Second French Empire. They wanted to unite the German States. The German Confederation won the war.
  • Bismarck becomes Chancellor

    Bismarck becomes Chancellor
    Bismarck was the first chancellor in Germany. He was chancellor while the German States first became united
  • Second Reich is Created

    Second Reich is Created
    Otto Von Bismarck created the Second Reich. He did in during the unification.
  • Period: to

    Population Growth

    Before 1871 the annual population growth was .47%. In 1914 the population growth was 1.34%. This change in population made the population change from 41 million to 67 million in 1914. The growth in population allowed there to more laborers in the industrial revolution
  • Period: to

    Campaign against the Church (Kultrekampf)

    In Germany the catholics made up 33% of the population, and Bismarck wanted to stop Catholic threat. They gave the state the right to oversee all Catholic teaching. Many Catholics stayed with the church and rallied. Bismarck made efforts to make peace with the church. People who resisted the Kulturekampf were imprisoned or exiled.
  • William I of Prussia becomes Emperor

    William I of Prussia becomes Emperor
    William I becomes Emperor of the German States. William I thought that being king of Prussia was better than being a German Emperor.
  • Constitution Drafted by Bismarck

    Constitution Drafted by Bismarck
    This constituition is referred to as, "Bismarck's Imperial Constitution." The constitution was a treaty between the North German Confederation and the Southern German States
  • William II Become Kaiser

    William II Become Kaiser
    William II was kaiser after his grandfather. He wanted to leave a mark on Germany. Kaiser is similar to a emporer.
  • Bismarck Resigns

    Bismarck Resigns
    Bismarck resigns after William II became Kaiser. This was because William II asked him to resign because he wanted all the power